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Six reasons why should you opt for an online B.Com course?

Online Manipal Editorial Team | April 21, 2022

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a three-year undergraduate degree programme recognised by the Universities Grants Commission (UGC). B.Com is one of the most popular courses among class 12 pass-outs with a commerce background. According to AISHE data, B.Com was the third most requested programme in India after Class 12 with about 9.33 lakh enrolments. In addition to B.Com, individuals can study B.Com (Honours) to get in-depth knowledge in the commerce field.

The honours course is intended to provide expertise in specialised disciplines, whereas the general B.Com course focuses on an overview of all courses within the commerce stream. Aside from B.Com general or B.Com Hons., some colleges offer combined B.Com degrees; B.Com LLB, B.Com MBA, and B.Com CMA are just a few examples.

The B.Com programme is structured into six semesters over three years. In some semesters, students enrolled in the course can select optional courses of their choice. Some of the subjects included in a B.Com degree programme are:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Laws
  • Economics, Taxation
  • Auditing
  • Cost Accounting etc. 

With a B.Com degree, one can pursue a profession in industries such as finance, accounting, banking, insurance, etc. A B.Com graduate’s beginning pay is INR 3 to 5 LPA on an average.

What is an online B.Com degree course?

Online education is a type of education that is given and taught through the internet. Students may access these online programmes from their PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones. Online education has grown in popularity over the last decade, and it is useful for both full-time workers and students who wish to learn something new.

Online B.Com courses have grown in popularity in recent years, and with the coronavirus epidemic, it is gaining even more traction. Online B.Com is a quick, simple, and cost-effective alternative to get a diploma. The course is specifically created for students to learn without regard for time or space constraints.

An B.Com degree lasts three years and prepares students for careers in Business Communication, Accounting, Finance, and Business Law, among other fields. Similar to Traditional B.Com Course. The degree provides broad business knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of finance and accounting.

Students who get a B.Com degree have the option of pursuing a career in a variety of sectors such as management, journalism, advertising, law, design, and so on.

Online B.Com degrees in India are gaining recognition and positive feedback from students. Previously, students used to spend substantial money on housing, transport expenditures, and time and effort in travelling to the university. 

But with the advent of the online B.Com programme, students now have the chance to put such unproductive resources to better use. For example, the time saved on travelling can be invested in solving extra questions for practice. They can use the money saved on travel and accommodation to acquire study material from well-known publishers to ace tests with high scores.

Purpose of doing B.Com course online

The online Bachelor of Commerce programme is designed to provide students with the managerial skills and competencies needed to excel in the business world. This three-year curriculum will teach students accounting fundamentals, export and import legislation, economic policies, and other factors that affect trade and commerce. Students will learn how to analyse and understand data and how to apply multidisciplinary techniques to solve real-world business challenges and develop new business prospects. All of this is done at the convenience of the student, thus erasing geographical boundaries between students.

Benefits of pursuing an online B.Com course

Some of the advantages of pursuing an online B.Com degree in India are enumerated below:

  1. Flexibility

Online B.Com programme allows you to study anytime and wherever you desire. However, before enrolling in an online course, be sure it is flexible enough to fit around your work, normal study, or travel schedule. Furthermore, keep in mind that you must still put in the needed hours for self-study, coursework, and projects.

  1. Access to the best study materials

All your study resources, including white papers, discussion pieces, case studies, e-books, and training materials, are available online. You may also access these study resources 24/7. Online programmes make it simple to access the digital syllabus, reading lists, books, projects, and announcements, relieving you of the weight of missing, misplaced, or forgotten study materials. Furthermore, online modes allow for more continuous classroom activities, increasing the possibility that all students will receive attention.

  1. Time management

While pursuing online classes, you will noticeably improve in this area. Because you must learn independently, you must create your study schedules, including extra readings, tasks, and projects.

  1. Learning at your own pace

This is one of the most significant benefits of online learning. You are not under any obligation to study at the same rate as your classmates. If you are having difficulty with anything, you can study it for a longer amount of time. On the other hand, you can quickly complete the contents if you find the contents easy to understand. Finally, your growth is entirely dependent on you.

  1. Cost-effective

There will be no additional commuting, saving you money and time. There will also be no on-campus costs, such as textbooks. Furthermore, if you go the online route, you will be able to enhance your skill set for becoming more competent in the industry while finishing your programme.

  1. Accessibility

The ability to access online lectures and other study tools from any place can be the difference between academic achievement and failure. You may select the optimal study places for your learning style. You can continue your studies even if you are involved in acquiring other relevant skills, migration, travel, or other life event change.

An online B.Com degree course from Manipal University Jaipur

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) now offers online B.Com along with other undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Delivered through a cutting-edge learning management system (LMS), you can pursue this three-year affordable programme from the comfort of your home without altering your work schedules or other commitments. You get access to the LMS as soon as the university approves your admission. All the course-related material, such as recorded lectures, bite-sized explainer videos, notes and ebooks; announcements and notifications; and discussion forums, can be accessed using any internet-connected device.

The course fee for the online B.Com is INR 80,000 – you can pay it semester-wise (13,333 per semester). The university also provides no-cost EMIs to pay the course fee. Scholarships are also available for deserving learners. You can take admission to online B.Com by visiting Online Manipal, the platform for online programmes from Manipal institutions.

Our admission counsellor will help you in the admission process once you raise your interest by filling up the enrolment form on the Online Manipal website. The course covers various traditional and modern concepts of commerce and business management to improve your skills and knowledge level, which will help you get a decent job and thrive in your role. Also, the university provides placement assistance to help you find a suitable career after graduation.

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The bottom line

Considering how quickly the world is changing during these turbulent times, pausing to reflect on one’s career strategy can be extremely beneficial. An online B.Com programme in India can help you in several ways. It can help you gain a lot of knowledge, improve your soft skills, advance your career, build a professional network, and find a high-paying job. Enrolling in the online B.Com programme in India will provide you with the necessary knowledge and abilities to help you fit in the best in the business community.

You can enhance your scopes by enrolling in a top institution like Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). The online B.Com course at MUJ is designed by expert faculty by incorporating industry inputs. Pursuing an online B.Com will prepare you to be future-ready in the ever-changing work situations. Enrol now to be an in-demand candidate in the growing job market.

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