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What are some key skills for a B.Com fresher?


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January 5,

A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is an excellent degree option for students after 12th grade, providing a strong foundation in business and finance. Key skills for BCom freshers include financial analysis, accounting, communication, and problem-solving. This degree suits candidates with an aptitude for numbers, analytical thinking, and an interest in the business world. BCom graduates enjoy diverse career prospects, with opportunities in accounting, finance, marketing, and more. The degree prepares individuals for roles in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings, making it a versatile choice for those seeking a dynamic career in the business domain. 

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Important skills that can be developed with a BCom degree 

BCom is a very versatile and dynamic degree. It imparts knowledge about various topics like business management, marketing, taxation, risk management, etc. Apart from the core knowledge, BCom develops job-oriented skills. 

  • Analytical skills: Analytical skills provide the ability to study, analyze and interpret data. As part of their job, a commerce graduate will be required to review the finances of a company. They would be required to study, critically analyze the data, and prepare reports. These reports will be used by the management for decision-making and taking corrective actions. A BCom program will help develop analytical skills in the students. 
  • Innovation skills: Innovation is the future. Companies are looking for candidates who are fresh in their ideas and opinions. People who can innovatively solve a problem, make suggestions for developing a product or contribute to the business process are in demand. BCom provides knowledge about economics management, finance and accounts, thus giving a very large turf and scope for innovations.  
  • Financial Analysis: The roles like Investment Banker, Portfolio Manager, Asset Manager or corporate finance essentially need financial analysis skills. BCom will impart training and provide statistical skills that are a must for financial analysis. Moreover, the program is designed to provide knowledge about the derivative market, equity market, portfolio management etc. 
  • Problem-solving: It is a skill of arriving at a solution that is cost-efficient and provides benefit to the organizations. Every commerce graduate will encounter difficulties and dilemmas in their work, and the person who can find solutions to a problem will have an edge.  
  • Numeracy skills: it is a crucial skill for a commerce graduate. The jobs in banking, taxation and data management are primarily based on the quantitative aptitude of the person. Few recruiters conduct aptitude tests to assess the numeracy skill of the candidate. The BCom program is designed to hone the aptitude skill of the students. 
  • Accounting skills: accounting is the maintenance of the books of accounts of an organization. It is required by every organization irrespective of the nature of business. A large number of jobs are available for people who have accounting skills. Accounting skills primarily are knowing the principles and rules of accounting and proper record keeping. BCom has accounting as one of the core subjects and develops appropriate accounting skills in the students. 
  • Communication skills: It is not only an essential skill for commerce graduates; it is required in almost all jobs. A good communicator will be able to create a balanced relationship among different roles. He would be able to communicate well with the organization’s vendors or sellers. He would be able to close profitable deals for the company. BCom specially develops interpersonal skills and communication skills among its students.  
  • Leadership skills: Individuals need to interact continuously and work as a part of a team, and sometimes they lead the team. A leader must be patient, encouraging, innovative, skillful, optimistic and possess excellent team management skills.  
  • Knowledge about taxes: Apart from accounting, another core subject of BCom is Taxation. Taxation is yet another field that has enormous scope. A person knowing direct and indirect tax is quite in demand by the corporate houses. Tax consultants are required to calculate taxes and, by using the law, find ways for proper tax management of the organizations and clients.  
  • Excel: Software like MS Excel and google sheets has changed the way work used to be done. Corporates and organizations widely use them for managing business operations. A BCom holder will do tasks like accounting, data analysis, management, tracking cost and budgeting. All these work domains use spreadsheets. Spreadsheets help in managing massive data that otherwise will be complicated to handle. 

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How can you earn a BCom degree? 

To earn a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree, candidates can opt for on-campus, distance, or online modes of study. The online mode has gained preference due to its flexibility and convenience. Online BCom programs offer the same curriculum and recognition as on-campus options, making them suitable for both students and working professionals. This mode allows individuals to balance education with other commitments, providing access to lectures and materials from anywhere. The advantages of online learning, such as self-paced study and accessibility, make it an excellent choice for those seeking a BCom degree without compromising their schedule or location. 

What do you learn in a BCom degree program? 

A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business and commerce. The curriculum typically includes a diverse range of subjects, aiming to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the business world. 

Core Business Disciplines: BCom programs often cover fundamental business disciplines such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management. These courses lay the groundwork for a well-rounded business education. 

Economics: Students delve into economic principles, learning how economic factors influence business decisions and market dynamics.  

Business Law: Understanding legal aspects of business is crucial. BCom programs may include courses in business law, contract law, and commercial law. 

Statistics and Quantitative Methods: Analytical skills are honed through courses in statistics and quantitative methods, preparing students for data-driven decision-making. 

Information Technology: With the increasing role of technology in business, BCom programs often incorporate IT-related courses to enhance digital literacy and technology integration skills. 

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: BCom programs emphasize the importance of ethical considerations in business practices and explore the concept of corporate social responsibility. 

Organizational Behavior: Understanding how individuals and groups function within organizations is essential. BCom programs often include courses on organizational behavior to address interpersonal dynamics and leadership. 

Entrepreneurship: Some programs may offer courses in entrepreneurship, guiding students through the process of starting and managing their own businesses. 

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Pursue UGC-entitled online BCom through Online Manipal 

The online BCom program offered through Online Manipal stands out as one of the most sought-after online degrees. As a UGC-entitled degree, this program ensures high-quality education that is on par with traditional on-campus degrees. The reputed Manipal universities, Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) and Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) offer online BCom programs through Online Manipal. Online Manipal is committed excellence in online education and provides students with a flexible and accessible learning experience, maintaining the same academic standards and curriculum as their on-campus counterparts. This recognition underscores the credibility and equivalence of online BCom, making it a reputable choice for individuals seeking a flexible yet rigorous education in the field of commerce. 


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