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Is an MBA worth it for working professionals?

Key takeaways:

  • A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a graduate degree that provides theoretical and practical knowledge of business or investment management.
  • MBA is a great career option for students and working individuals to advance their careers and have better job prospects.
  • You do not have to quit your current job to pursue an MBA. You can easily manage both work and MBA if you enrol for the course online.

An MBA is a good career option because if you want to grow as a working individual. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is in higher demand than ever, and more people opt for it because of the real-world skills students can acquire. 

Many recruiters consider an MBA degree holder a great asset to the company due to the knowledge and skills they possess from an MBA degree. MBA is highly important and useful to advance your career or for better job prospects.

You can pursue an MBA right after you finish your undergraduate degree or a full-time job. An MBA degree helps improve certain important skill sets that recruiters are looking for in their employees. An MBA degree in your resume will easily help you stand out from your competitors and gain a complete advantage over them. 

Is it a good idea to pursue an MBA after work experience?

It is an even better idea to pursue an MBA after gaining work experience as there are numerous advantages. Concerning your career, your experience in the field holds much more importance than a degree. So by gaining work experience, you are already a few steps ahead of your peers.

Below are some of the advantages of pursuing an MBA with work experience –

  • Better clarity

You will have clearer goals regarding where you are heading and your career path with some years of work experience in hand. Once you have a better and solid career plan ready, you can move on to pursue an MBA to strengthen your chances of excelling in your field.

  • Improved skill set

After working in a corporate environment, you will develop certain soft skills that will prove to be highly valuable for you in the future. You will be acquainted with some real-world skills such as communication and interpersonal skills that, along with an MBA course, will easily land you your dream job in the future.

  • Practical experience

An individual with work experience will understand the practicality of the concepts taught in the MBA programmes, which will help them better understand the problems and offer sensible solutions. Having a practical viewpoint is important to grasp the teachings better and to understand the real-world applications of the same. 

  • Quick career advancement

After you have gained a few years of work experience, it will be easier for you to land jobs of your interest right after you have finished your MBA, and there is no doubt that you will have a better hold in getting a job with the MBA certification and the previous work experience. 

How will an MBA help in the career of a working professional?

Pursuing an MBA helps the most in the career of a working professional as it accelerates the career path of the working individual. Many companies require the individual to hold an MBA degree to hire you in a mid-management role. MBAs can completely change the direction of your career path for good, and it comes with several advantages as well, especially if it is from a recognised business school.

Some reasons why MBA helps in achieving career goals for you as a professional individual are discussed below –

  • It helps you learn advanced management and analytical skills required to work in a higher post in a company
  • It helps you understand the new and prevailing market trends
  • Offers promotion to a higher post, including salary increment
  • Provides opportunities to develop important soft skills such as leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Lets you grasp advanced level of knowledge and showcase higher potential to the recruiters or hiring managers
  • Offers better career prospects
  • Better networking in the respective field

Should I consider MBA for a career switch?

If you are planning a career switch, then no degree is a better choice than pursuing an MBA. After you finish the MBA course, many doors open up to you, and there are a plethora of options awaiting you to choose from. You will meet people with various career paths and experiences, and this will give you an opportunity to either advance in your current career or switch to a completely new career and excel in it. 

Here are a few of the many reasons why an MBA is a perfect choice for a career  –

  • You can build some very new skill sets which will make you an attractive candidate for a career switcher
  • Business schools help a great deal in building networks for your new career in different industries
  • MBA will groom you in developing transferable skills that will be essential and helpful in your new career
  • Opportunity to interact with people pursuing different career paths, which will help you choose/find yours.

According to a survey conducted by the Association of MBAs in November 2020, 62% of respondents had planned to change their career paths by the end of their MBA programme.

Career scope after completing an MBA

There is a lot of scope for a career after MBA for aspirants looking to grow in their respective fields. There is a vast amount of career options you can choose from after successful completion of an MBA. Usually, you will be able to figure out a career that interests you by the time you finish the course. 

The MBA course gives you knowledge making you ready for different careers of your choice. As an MBA aspirant, you need to know about different career specialisations to take full advantage of the course. 

Let’s explore some of the career specialisations or job profiles you can choose with an MBA degree –

Jobs in MBA FinanceCredit Analyst, Financial Manager, Accounting Manager, Treasurer, Finance Analyst, Insurance Manager
Jobs in MBA MarketingCustomer Relationship Manager, Analytical Marketing, Business Marketing, Corporate communications Head, Brand Manager, Asset Manager, Media Planner, Advertising Manager, Retail Manager
Jobs in MBA Operations ManagementPurchasing Manager, Inventory Coordinator, Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Operations Consultant, Project Manager, Supply chain Manager
Jobs in MBA Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Manager, Staffing Director, HR Training and Development director, International HR Professional
Jobs in MBA Information TechnologyProject Manager, Help Desk Manager, IT Manager, Product Owner, Programme Manager, Information Systems Security Manager, IT infrastructure project manager

Is work experience necessary for an MBA?

No, most business schools in India don’t require work experience to start your MBA programme. However, a few years of work experience gives you an added advantage over freshers. 

But if you have a fixed career goal and are ambitious enough to pursue further knowledge in your field of interest, then you should opt for the MBA programme right after your undergraduate degree. By the end of your two-year MBA course, you will have a clearer idea of your career goals and quickly find jobs. 


Consider MAHE MBA if you are a working professional

The Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) through Online Manipal offers a two-year MBA online course. It is the right choice if you are a working professional. The online MBA programme at Online Manipal lets you explore a wide range of specialisations and offers business education that will be in high demand in the near future. 

As a working individual, you can focus on your job fully and study for your course at your own pace, and the course is designed to allow flexibility in choosing when to study. This will ensure no interruptions with your busy work schedule.

How will MAHE MBA help you in career growth?

Upon completing the online MBA programme with Online Manipal, you will receive a certificate from the well-recognised Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). This will be a great addition to your list of qualifications in your resume. The curriculum of the online MBA programme is designed in such a way that it benefits the pressure-filled lives of working individuals. 

Moreover, you will get the opportunity to interact with, learn from and gain insights from the top experts in Business Management directly, which will enhance your skills and give clarity to your career goals ensuring growth in your career after your MBA. 

Do an online MBA without quitting your job

Now you don’t have to quit your job to pursue an MBA online. You can easily juggle work and MBA studies with time management and planning. Moreover, the online MBA courses are designed keeping in mind the stresses of managing the work environment with studies. So the road is straight and clear. If you are passionate about building a strong career, don’t think twice and sign up for the online MBA course to advance your career and reach greater heights. 

Bottom line 

You might ask yourself, is MBA required for career growth? The answer is Yes. Today nearly every undergraduate degree holder is looking to complete an MBA, and it is in high demand for almost all positions in the corporate world. MBA enhances your career and offers numerous opportunities that will help you improve your job prospects and grow in your career. 

Take a look at Online Manipal’s MBA Programme, which will prepare you for the business world and improve your skill sets. See how an online MBA will add value to your career by learning from the top experts, gaining insights and applying the knowledge for your career growth. 

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