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Here’s how you can manage your job and an MBA simultaneously

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November 24,

The journey of pursuing an MBA while managing a full-time job is undoubtedly a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. As the demands of the professional world continue to evolve, many individuals find themselves seeking ways to enhance their skills and propel their careers forward through advanced education. In this interactive blog, we’ll explore practical strategies and insightful tips on how you can successfully navigate the delicate balance between a demanding job and the pursuit of an MBA. From time management techniques to leveraging online resources, we’ll guide you through a roadmap that not only accommodates both responsibilities but also maximizes the synergies between your academic and professional pursuits.

Working while you are a student has numerous advantages for your future. The difficulty of balancing a job and study comes from having to divide your time between an academic and a professional routine. However, we have solutions for those struggling to juggle college with a job.

Why should you pursue an MBA while being a full-time employee?

No one would want to do so if there weren’t any distance MBA benefits to juggling a full-time job and an MBA program. Here are some immediate and future advantages of online MBA and filling out an application right away:

  1. Career growth without interruptions

MBA programs are available to part-time students, allowing them to continue working and maintaining a healthy work-life balance while gaining valuable academic and professional experience. Online MBA students can get the same education as those enrolled in traditional MBA programs without sacrificing their careers. In addition to the challenging coursework, they receive one-on-one guidance from career advisors during and after their studies.

  1. Change careers faster

After earning their MBAs, many people intend to make a career change. According to a survey, 26% considered moving to a different work function within their present industries. An MBA degree makes it easy to switch careers or enter a new field, as the skills you learn in the best MBA programs apply in various settings.

Graduates of MBA programs can use the knowledge they’ve gained to advance their careers as managers or enter other sectors where they can take on leadership roles. Skills including data analysis, financial management, strategic management, and executive leadership are taught in MBA programs and can be applied to various fields. Graduates of the program have the skills necessary to succeed as top leaders and managers in any field.

  1. Expand your professional network

Graduates of conventional MBA programs can network with influential business figures, game-changers in their respective fields, and similarly driven peers. 

Candidates for an online MBA develop and maintain professional relationships with other students, teachers, and influential alumni. In addition to meeting top executives during international and domestic immersions, members receive access to thought leaders through live virtual classes.

  1. Uninterrupted income

Full-time MBA students have to miss out on the income they could earn working for the duration of the program. Conversely, if you are working full-time and enrolled in an MBA program, your direct deposits will continue as usual while you are in school. A reliable source of income is helpful regardless of how the money is spent, be it on school or something else entirely.

Do you want to know How online MBA helps working professionals?

Tips for managing a job and studying simultaneously

Find below some suggestions that may assist you in striking a more manageable and fruitful balance while doing MBA and job together.

  1. Part-time/online MBAs

For members of Generation Y, life has unquestionably improved, making it a perfect moment to be alive. Online MBA programs allow working professionals to earn their degrees while devoting only 15 hours per week to independent study and 2 nights per week to classroom instruction. In addition, you can start an Online MBA by visiting the website of any accredited university. 

Although it still calls for dedication, it gives you much leeway. Participate in online classes in your spare time and send in your homework via email. That’s the simplest solution possible.

  1. Managing your schedule

Establishing a routine and getting better at managing your time should be your first order of business. It’s up to you how you balance your job and MBA studies—whether that means getting up early, staying up late, or using the weekends productively. 

Set up reliable alarms to remind you of critical work-related events like deadlines, classes, and meetings. When you know what to expect in advance, you won’t have to worry as much when things get tense. If you’re well organized, you’ll have more free time to learn new skills or consider alternative approaches to running your company.

Recognizing your skills and weaknesses is a necessary first step in creating a plan that works for you. Refrain from settling for a routine that will bring you unnecessary stress; many better solutions are available. 

  1. Build a support system 

Let your loved ones and coworkers know you’re enrolling in an MBA program! This will give them a chance to back you up and ensure everyone knows what to anticipate from you.

Since they know you’re probably too busy with schoolwork to take on more responsibilities, your coworkers may be less likely to give you extra work or ask for favors. To feel less stressed about your job and school, it can be helpful to establish realistic expectations with the people in your life and build a support system by making time to get together with friends and coworkers.

Why should you pursue an online MBA for higher convenience?

Earning an MBA online may be the best option if you want to further your profession but can’t afford more time to attend in-class lectures. By earning your MBA online, you can continue working while you study. The financial rewards aren’t the only good thing about learning on the job; you can also gain valuable experience and learn more quickly this way.

5 Benefits of an MBA

Develop valuable skills
Access to an extensive professional network
Higher employment rates
Degree specializations
Starting your own business

The real-time parts of an online MBA program, such as videoconferencing, can be accomplished from your home, making it easier to accommodate an MBA into your schedule since you don’t have to commute.

Pursue MBA from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Online MBA from prestigious Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is one of India’s most respected online MBA programs. This online MBA program will help you better communicate while expanding your strategic thinking capabilities. This Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with several concentrations help students find and succeed in their ideal careers. This online MBA program can help you become an entrepreneur, economist, researcher, marketing manager, operations manager, or financial analyst, among other careers.

Online MBA-BKFS from TAPMI

TAPMI, a constituent entity of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), has started an online Master of MBA-BKFS. This two-year curriculum accelerates managerial careers and BFSI leadership

TAPMI designed this course for online delivery to working professionals. The program equips students in digital transformation in the banking sector, cryptocurrencies & blockchain, and other BFSI innovations with state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, an up-to-date curriculum, and 4 industry-oriented electives. The institute would provide 120 seats at a special initial batch price of INR 5,60,000, 20% less than the program charge of INR 7,00,000.


Before enrolling in an online MBA degree, analyze the time, effort, and financial obligations required. Completing an MBA program while maintaining full-time employment takes time and effort. Maintaining a regular pattern and a single-minded focus will allow you to successfully juggle your academics, extra-curriculars, and personal life. 

Check out online MBA for working professionals at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) for enhanced employability and professional development. Offered on Online Manipal, the two-year program has 10 specializations, including Data Science, Business Analytics, Healthcare Management, Pharmaceutical Management, Fashion Management, and others. This convenient MBA program help you seamlessly manage your work and learning together.


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