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How working professionals are upskilling & upgrading their careers with Online Manipal 


At some point in the lives of working professionals, they feel the need to acquire more educational or practical knowledge for career growth, better salary, domain expertise, promotion or to make a career switch. But with hectic work schedules and personal commitments, professionals might find it difficult to devote full time to academics.  

Until a few years ago, distance education was the most preferred choice for working professionals who wished to earn a degree without quitting their jobs. However, with more flexibility and convenience, online learning has gained immense popularity and working professionals find it more convenient. Working professionals can benefit from a 100% online experience with an online program- from admission process to examinations. Moreover, online degrees and courses are as valuable as on-campus degrees, which allows professionals to advance their careers, from the comfort of their homes.  

If you are a working professional looking to pursue an online degree from a premium university, then Online Manipal can be the right choice for you. Online Manipal gives access to UGC-entitled online degree programs, equips professionals with the right skills and knowledge, allows them to upskill and enhance their career opportunities. 

Why Online Manipal 

With Online Manipal, you not only get an online degree from Manipal University, but you can enhance your professional network, gain in-depth knowledge, acquire key industry-oriented skills, and more. Here’s why Online Manipal is the go-to for today’s professionals. 

Flexible & convenient learning 

Working professionals deal with strict deadlines and hectic schedules. Devoting time to study regularly seems nearly impossible. However, through Online Manipal’s convenient class schedules, working professionals can study and progress at their own pace. They can attend classes scheduled at flexible timings, so they can manage their work commitments and academics.  

Amisha Alok, who is pursuing her online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur, chose Online Manipal because of flexible learning opportunities.  

“With 2 years of experience in sales, I wanted to pursue an online MBA in Marketing to improve my job prospects and for better salary packages. However, I didn’t want to quit my job. Thanks to the flexibility of online classes, I’m able to manage my work and studies,” she says. 

Customized learning experience 

Online Manipal offers tailored study plans that suit working professionals. Along with live virtual classes conducted by expert faculty, learners at Online Manipal can access recorded lectures, which are available anytime on the learning management system (LMS), in case they miss live lectures. This allows working professionals to customize their learning experiences according to their schedules. 

Watch this video to find out how Online Manipal is transforming virtual learning 

 Enhanced career progression & upskilling 

Most working professionals pursue an online degree to upgrade their careers. They are either looking for a promotion or a hike in their salary. Our expertly designed curriculum is aligned with industry trends and helps working professionals enhance their skills & knowledge and helps them build new skills required to compete in the job market.  

An online degree is not only an additional educational credential, but a gateway to improve your overall career prospects. With Online Manipal, you can get access to an industry-oriented curriculum taught by expert faculty and industry leaders. Working professionals also get a chance to attend regular webinars conducted by industry experts, allowing them to expand their knowledge.  

Our learner, Mayank, who is pursuing his online MSc in Data Science from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, is looking to move up his career ladder. 

“I have over 10 years of work experience in IT. Working with Google, I wanted to upskill myself and expand my knowledge in data science to meet the needs of my job and advance my career. MAHE’s online MSc in data science program has helped me improve my knowledge. The e-learning material is extensive and is helping me in my career progression,” he says. 

Diverse perspectives 

When compared to on-campus degree classes, online classes are more diverse in nature. In an online learning environment, working professionals get to interact with learners from various geographic locations. A diverse class leads to more diverse perspectives, that will help working professionals assess situations differently. With Online Manipal, you can be a part of a global classroom, interact with working professionals, get industry insights and unique perspectives that will improve your job prospects.  

Professional networking 

It is extremely important for working professionals to build a professional network that will help them gain industry insights and navigate through the job market. Networking allows professionals to expand their circle of contacts and connect with individuals who may have access to job openings. Networking allows professionals to identify potential collaborators, partners, and suppliers for their projects or businesses. By connecting with individuals in complementary industries or fields, professionals can explore opportunities for collaboration, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships. These collaborations can lead to new business ventures, increased innovation, and mutual growth.  

Online Manipal provides a great opportunity for learners to build professional networks and industry connections. Through regular webinars conducted by Online Manipal, professionals get to interact with industry leaders and experts. Professionals get to interact with peers who are from diverse careers. Our career fairs allow professionals to connect with reputed companies for job opportunities.  

Our learner, Karthika Nair, who is pursuing her online MSc in Business Analytics, is able to expand her expand her professional network with Online Manipal.  

“Through Online Manipal, I’m able to connect with students from diverse backgrounds. I’m confident that this online MSc in business analytics program will equip me with the skills & knowledge required to make informed business decisions,” she says. 


Online degrees can be more cost-effective compared to traditional on-campus programs. Professionals can save on commuting or relocation expenses since they can study from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Additionally, some online programs offer more affordable tuition fees or flexible payment options, making higher education more accessible to working professionals. 

The easy financing options offered by Online Manipal ensure you don’t face cost as a barrier. We also offer a wide range of scholarships for eligible students, that will help them further reduce their program fee.  

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Wrapping up 

In conclusion, the rise of online learning has revolutionized professional development, offering working professionals unparalleled opportunities to upskill and advance in their careers. Now that you have seen what Online Manipal brings to the table for these ambitious individuals, enroll with us to get online degrees & certifications from premium institutes like Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI)

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