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Common doubts about an online MBA degree

Since the pandemic, the demand for flexible learning programs that let you earn and learn at the same time has risen, leading to an increase in the popularity of online MBAs. MBA is amongst the most rewarding online degree programs currently chosen as the vocational career by white-collar workers, primarily young business owners and executives in the corporate environment. Online MBAs were considered less legitimate than traditional, full-time MBAs, but that is no longer the case. These virtual courses have become so widely accepted that even reputable B-schools from around the world have jumped on board with their offerings. An online MBA is perfect for you if you want to move up the ladder within the same profession, earn a promotion, and upskill rather than make a major career move. 

The online MBA curriculum serves as a practical way to obtain a worthwhile education with the ability to work, study, and make a living all at once. Even so, some students continue to have doubts about online MBA programs. Let’s explore some of the most pervasive MBA myths regarding online coursework for this program in this post.

7 Common myths about an online MBA degree

  • An online MBA isn’t as credible as an on-campus MBA

The notion that digital education isn’t subject to the same stringent requirements as a traditional MBA is the most pervasive myth about online MBAs. You must realize that an online MBA is distinctive from full-time or on-campus programs since you rely entirely on technology. The most significant predictor of dependability is accreditation, and accredited online degrees offer students the same high-quality education as a recognized on-campus degree. 

  • Employers don’t accept online MBA

Many people ask if an online course will be recognized by their potential employers as successful and legitimate. Yes, it is considered credible if it is from a reputable university. Knowing if a program has programmatic accreditation can assist in determining its quality. Students can feel assured if they study for an MBA from an institution with a solid reputation, as many employers only consider the institution from whence the degree was earned, not its format.

  • An online MBA isn’t valid for employment abroad.

The world recognizes the value of an online MBA degree. Once you have completed your online MBA, your credentials will be acknowledged on a global scale, and business professionals will start to take you more seriously. Student options for abroad employment or higher studies are expanded with an online MBA as there is a huge demand worldwide for tech, semi-technical, and human resource managers. 

  • There’s no interaction between students and teachers in an online MBA program.

Individuals learning online have the same, if not more, possibilities to interact with their instructors and classmates. Capturing the focus of your lecturer is even simpler in the digital world, given the plethora of contact channels at the disposal of today’s online learners. Apart from the virtual learning management system, you can communicate with teachers in a variety of ways, such as through phone calls, texts, emails, instant messages, group projects, and chats.

  • You need to be tech-savvy to do an Online MBA

This may have been the scenario when online MBA courses initially appeared, but thanks to modern technology, online education has reached the exceptional level it does now. The technical support staff at the institution will be able to help you if you encounter problems. The majority of applications also offer technical support personnel available around-the-clock by call, email, or text messaging. 

  • An online MBA is easier than a regular MBA

The ease of accessibility and flexibility of an online MBA make it simpler.  But regarding the subject matter, exams, and amount of study time needed, it is unquestionably not simpler. The curriculum of recognized online degree programs is also challenging, irrespective of whether sessions are attended online or offline since both delivery methods must meet the same academic standards.

  • Online learning is a lonely experience.

Online learning necessitates a certain degree of drive and self-control. This does not, however, imply that you will be deserted and without help. In an online MBA, students will be given the resources and avenues via which they can connect, work together, and request assistance from professors and fellow students at their own pace. With the advent of modern technology, this collaborative effort is now easy and encouraging, connecting virtual and on-campus learners equally.

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What are the different specializations in an MBA

  • Finance

The MBA specialty in finance is a popular choice among students who want to thrive and develop their leadership abilities in a variety of fields, including accounting, banking, corporate financial management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and money planning.

  • Marketing

MBA Marketing is a well-liked MBA specialization for individuals looking to learn about marketing tactics, branding, promoting, and how to utilize things employed in marketing.

  • HR

MBAs in HR are always in demand for their talents to recruit, manage, and retain personnel in these dynamic and tough times due to a growing awareness of the essential concerns in managing human resources in commercial enterprises.

  • Entrepreneurship

This MBA specialization is meant for those wishing to launch a profitable business as it combines the core MBA curriculum with entrepreneurship-focused modules such as venture capital and asset management.

  • Business Analytics

The MBA specialty in Business Analytics helps to build a cross-functional foundation in management with expertise in analytics that helps professionals to analyze and demystify huge amounts of data.

  • Data Science

The MBA in Data Science program develops individuals with both analytical and managerial abilities and provides students with both the theoretical and practical expertise required for management and business analytics.

  • Operations Management

The specialist field of operations management (OM) makes it easier to offer value to the end user by enhancing productivity, quality, cost, and turnaround time.

  • IT and Fintech

This MBA specialty trains and nurtures managers who can help optimize the strategy, design, procurement, deployment, usage, and administration of new and convergent communications and information technologies.

  • Healthcare Management

This curriculum concentrates on the most important topics in preventative healthcare, treatment and drug management, hospital management and administration, and health insurance.

  • Retail Management

The MBA in Retail Management equips students with the management abilities necessary in the retail sector, providing knowledge of the critical managerial abilities needed to simplify retail operations.

  • BFSI

This MBA specialization creates quality management professionals who are technically skilled, competent in management, and have a worldwide perspective.

  • Pharmaceutical Management

 MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is designed to produce qualified people for managerial positions in industries including drug manufacturing, production administration, pharmaceutical advertising, brand management, etc.

  • Fashion Management

An MBA in fashion management focuses on managing the marketing, merchandising, and retail of fashion goods, as well as developing brand recognition among the general public.

  • Information systems

This MBA specialization integrates business administration and information technology abilities and displays knowledge of business topics, management approaches, and information systems, all of which are sought-after skills by employers in the current global economy. 

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Why an online MBA is suitable for freshers and working professionals

In the modern era, everyone strives to earn an MBA. MBA appears like a fantastic option for recent graduates looking to start their careers. It is worthwhile for working professionals to enroll in an online MBA to move up in their profession, particularly in these tumultuous times. Nowadays, working professionals and management aspirants who want to get an MBA while maintaining employment are interested in online MBA programs. A professional network can be built, soft skills are developed, a ton of knowledge is acquired, your career prospects are improved, and you can land a high-paying job with the aid of an online MBA. Most MBA FAQs will tell you that choosing an online MBA institution and program that best meets your goals will enable you to advance in the corporate world and is the best course of action.

One can pursue highly regarded online MBA degrees through Online Manipal, the online platform of the esteemed Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). Students can succeed at tremendous heights thanks to knowledgeable instructors handling their courses. The online MBA from MUJ is ideal for both fresh graduates and experienced pros, in contrast to the MBA from MAHE, which is specifically designed working professionals.


The aforementioned MBA doubts and realities should be looked up by any student considering an online MBA to get perspective and a clearer picture. If you decide to pursue an online MBA, you will have the opportunity to see some of the top online offerings that use cutting-edge techniques to develop students into the future generation of business leaders. 

Follow the most promising online MBA program from reputed institutions, such as Manipal University Jaipur, if you want to advance your management knowledge. This course is expertly designed to provide top-notch education at a reasonable cost and a selection of specialties to help you achieve the much-desired success in your career.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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