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How to get a job in human resources without work experience

Consider a career in human resources if you want a position with competitive pay, room for advancement, and an opportunity to employ your people skills. There’s a never-ending demand for professionals in this field because the HR department exists across all companies and industries. Below are a few reasons and benefits of a profession in human resources.

Career advancement possibilities: The key benefit of establishing a career in human resources is the potential to assist people in advancing their careers. You would be working to grow your career and those you hire as an HR manager.  

Job stability: Companies will always require a human resources department, even though they may occasionally need to dissolve or change departments. Employees receive assistance from human resources not only throughout the hiring process but also during their full employment with the organization with any issues or difficulties. 

Higher than average pay:  Another excellent motivation to consider a profession in that sector is the high compensation. If you’re looking for high-paying work with room for advancement, think about a career in human resources.

Strong position: A career in human resources involves making important decisions every day. The performance of a firm is significantly influenced by the human resources division’s capacity to recruit, develop, and support personnel.

Networking: Those working in human resources deal with and come across many applicants with interesting job search strategies and various skills and specialties. They can develop a strong network of business contacts as a result.

Best HR jobs to look out for

The field of human resources is constantly expanding. Learn about some of the top entry-level HR careers that don’t require any prior experience.

Human Resources Assistant: 

An HRA’s function and duties include maintaining records of hiring, training, and benefits; safeguarding personnel files; posting job postings; dealing with potential applicants; aiding newly hired employees with benefits enrollment; and assisting current employees in making plan changes. The salary of an HR Assistant can go up to ₹707k/ year.

Human Resources Recruiter: 

They seek out possible applicants via their extensive network of relationships in the business, trade groups, colleges, and social media. The HR Recruiter is around ₹577k/ year.

HR Specialist: 

An HR professional will frequently examine applications and supporting documentation. Once workers are hired, they arrange interviews and finalize contracts. Additionally, managing employee relations concerns, leading training, and assisting with pay and benefits may be expected of a human resources specialist. The salary of an HR Specialist can go up to a staggering ₹1m/ year with experience.

Payroll Management Assistant: 

The responsibilities could be entering payroll information into the computer system and monitoring employee work hours, preparing tax returns, taking care of direct deposits, taking care of wage garnishments, and employee scheduling. They are required to adhere to secrecy due to the sensitive nature of the personal information that is available to them. A payroll assistant’s salary can go upto a good ₹450k/ year with relevant experience.

Employee Relations Analyst: 

This person aids in supervising and managing the organization’s human resources policies and practices. When looking into employee complaints and recommending disciplinary actions based on the results, employee relations analysts are the go-to people. An employee relations analyst typically earns ₹5.94 Lakhs/ year in pay.

How does an MBA in HR help you land an HR job without any experience?

An MBA in HR helps you to develop your Communication and Interpersonal Skills, which are necessary to deal with clients and employees. HRs are recognized for their interpersonal abilities. They frequently communicate with employees at all organizational levels and do it in a polite, clear, and friendly way. An MBA in HRM will help you gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge,improve your verbal and written skills by allowing you to participate in several interviews, make presentations, and assist in conflict resolution.

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Pursue an online MBA in HR from the renowned Manipal University, Jaipur

You can boost your work prospects and get hired as an HR professional by enrolling in the top-rated Manipal University Jaipur’s online MBA program with HR elective. Get more information about HR professionals, their job position, and their responsibilities to land a career in human resources without any prior work experience with an MBA HR degree from MUJ. MUJ’s online platform, Online Manipal, offers students placement assistance and a range of other resources to help them find the perfect job.  


Earning an MBA with human resource management as an elective will boost your job prospects for HR managers, talent acquisition consultants, payroll experts, talent development managers, and many other professions. By thoroughly addressing all the critical HRM issues and providing relevant experience, an MBA in HRM from MUJ helps you in succeeding in this field.


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