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How online certification courses can boost your resume?

Creating a perfect first impression is essential during your job search. It starts with a polished resume that displays plenty of achievements, credentials, and relevant skills. Studies show that on average employers spend just a few seconds looking at a resume before choosing a candidate for a suitable role. The first impression is therefore critical for your success, so, here are a few simple yet effective ways in which online certification courses can make your resume stand out from your competitors!

Adding an edge to your resume with online degree courses

No matter the perspective or situation, online certifications can improve your current performance and enable you to get success in the future. Pursuing online degree courses in India is always a great idea if:

  • You are a candidate searching for a new job
  • You are an employee looking for growth in your current company
  • You are an employer planning to create a skillful and future-ready workforce 

Here are some reasons why you must make online certification courses a part of your resume:

  • Staying up-to-date with technology trends

Technology advancements have widened the digital skills gap which has increased demand for new skills. Since in conventional degree courses, the syllabus and teaching are generally procedural, online certification courses in a specific area of emerging technology can give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Learning from global experts

Online degree courses in India enable you to learn beyond the norm and get access to global industry experts in specialized subjects which are otherwise not affordable for many. You can interact with these experienced professionals without any inhibitions and get practical knowledge based on real-world scenarios.

  • Ability to unlearn and relearn

Top-notch companies value candidates who are willing to learn and relearn. Online certification courses in your resume present you as a commendable candidate having a valuable attribute of lifelong learning.

  • Displaying the right set of skills

Improving and diversifying your skill sets has never been convenient, thanks to the online certification courses by best online universalities like Online Manipal University Jaipur. You can confidently convey your specific skillsets to your interviewer and how these skills can bring value to the workplace.

  • Acing a job interview

A list of online degrees in your resume will give you a greater chance to impress your prospective employer by showing that you are actively improving yourself and setting yourself apart from other candidates.

  • Demonstrating intellectual maturity and strong willingness

Enrolling in an online certification course demonstrates your discipline, curiosity, and passion to go the extra mile to learn new skills that will be beneficial for the company in the long run.

Employers nowadays recognize online degrees as much as a degree earned from a conventional brick-and-mortar school. More and more companies are on the lookout for candidates with a diverse mix of skillsets and online certification courses are a perfect way to showcase such unique skills that give you an edge over other qualified candidates. In addition to letting you complete your course work as per your work and family schedule, an online study in India gives you the flexibility to decide how much time you will spend on it. You may opt for a full online degree in India or a certification program that takes up only a few hours each week.

Unlock your full potential by enrolling in an online certification course at Manipal University Jaipur, a NAAC A+ accredited university that offers online undergraduate degrees including BBA, BCA, and BCOM, and online postgraduate degrees including MBA, MCOM, MCA, and MA JMC. You can access e-learning material for the programmes, nearly 5000 professional certifications, seminars by industry leaders, and courses from renowned universities across the world. To know more about the online courses, click here.


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