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Few Considerations to Make Before Enrolling in an Online Degree Program

Online Manipal Editorial Team | March 05, 2022

Online Degree Program – What is it and how does it work?

An online program, also called an eLearning program is offered through an online virtual medium. It is a formal program that is as good as studying at a regular university. Therefore, it is not to be taken casually. 

Many students and their parents do not understand the gravity and importance of online programs. They still consider regular education offered at physical locations such as college and university campuses as real education. 

But the fact of the matter is – there are several online programs that provide education that surpasses the quality levels of regular educational institutions. The online degree courses offered by Manipal University Jaipur are a prime example of this. 

They are so reputed that the industry prefers students from online Manipal University over regular universities. 

Considerations to make before choosing an online program

  • Online Courses are taught by qualified professors

Check the credentials of the professors. Ensure that their education is legitimate. Ask them to put their credentials online. Check with the university if they can provide demo classes. In the demo classes, check if the professors know what they are talking about. To avoid all of these hassles, better enroll for online degree courses in India from Manipal University Jaipur.

  • Well-established university

Whether a university is well-established or not is not easy to find. That’s why many people prefer doing online master’s degree in India programs from known universities such as Manipal. Doing it from elsewhere is risky. Even if a known university is offering an online program, there is no guarantee of its quality. Manipal University Jaipur is doing it to help students become professionals and help the industry with a pool of highly-capable talented professionals. 

  • Student-friendly

The university should have flexible policies. They should allow flexible schedules. This is because many students could be working professionals. And having rigid educational policies could create inconveniences. Student friendliness of online degree courses from Manipal extends beyond policies. It exists at student-teacher interaction levels, placement assistance, project assistance, and even alumni networking guidance. 

  • Accreditation

The online degree courses in India, postgraduate courses, and vocational courses offered by Manipal University Jaipur are accredited by national and international regulatory authorities. This level of accreditation demonstrates not just the validity of the course, but also its value. 

  • Opportunities for collaboration

Online degree courses and post-graduate degree courses from Manipal University Jaipur provide opportunities for collaboration. Students can network with each other, alumni, faculty, industry experts, subject matter experts, etc. Such facilities are rarely provided by other online universities, let alone regular universities. 

  • Proctored Exams

These types of online exams are fool-proof and tamper-proof. They are technologically advanced. Students attempt the exams sitting at their desired locations, which could be at home or even a coffee shop. The exams are structured in a manner that passing these exams will require knowledge and practical experience. Online degree courses in India and post-graduate courses from Manipal University Jaipur have this type of exam delivery. 

  • Placement Assistance

Only reputed online masters degree India and post-graduate India course educators such as Manipal have successful placement assistance. Most other online universities only have promised. There are no guarantees. But with Manipal, students are actually job-ready in a matter of a few months. This makes it easier to provide them with placement assistance. 


Online education will soon replace regular college and university education. Online education is being facilitated by fool-proof, tamper-proof, and secure technologies. E-Learning platforms are becoming sophisticated. Students, teachers, parents, faculty, industry experts, outside faculty, alumni are all able to communicate and collaborate effectively via an online medium. 

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