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Few considerations to make before enrolling in online degree courses

Online Learning

Online degree programs – How do they work?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that online degree programs are virtual replicas of a conventional on-campus program. In an online program, from the admission process, live classes, project work, assignments, to examinations, the entire program is delivered in the online mode. 

Online degree courses are UGC-entitled and recognized by private organizations and accepted by other universities. Online programs are recognized at par with on-campus programs and valued by employers. If you think online degrees in India hold no value, it’s a myth. 

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However, there are certain aspects one must consider before choosing to enroll for an online program. 

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Things to consider before choosing an online program

Here are some key considerations you must make before you enroll for an online program.

Recognition and accreditations

It is important to consider the recognition and accreditations of the university from which you want to pursue your online program. University rankings matter and they add value to your degree on the whole. Some universities also have international accreditations, which makes it easier for learners to apply for jobs or pursue higher studies abroad. 

With Online Manipal, you can choose to pursue online programs from premium institutes including Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI). 

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Affordable pricing

Online degree courses are generally more cost-effective than regular offline programs, considering there are no campus facilities offered to students. While looking for a university to pursue your online degree, ensure the program is priced according to the various features or facilities that are offered in the virtual mode. 

Learning management system (LMS)

An advanced digital learning platform is a key aspect to consider while choosing an online degree program. The learning methodology becomes a key aspect in an online degree, as everything is delivered in the virtual mode. Through an integrated learning management system, learners will be able to study seamlessly without any hassle. The LMS allows learners to access e-learning content anytime, anywhere and provide all the information that a student requires. Check if the university offers technical support for online students and provides resources such as e-libraries, research databases, and collaboration tools.

Convenient class schedule

Ensure that the online classes are conducted at a convenient time. Especially if you are a working professional or if you have other commitments, you should be able to balance your work, personal commitments and academics. The biggest boon is that online degree courses are flexibility, so ensure you are able to learn and progress at your own pace. 

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Experienced faculty

It is important to check the credentials of the professors who will be teaching you during the online program. Faculty designations become important as they will be guiding you throughout the program, and quality mentorship is a key aspect to consider. It’s also important to assess the level of support and interaction available to online students, such as access to professors, doubt clearing sessions and other kinds of support from mentors. 

Comprehensive curriculum

The curriculum defines the intended learning outcomes and objectives of the program. A well-designed curriculum ensures that the program covers the necessary content and provides a structured learning path to achieve the desired outcomes. When you choose programs like an online MBA for instance, ensure the university offers the specializations or electives that you are looking for in your chosen career path. The curriculum should also be aligned with the current practices and trends in the field or industry you are studying. A strong curriculum ensures that you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your chosen profession. 

Online proctored exams

When you are taking up an online program, you will have to write the examination virtually as well. Ensure the university offers online proctored exams that are fool-proof and tamper-proof. You should also be able to take examinations at a time and place of your convenience. It is important that the online examination process is smooth, so you can give your best. 

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Alumni network

Building a professional network is a key aspect of career building. Ensure you have access to your alumni network when you choose the university to pursue an online degree. Interacting with your alumni helps you build your industry connections that will eventually help you in your career growth. 

Placement assistance

It is important to have placement assistance or guarantee as part of your online degree programs, so that you receive the initial push to enter the job market. Whether you are a fresher looking to take your first step into the workforce or whether you’re a working professional looking for a promotion or career progression, placement assistance plays a key role. 

Online Manipal offers placement assistance to all learners. We ensure that learners find the right set of job opportunities aligned with their career aspirations. We maintain an extensive network with well-established firms and startups, so we guide our learners through their placement journey.

Click here to know more about Online Manipal’s placement assistance services


Online education is here to stay. From convenience, flexibility, to affordability, online learning has largely impacted the educational landscape. The popularity of online degrees has risen, considering the fact that they are recognized at par with on-campus degrees. Employers value online degrees in India just like any conventional offline degrees. However, it is important to pick the right online program from the right university to ensure you land in a safe space. 

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