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Will an online degree get you a job?

Online Learning
November 22,

Online learning is a smart way to continue education even when you have started a job. Online education has created a convenient platform for many who cannot go to traditional educational institutions due to various reasons. Now you no longer need to visit college or university campuses daily to get yourself a degree.

Through an online mode of study, one can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Many institutes also offer professional certificate and diploma courses online. For candidates who have to take up a job or start a business or have multiple other reasons not to continue their studies, an online method is the best solution for them. It is not just convenient in many ways but also comes with various perks.

Recognition & benefits of online degrees

With the introduction of online modes of studies by various accredited and UGC approved institutes, you can find several online courses in India for higher studies. If you have a degree from a recognised board, no obstacle can stop you from securing a good job.

Institutions with top accreditation offer online degree courses in India, which means your online programme is designed by regulated standards from a recognised board of studies. It allows employers to understand the value of your degree. So, make sure that before you take admission for an online course, have a look at the institute’s accreditation and recognition.

The major benefits one can get from online learning are:

  • Affordable course fee: Online learning helps students enrol in courses and finish studies at a comparatively lower cost than the traditional mode of studies. The on-campus education is always a little on the higher side and comes with many additional costs. But the online education does not involve any extra costs, and the course fees mostly come with flexible paying methods.
  • Study at your own pace: When you start an online degree in India, you get to fit your course with your regular life routine. You set your study schedule and pursue the programme at your own pace. You can access the study material and recorded sessions at your own convenience.
  • Better time management: Online education forces you to understand the value of time and work on your timetable. This way you can manage your time for study and other activities. The onus on you is to set aside a particular time for learning that ultimately helps you develop time management skills.

Why do employers prefer online degrees?

Self-disciplined candidates: Candidates who have completed online studies tend to be more self-disciplined. It happens because online education demands students set their own deadlines, know the rules, and get things done themselves. It makes one more consistent, sincere and organised at everything they do.

Proper schedule management: Since there is no one to monitor or supervise your study time, it is you who has to manage the schedule properly. You yourself know the timetable that suits you and can organise your life and online classes accordingly. It makes students manage time and stick to a schedule which is a valuable ability.

Builds strong determination: Online education requires constant motivation and strong determination to keep going. When a student overcomes all hurdles and distractions and completes an online degree, it makes them more determined and focused. Thus, employers prefer candidates who have experience in staying focused amidst work pressures and other obstacles. 

Place for self-improvement: Online learning is a platform where you have to rectify your mistakes and improve your skills yourselves. This habit of constant self-improvement turns into a skill that becomes an added value to any business or organisation. Commitment to self-improvement and dedication bring success to any job role. So employers love to hire such candidates.

More tech-savvy: With online education, students become more technically sound. They learn to handle new software, attend online conferences, and create presentations and lots more. It is a quality expected by employers. More or less all the business needs employees to be adept with technologies, and software to make the operations smooth and accurate.

Bottom line

Online education in India has become a demanding mode of education as it enhances skills and enables students to learn at their convenience. If you are looking for a UGC recognised institute to get your professional courses done, join Manipal University Jaipur. It is a NAAC A+ accredited learning institution that offers online MBA, BBA, BCA, MCA, M.Com., B.Com., and MA Journalism and Mass Communication.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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