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How to balance online learning and personal/work life – Useful tips from MUJ’s online students

Online Learning

Balancing work or personal life and online learning is essential because it allows individuals to manage their time effectively and avoid burnout. Without balance, one’s personal and professional life can become overwhelming, leading to stress, decreased productivity, and a decrease in overall well-being. Moreover, online learning requires self-motivation, time-management, and discipline, all of which can be challenging to achieve without a balance in other aspects of life.

To achieve a balance, individuals can start by setting clear boundaries between their work/personal life and online learning. This means dedicating specific hours to each activity, such as setting aside time for studying and completing coursework, and then using the remaining time to focus on work, family, or other personal activities.

Another effective strategy is to prioritize tasks and activities based on their level of importance and urgency. This allows individuals to manage their time effectively and avoid feeling overwhelmed with the demands of work, personal life, and online learning.

Online learning offers the flexibility to study at your own convenience without having to set aside your personal or professional commitments. With proper planning and scheduling, you can balance your online learning and personal life without any hassle.

Here are a few useful tips from Manipal University Jaipur’s online students

Author: Ayeesha Riha

Batch-5, online B.Com – Manipal University Jaipur

  • Set boundaries 

This is the most important thing when you take up online classes, especially when you live with your family. Activate “do not disturb” mode when you’re studying or working. Let people around you know your study and work time. This way, they will give you your space and not interrupt you now and then. 

  • Plan your schedule 

Pre-planning your day/week can help you stay organized, prioritize tasks, and boost productivity. It helps you get a clear picture of what needs to be done to accomplish the goals for the day. It also helps keep track of your progress. 

  • Designate a study space 

Find a place where you can sit and focus on your study/work without getting distracted. Keep all the essentials like a laptop, charger, notebooks, stationary, water bottle, reward snacks, etc., nearby in the study area to avoid constant interruptions, which might lead to distraction and eventually to procrastination. 

  • Manage your time 

Make a routine, figure out what works best for you, and stick to it. Prioritize the most important tasks from less important tasks. Bifurcate your time and set a specific time for studying, and take breaks in between; use the Pomodoro method. By developing a daily study routine and sticking to it, you can establish a habit that will trim down your decision-making process and save time. It’ll help you decide what to do exactly and when to do it without having to waste time considering your options. 

  • Take care of your health 

Since you’ll be sitting in a particular place for a very long period studying and/or working, it will affect your physical and mental health. To overcome this, make sure to stay physically active by going for a walk or working out. Going for a walk not only helps physically but also mentally, as it helps you clear your mind! For your mental health, make sure to take breaks in between and do what you enjoy the most for example: listening to music, journaling, having conversations with your loved ones, etc. 

  • Keep a journal 

I’ve found journaling to be extremely helpful in many ways, including its potential to improve your mental health. It will help you keep a check on your progress, achieve your goals, improve your writing skills, and reflects on areas for improvement. 

P.S.:- One of the apps that I use for journaling is “Notion”- if you don’t already know, it’s an all-in-one app that not only helps me with journaling but also with my studies, note-taking, and more. I, a girl who is passionate about being organized, have fallen in love with this app and have been addicted to it. This app keeps me motivated to get things done. 

These tips may not work for everyone. Try them and find what works best for you and stick to it. These are the few tips to balance online classes and personal/ work life that work for me and those that I incorporate into my life. I hope these tips will be of some benefit to you in one way or another. 

Author- Harsha Agarwal

Batch-4, online BCA – Manipal University Jaipur

Create a schedule: One of the best ways to balance your online classes and personal life is to make a schedule or a timetable. Make a to-do list of all the tasks that you have to work on, from attending classes, completing coursework, and even responding to emails, other than this to leisure activities and exercise. Then, allocate fixed time slots for each task on your schedule. This will help you plan your day, manage your time, and ensure that you don’t forget anything/work.

Break down tasks: To make your online class easier to manage, break down all the tasks into small, manageable chunks. This will make it easier to stay on top of your classes and coursework, and make the tasks seem less overwhelming and daunting.

Prioritize: Prioritize your task so that the most important ones gets done first.

Take regular breaks: It’s important to take regular breaks while studying. This will help you prevent burnout and give you the opportunity to get away from your computer and relax.

Ask for help: If you are feeling overwhelmed or are struggling to keep up with your online classes, pr something is putting you in sleepless night-works, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Reach out to your professor, colleague or classmates for help or advice.

Make time for yourself: It’s important to make time for yourself and do activities


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