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Exploring the emerging trendy job titles in today’s market

Feb 16

Job titles have been dynamic over the years. Changes in business approaches and technological transformation contributed to inventing, modifying or upgrading job roles and titles. In the 1980s and 90s, for example, we saw companies appointing Chief Information Officers as a result of information technology growth.

In recent times, we are witnessing the emergence of new job roles and flashy job titles, thanks to disruption by technology as well as the pandemic.

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Demystifying trendy job titles

Here we list some of the newly evolved job roles and job titles. Some of these are entirely new roles and some are just flashy nomenclature for the existing role.   

  1. Chief Visionary Officer

A Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) is an executive role responsible for setting the vision and strategy for a company. The CVO is responsible for understanding the current and future trends in the industry and setting a strategic direction for the company. The CVO must also ensure that the company’s vision and strategy are communicated to the rest of the organization and implemented effectively. The CVO is often involved in making decisions about product development, marketing, and overall operations. 

  1. Chief Innovation Evangelist

This role is a product of the burgeoning startup culture. A Chief Innovation Evangelist is responsible for driving innovation within an organization. The role involves helping to create an environment where new ideas can be incubated and brought to life, while also encouraging collaboration and interdisciplinary problem solving. The Chief Innovation Evangelist should have an in-depth knowledge of the industries and markets the organization operates in and be able to identify areas for disruption and new opportunities.   

  1. Business Development Guru

It is another term for Business Development specialist or executive. A Business Development Guru is an individual who specializes in helping businesses identify and develop opportunities for growth and profitability. They are often hired as consultants to help businesses assess their current operations, identify new market opportunities, and develop strategies for achieving their goals. Business Development Gurus are typically highly knowledgeable and experienced in areas such as market analysis, sales, customer service, and product development, and they have the ability to develop creative and innovative solutions to help businesses reach their potential.  

  1. Ninjaneer

Ninjaneer is a term used to describe a person who is highly proficient in an area or technology, often through a combination of expertise, experience, and self-taught skills. Ninjaneers often have a deep understanding of the technology, processes, and tools used in their field and can quickly and effectively solve complex problems. They are typically highly creative and driven and are often seen as “go-to” people for difficult tasks.  

  1. Chief Remote Officer

It is got popularized during the Covid years when companies shifted to work from home for business continuity. A Chief Remote Officer (CRO) oversees an organization’s remote operations. The CRO is responsible for developing policies, processes, and strategies for effectively managing remote teams, including setting up and managing remote systems, tools, and communication protocols. The CRO should be knowledgeable about the latest remote technologies and trends and have experience in managing remote teams. Additionally, they should be able to foster a culture of collaboration and support among remote team members.

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  1. Client success/Customer Success Specialist

It is an upgrade of sales roles. A Client Success/Customer Success Specialist ensures that a company’s clients or customers are getting the most out of their products or services. The Client Success/Customer Success Specialist is typically responsible for assessing customer needs and expectations, providing support and guidance to customers, and managing customer relationships. They are typically knowledgeable about the company’s products and services and can provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure that customers are getting the best possible experience. Additionally, they are often tasked with developing strategies and processes to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty.  

  1. Contact Tracing Specialist

This role is the direct result of the pandemic. A Contact Tracing Specialist is a healthcare professional who is responsible for identifying and tracking the contacts of individuals who have tested positive for a communicable disease. Contact tracing involves interviewing patients to determine who they have been in contact with and then tracing those contacts to determine if they have been exposed to the disease. The Contact Tracing Specialist is expected to ensure that contacts are identified and contacted in a timely manner and that appropriate measures are taken to protect the contacts from the further transmission of the disease.  

  1. Head of Team Anywhere

It is another level of Remote Officer. A Head of Team Anywhere is responsible for overseeing an organization’s remote operations. The Head of Team Anywhere is responsible for developing, managing, and overseeing policies, processes, and strategies related to managing remote teams, from setting up remote systems and tools to overseeing communication protocols. The Head of Team Anywhere should be knowledgeable about the latest remote technologies and trends and have experience in managing remote teams. Additionally, they should be able to foster a culture of collaboration and support among remote team members.  

  1. Chief Heart Officer

A Chief Heart Officer (CHO) oversees the organization’s efforts to promote positive mental and physical health for its employees. The CHO should be knowledgeable about the latest health trends, have an understanding of the science behind health, and be able to develop strategies to ensure the health and well-being of the organization’s employees. The CHO should also be able to develop initiatives and campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles and habits and be able to track the progress of the organization’s health initiatives. Moreover, the CHO should be able to foster a culture of health within the organization and be able to provide regular health education and support to employees.  

  1. Head of Dynamic Work

It is also related to the Remote Officer and Head of Team Anywhere. A Head of Dynamic Work ensures that the teams and employees in their organizations are able to work efficiently, effectively, and in a manner that is most suited to their individual needs. The Head of Dynamic Work should be knowledgeable about the latest trends in remote work and be able to develop strategies to ensure that employees can work remotely, flexibly, and productively.  

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We have listed some of the job roles and titles that have emerged recently across the globe. Some of these are extensions of the current job roles or just nomenclature changes. Some roles, such as Chief Heart Officer and Head of Dynamic Work, emerged as a need of the hours and have emerged to boost the morale of the employees while they continue working in the distributed locations. There are some job roles to attract Gen-Z individuals and address their needs. 

However, there are concerns among professionals about these non-traditional job titles. Because it is new in the market, employers will find it difficult to understand the job responsibilities and expected outcomes of these roles when a person applies for jobs in another company. When time passes, the issue will be solved, or a common nomenclature may be introduced to use across the domains.  

Anyway, this trend indicates that future jobs will be entirely different from what we are currently accustomed to. It is imperative for everyone to become future-ready with the necessary skills in their respective domains and excel in their field. Online degree or certificate programs will be helpful for everyone to acquire future-ready skills and thrive in future workplaces. Get to know more about online programs at Online Manipal.


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