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Choosing between BBA & BCA: What is right for you

Lt. Mayank Mittal | July 22, 2021 5 Min Read

Choosing between BBA & BCA: What is right for you

Choosing the right graduate degree is one of the most important life decisions you will make. This decision impacts your experiences for the next three years, while also influencing your future career graph. Besides traditional disciplines like humanities, science and commerce, programmes like the Bachelors In Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelors In Computer Application (BCA) are also pathways to a fulfilling career.

Both of these are industry-focused programmes that help build knowledge as well as skills. Legacy universities such as Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) offer online BBA and online BCA degrees, which enable students to get the best quality of education from world-class faculty while staying safe at home.

Let’s compare both degrees and explore the right one for you.

Find your passion

While making an informed decision, the first thing you must do is understand the focus areas of both degrees and see what interests you more. An online BBA degree prepares students for the world of business. You will learn all the key functions of the business world, and the frameworks needed to excel in it. If you are ambitious, want to succeed in the corporate world, and are passionate about business, then a BBA is your stepping stone into the world of business.

An online BCA degree, on the other hand, is a window into the world of computers and information technology. If you have a keen interest in designing and developing computer applications, mobile and computer software, and want to pursue a career in the technology, then the online BCA degree is an excellent bet.

Are you eligible?

Both the online BBA and BCA degrees offered by MUJ accept students who have completed Class 12 from a UGC-recognised institution or its equivalent qualification as recognised by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). You are also eligible if you have a three-year diploma from the State Board of Technical Education and Training with an aggregate score of 40%. Both programmes are divided into six semesters, spread over a three-year duration.

Some universities may even conduct their own entrance exam.

According to the latest UGC guidelines, only those universities with an accreditation rating of 3.26 and above by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), have the go-ahead to offer online degree programmes. So, do check this aspect before signing up for an online degree. Manipal University Jaipur is the first university in Rajasthan to be accredited with an A+ (3.28) grade by NAAC, and it offers online degrees in BCA and BBA.


The online BBA programme offers graduates a complete overview of how a company or business operates while grooming students to take up roles in the corporate world. It offers training in all key specialisations such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Operations, as well as exposure to the legal frameworks and other economic systems that govern business practices and ethics. Students are also exposed to contemporary areas like digital marketing and consumer behaviour. Retail management is a new addition to the curriculum which provides critical knowledge and exposure to all aspects of the retail sector, from ecommerce and merchandising to managing shop floors and running retail chains.

The online BCA programme exposes graduates to all aspects of computer applications such as data structures and algorithms, Java programming, system security, networking, programming languages, internet technologies, and application development. The full gamut of multimedia design and development is also a focus area of the programme, as this continues to be a dominant aspect of the tech era we’re in.

Hands-on work experience

The workplace, today, is more competitive than it has ever been. The shift to remote working has further disrupted traditional ways of thinking. In such a scenario, building the necessary skills is an essential aspect of education today, besides gathering theoretical knowledge. Online degrees offer the flexibility to pursue work experience alongside studies. For greater prospects, students are encouraged to keep doing projects, internships and bag other opportunities that would enhance their resumes.

The online BBA degrees especially require students to pursue internships along with the practical assignments that are to be worked on regularly. These contribute to the holistic development of the students and get the students ready to be great contributors to the business world.

The Online BCA degree curriculum includes practical classes, especially in areas such as visual programming, programming languages and database management. It is critical to gain experience in these fields to perform exceptionally in the real world. Project work is a key aspect in the last semester, and students can choose from multiple electives based on their interests.

Both programmes also focus a lot on soft skills such as communication, negotiation, presentation and teamwork – all essential skills for success and growth in the professional world.

Jobs prospects and opportunities

Both BBA and BCA degrees have a growing demand in the world today, as they offer the right mix of skill development, knowledge and hands-on experience that are in demand for entry-level roles. If you want to work in the corporate world, start-ups, PR & media, ecommerce & retail sectors, or start your own business or join your family business, the online BBA degree gets you familiar with the ropes.

With technology being the biggest driver of change in today’s world, the scope for BCA graduates is vast. They can work in public or private sectors, with tech giants or startups that encourage self-improvement as well as the grind. They can join the industry in various roles such as software engineers, computer system analysts, junior programmers, software developers and software application architects.

Both online BBA and BCA degrees have excellent prospects, and no matter which one you choose, both are stepping stones to success in the professional world. The students are advised to choose based on their genuine interest in these subjects. Talking to professionals in the field or career counsellors can bring you closer to making the right choice.

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