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Will employers accept online degrees?

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November 1,

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, students across the world are facing an uncertain situation. While it may take some time for the world to come out of this crisis, students cannot allow it to impede their growth. This has led them to search for alternatives that can allow them to progress even when they are at home.

With the brick-and-mortar classrooms being considered unsafe, more and more students are enrolling in online degree programmes. Online programmes are also suitable for all those who are already engaged in some work or who do not have suitable opportunities for higher education. However, a pertinent question that students often ask is whether their online degree will be accepted by their employers.

The answer is a resounding yes. The sheer popularity that programmes such as online MBA degrees prove their value in today’s job market.

The employers of today are aware that sheer documents and academic credentials are not enough. What actually proves as an asset for the company is the knowledge and experience of the employee. Online programmes wholly fulfil this need.

How degrees play an important role in hiring decision?

Your qualification is your key to unlocking the right job for you. Each degree that you add to your resume gives you an edge over your competitors. It also increases your chance of cracking the job of your desire.

If you are wondering why degrees still matter? The reason is simple. Your degree makes your skill visible. For instance, even if you have the best managerial skills, the top corporates won’t hire you, unless your knowledge is supplemented by a master’s degree in business management.

Similarly, for any job and any position, a person with a higher education level will be preferred over the other person. It also establishes you as an expert in the said field. So even if you are planning to start your own venture or become a freelancer, the person at the other end is likely to ask for your degree. An online degree also increases your chance of getting promoted in your existing job.

How universities’ accreditation proves the validity of your education?

When a prospective employer goes through your credentials, they not just see what degrees you have but also the university from where you have acquired it. Universities play an important role in determining the quality of education. That is why the same BCA course from two different places may hold different levels of value.

The top universities offering online programmes have taken several steps to ensure that students learning via their digital devices are at par with the students who opt for offline classes. By employing the world-class digital infrastructure and latest smart learning tools, the students get a similar experience to what they would even if they were attending the offline classes. So efficient are these tools of learning that even the offline classes often depend on the digital medium to help the students gain wholesome knowledge.

So even if you are opting for an online degree, its value will be based on the accreditation of the institution provided by the rating agency. In fact, for the top universities, online degrees prove to be more valuable than offline ones from mediocre universities.

Which professions are best suited for online degrees?

Although there is no hard and fast rule for programmes that can be conducted online, there are certain programmes that require practice in laboratories. For such programmes, the college can opt for a mix of online and offline classes. However, for most other programmes such as MBA, BBA, BCA, BA and so on, the entire programme can be successfully completed online. So, it largely depends on the discipline that you take upon whether you can go for a fully online programme.

Employers take online degrees seriously

Now that you have understood all the details of an online degree and how it is attained, we hope you are confident that you will stand at the same level as your peers who opt for offline classes. The employers too are aware of this fact. That is why they give the same weightage to an online degree as the offline one. All it matters to them is how much knowledge you possess and how well you can apply it to real-life situations.

To get you ready for the challenges that you are likely to face in the real world, online degrees put a lot of emphasis on providing you with practical knowledge. Real-life situations are emulated in the classroom, and students are urged to join internships and the like. So, after you are done with the programme, you will find yourself totally ready to take on the challenges posed by the employers.

What will make you stand out?

An online degree from the right place can even help you stand out amidst the cut-throat competition of today. Given that online degrees are so flexible, you can opt for more than one degree within the same period of time. You can also further your career as an established professional by opting for an online programme without taking a break from your job.

Manipal University Jaipur offers an Online MBA programme entitled by UGC focusing to build future-ready employees by delivering all the key skills required to excel in their career.


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