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Why an MBA is still a winner in 2022 among graduates


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November 20,

Why an MBA is still a winner among graduates today

After the financial crisis of 2008, the equity of MBA programmes slightly diminished as markets crashed around the world. Yet, recent statistics indicate that the equity of MBA programmes is once again going up, as more and more graduate students who are looking to rise in the management ranks, enrol for the programme. Let’s look at why this programme seems to be an evergreen one.

All streams are welcome

One of the core benefits of an MBA is that students from all streams – law, humanities, social work, science, BBA, commerce, BCA, design and beyond – can enroll. Traditionally, those who wished to work in investment banking or consulting were key applicants, but today, the programme is becoming popular among graduates of all streams, as they set their sights on management roles in a wide range of sectors. Leadership, problem-solving, and business decision making are focus areas of the programme.

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Pursue an online MBA

A top trend on the horizon is the rising popularity of online MBA programmes. This mode of study comes with several advantages. The flexibility of the online MBA programme enables graduates to also pursue part-time jobs that offer experience alongside the knowledge they gather in the classroom. You can also pursue a quality programme from a top tier university without shifting to a new country or state. You will, of course, still need to take an entrance exam and bring your best to the programme to graduate with excellence.

Another advantage is the innovative use of technology to enhance the quality of education via app-based learning. Manipal University Jaipur, for example, offers one of the best online MBA programmes, for a two year duration. Manipal University Jaipur offers UGC-recognized degrees, and the programme itself offers a healthy mix of classroom lectures, interactive study modules, networking opportunities and online assignments. Online MBA also tends to be more affordable.

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Get industry exposure

Whether you pursue an online MBA or one on campus, this programme is designed to empower graduates to grow their real-world exposure from day one via industry guest lectures, internships and networking opportunities.

Several institutes host business pitching challenges that encourage students to push the boundaries of innovation, encourage thinking on their feet and help them learn about real world market challenges. Internships are mandatory, offering students an opportunity to build skills and showcase themselves to potential employers.

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A rich cohort

Peer-to-peer learning has several benefits, and one of the biggest USPs of this programme is the opportunity to engage with students from diverse streams and backgrounds. This creates a multi-disciplinary learning environment that brings with it innovative approaches to problem-solving, diverse perspectives and collaborative learning, which mirrors the dynamics in the real world.

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Choosing the right MBA

During admissions, make sure you check the history and legacy of the programme and university where you plan to enroll. Check the accreditation score of the university, as well as the overall reputation of the programme. Does it have a good placement record? What is the quality of faculty, and does it have strong industry connections? A superior MBA programme balances all these factors and offers you an experience that sets the foundation for your impressive career.

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