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Unique marketing strategies every aspiring marketing professional should know


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February 3,

The ability to grasp and implement unique strategies is the key to success in the marketing field. This article serves as a compass for aspiring marketing professionals. It is going through in-demand job roles and unveiling data-driven marketing approaches. It introduces the transformative journey offered by Manipal University Jaipur’s (MUJ) Online MBA in Marketing. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and insights essential for carving a niche in marketing. Let’s unravel the secrets that can unlock success in your marketing career, guiding you toward mastering the art of strategic marketing with MUJ’s Online MBA.

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Marketing is a powerful force shaping industries and influencing people’s buying. Aspirants play a crucial role in understanding and connecting with consumers through creativity and smart thinking if you are someone who wants to work in marketing. Marketing covers everything from telling brand stories to planning successful campaigns in various ways. It’s about engaging with people and making businesses grow.

Companies always need skilled marketing professionals because unconventional marketing strategies are essential to staying competitive. They look for people who can think differently and bring new ideas. So, it is crucial to understand the way people behave and the different ways to reach them if you want to succeed in marketing. Additionally, you also have to learn the marketing trends. It’s a mix of being creative and thinking analytically to create interesting stories and run successful campaigns. 

A good marketing career is about always learning and adapting. Understanding marketing basics and keeping up with new trends and what consumers like is important. In this ever-changing world, simple language helps connect aspiring marketers to a world of exciting opportunities.

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In-demand job roles in marketing 

Keeping up requires understanding modern techniques that connect with today’s consumers. Various guerilla marketing tactics aim to woo audiences in the digital age. Techniques like influencer collaborations and data-driven approaches use technology and creativity to gather consumer insights. This propels marketing efforts into the future. Let us have a look into the in-demand job roles in marketing:

Content marketing manager

A content marketing manager creates interesting content, plans strategies, and connects with target audiences to convert leads into customers. They earn about INR 7-14 LPA and need creativity, strategic thinking, and an understanding of audience preferences.

Digital marketing specialist

A digital marketing specialist navigates online channels with finesse. Their expertise in digital campaigns and online presence management is crucial for businesses thriving in the digital landscape. 

Social media manager

They are stewards of a brand’s social presence. Social media managers oversee strategies and content creation. They also manage audience engagement across platforms. 

SEO specialist 

These specialists help increase websites’ visibility on search engines. SEO specialists optimize content and website structures. Their role is crucial in improving search rankings and driving organic traffic. They also ensure online discoverability. 

Data analyst

Data analysts specialize in getting important information from marketing data. They study the data to improve strategies and make campaigns better. It also helps them understand how consumers behave. 

Brand manager

A brand manager’s main job is to make the brand more valuable. They play a vital role in how people see and recognize a brand in the market.

Event marketing coordinator

These professionals plan and run events to promote products or services. They create memorable brand experiences.

Influencer marketing manager

These managers work with influencers to genuinely promote products. They use influencer marketing strategies to advertise products and services. 

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New-age marketing techniques that you should know 

In an age defined by technology and rapid digitization, traditional marketing methods are evolving into innovative and dynamic approaches. Here are some modern marketing techniques every aspiring professional should understand, each explained briefly with real-world examples:

  1. Guerrilla marketing 

Guerrilla marketing tactics use surprising strategies to create excitement about a product or brand. This could involve viral campaigns or flash mobs. It can also involve interactive installations. IKEA is an example of this. IKEA turned a Parisian subway station into a furnished living room. It surprised commuters and generated significant online and offline buzz.

  1. Influencer collaboration 

Influencer collaboration strategies provide marketing partners with credible figures in specific niches. Brands collaborate with influencers to genuinely endorse their products or services. Nike’s partnership with athlete Michael Jordan is a classic example. They turned him into a highly influential brand ambassador.

  1. Experiential marketing 

Experiential marketing ideas immerse consumers in a brand experience. They are creating memorable interactions. Red Bull’s Stratos Jump campaign is a prime example. Live-streaming Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking freefall engaged millions and associated the brand with daring feats.

  1. Unconventional marketing 

Unconventional marketing strategies think outside the box and challenge norms. It creates a unique brand identity. Metro trains in Melbourne introduced a campaign called dumb ways to Die. They used dark humor and catchy music to convey safety messages. It has gained millions of views and global recognition.

  1. Data-driven marketing 

Data-driven marketing approaches use insights to tailor strategies. Amazon’s personalized product recommendations are based on user behavior. They enhance the user experience and boost sales.

Become a successful marketing professional with MUJ’s online MBA

Embark on a successful marketing career with an online MBA from the NAAC A+ accredited Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). This program offers strategic advantages for your career growth. Here’s why opting for an online MBA in marketing through Online Manipal (OM) can propel your professional journey:

Comprehensive learning

MUJ’s online MBA covers both foundational and advanced marketing principles. From traditional concepts to the latest digital strategies, students gain insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and industry tools.

Recognized qualification

Upon completion, receive a recognized qualification respected in the industry. The Online MBA positions you as a credible marketing professional with a strong educational foundation, opening doors to various opportunities.

Expert guidance

Benefit from webinars from industry experts and experienced academicians. They blend theoretical knowledge with practical insights. Through interactive sessions and industry projects, they offer a holistic understanding of real-world marketing scenarios.

Flexibility and convenience

MUJ’s Online MBA offers flexible learning options. This allows accommodation for working professionals. Access course materials at your convenience. It will enable you to balance your professional commitments with academic excellence.

Industry-relevant projects

It emphasizes practical experience. MUJ integrates industry-relevant projects and case studies.  

Networking opportunities

Engage with various professionals, peers, and industry experts from diverse regions and backgrounds. Collaborate and build valuable connections within the marketing industry. It is instrumental in advancing your career.

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Success hinges on continuous learning in the marketing field. Exploring innovative marketing strategies reveals the need for adaptability, creativity, and a profound market understanding to stay ahead. For aspiring marketers, mastering trends is just the start; the journey extends to gaining the right education and skills for a fulfilling career. Manipal University Jaipur’s Online MBA in Marketing is a guiding light for those aiming to comprehend modern marketing intricacies and excel in this dynamic and competitive field.

This program grants individuals access to a curriculum designed to meet industry demands. They get to learn from expert faculty who share insights from the marketing forefront and the flexible learning environment accommodating varying schedules. MUJ’s commitment to providing a holistic and industry-focused education ensures graduates are armed with theory and prepared for real-world marketing challenges. Embark on this transformative journey with MUJ’s UGC-entitled degrees, such as an Online MBA in Marketing through Online Manipal, where educational excellence meets the dynamic demands of the marketing industry. Your path to becoming a successful marketing professional begins here, where innovation, knowledge, and real-world application converge for a comprehensive learning experience.

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