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In-demand BA specializations to pursue

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January 31,

Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is one of the most popular and widely pursued undergraduate courses. BA is often regarded as an all-rounded course since it offers a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines. The course is, therefore, in high demand among students interested in varied fields of work upon graduation. BA programs generally open doors to a wide array of specializations for students to choose from. They are free to opt for and major in any specific specialization per their academic interests or career goals.

This blog discusses the top BA specializations that are the highest in demand among students at the undergraduate level. It also highlights the online BA program offered on the Online Manipal portal by the renowned Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). The course is delivered 100% online and offers the convenience and flexibility of studying from the comfort of your home. Online BA by Sikkim Manipal offers 3 top specializations, which we will discuss in this blog, along with some of the other top ones in demand. 

Top BA specializations

As mentioned earlier, BA programs allow students a wide choice of subjects to specialize in. Students can choose to major in any discipline of their choice per their academic background, interests, and career objectives. Listed below are some of the best high-demand specializations in BA programs. We shall discuss each of them in detail below, listing the curriculum for each and highlighting the job and salary prospects for specialized BA roles. 

  • BA English: One of the fastest emerging trends in BA specializations is the popularity of English as a major. Several students are pursuing BA courses with a specialization in English, primarily because of the global demand for the language. English is the widely spoken and accepted official language worldwide, and pursuing a BA in English also improves career prospects. 

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Sikkim Manipal University offers online BA English courses on Online Manipal. The course is for 3 years, divided into 6 semesters, and trains students thoroughly in English and literature. Here’s a glimpse of the course curriculum:

Semesters Subjects covered
Sem 1Communicative English, Introduction to Sociology, Indian English Literature, Foundations of Political Science, Natural Science
Sem 2Functional English, Sociology in India, World Literature, Political Theory, Environmental Science
Sem 3Essays and Poetry, Comparative Political Analysis, Digital Fluency, Universal Human Values, Rural Sociology
Sem 4Women Writing in English, New Literature in English, Urban Sociology, Literary Terms, Forms, and Movements, Classical Indian Political Thought
Sem 5Children’s Literature, Victorian and Modern Literature, Social Problems in India, Poetry: Evolution, Elements and Genres, Human Rights
Sem 6Novels and Short Stories, American Literature, Sociology of Change and Development, One Act Plays: Introduction & Studies, United Nations and Global Conflicts

Upon completion of the program, students are likely to find jobs in varied industries and sectors. BA English courses create job opportunities for graduates in the following roles:

Expected job roleAnnual salary
Content StrategistINR 6,60,455 per annum
JournalistINR 6,70,572 per annum
Media PlannerINR 600,000 per annum
Copy EditorINR 5,13,076 per annum
Communications SpecialistINR 10.53 lakh per annum

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  • BA Political Science: Yet another specialization offered as part of online BA programs by Sikkim Manipal is Political Science. A favorite among students with a keen political bent of mind, this course is imparted online for 36 months or 3 years. Students are trained on political processes, policies, and theories. The course curriculum is delivered over 6 semesters and contains the following key components:
Semesters Subjects covered
Sem 1Foundations of Political Science, Indian English Literature, Natural Science, Introduction to Sociology, Communicative English
Sem 2Political Theory, World Literature, Environmental Science, Sociology in India, Functional English
Sem 3Comparative Political Analysis, Essays and Poetry, Digital Fluency, Rural Sociology, Universal Human Values
Sem 4Political Economy, Classical Indian Political Thought, New Literature in English, Theories of International Relations, Urban Sociology
Sem 5Human Rights, Political Processes in India, Children’s Literature, India’s Foreign Policy in a Globalized World, Social Problems in India
Sem 6Gender and Politics, United Nations and Global Conflicts, American Literature, Public Policy and Administration in India, Sociology of Change and Development

Online BA Political Science graduates are eligible to apply for several top and respectable job positions, some of which include the following:

Likely job roleEstimated salary per annum
Political AnalystINR 9.15 lakh per annum
Public Relations SpecialistINR 591,795 per annum
International Development SpecialistINR 15.7 lakh per annum
LawyerINR 784,688 per annum
Political ScientistINR 750,000 per annum

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  • BA Sociology: This is the third specialization that Sikkim Manipal University offers in its online BA programs on the Online Manipal portal. The course is available with Sociology as the major, offering valuable insights into the social demography of India, rural sociology, the Indian social movement, and many more such topics. Listed below is the comprehensive curriculum of the program, covered over 6 semesters during 36 months:
Semesters Subjects Covered
Sem 1Introduction to Sociology, Indian English Literature, Natural Science, Foundations of Political Science, Communicative English
Sem 2Sociology in India, World Literature, Environmental Science, Political Theory, Functional English
Sem 3Rural Sociology, Essays and Poetry, Digital Fluency, Comparative Political Analysis, Universal Human Values
Sem 4Principle of Sociology, Urban Sociology, New Literature in English, Family, Kinship, and Marriage, Classical Indian Political Thought
Sem 5Social Demography, Classical Sociological Thinkers, Children’s Literature, Social Problems in India, Human Rights
Sem 6Social Movement in India, Sociology of Change and Development, American Literature, Sociology of Education, United Nations and Global Conflicts

Students completing online BA Sociology courses from Sikkim Manipal can expect to apply for the following jobs in the industry:

Expected job roleEstimated salary per annum
Rehabilitation CounselorINR 855,770 per annum
Human Rights OfficerINR 24.9 lakhs per annum
Social WorkerINR 8 lakh per annum
Family Services WorkerINR 9,24,767 per annum
Probation OfficerINR 4,68,439 per annum

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  • BA Journalism: Speaking of the industry relevance of BA specializations, Journalism is a subject that is gaining popularity owing to the lucrative career prospects for students after graduation. For this reason, several students opt for BA Journalism courses for their undergraduate studies. Like other BA specialization programs, this one is also offered for 3 years and covers in detail the basic concepts of copywriting, feature stories, news writing, copy editing, and advertising.

The course curriculum covers the following subjects:

Semesters Subjects Covered
Sem 1Fundamentals of Communication Skills, Reporting – Practical, Fundamentals of Computers, English Literature I
Sem 2Writing for Media – Theory, Reporting – Theory, Fundamentals of Journalism, English Literature II
Sem 3Writing for Media – Practical, Editing – Theory, Introduction to the Indian Constitution, History of Media
Sem 4Photojournalism – Theory, Editing – Practical, Radio Broadcasting – Theory, TV Broadcasting – Theory
Sem 5Photojournalism – Practical, Introduction to Cinema, Radio Broadcasting – Practical, TV Broadcasting – Practical
Sem 6Public Relations – Theory, Magazine Journalism – Theory, Advertising – Theory, Internet & New Media – Theory

Source: https://collegedunia.com/courses/bachelor-of-arts-ba-journalism/syllabus

Some of the top career prospects that you can pursue after a BA Journalism specialization include:

Expected job roleEstimated salary per annum
Radio JockeyINR 8,71,932 per annum 
Public Relations SpecialistINR 591,795 per annum
JournalistINR 6,70,572 per annum
Digital Content CreatorINR 4 lakh per annum
Event ManagerINR 700,000 per annum
  • BA Psychology: This is also one of the most widely chosen specializations in BA courses. It is generally chosen by students who are interested in diving deeper into the workings of the human mind to understand why people behave the way they do. The undergraduate course equips students with the desired skills to establish a rewarding career in psychology. The course is offered for 3 years at most universities and provides the following curriculum:
SemestersSubjects Covered
Sem 1Introduction to Psychology, Motivation, Attention and Perception, States of Consciousness, Emotions, Stress and Well-Being, Intelligence and Creativity
Sem 2Nature and Methods of Physiological Psychology, Endocrine System, Nervous System: Structure and Function, Cognition, Memory, Learning 
Sem 3Experimental and Non-Experimental Research, Nature of Psychological Research, Non-Parametric and Parametric Statistics, Observation, Interview Methods, Application of Measure of Central Tendencies and Variability Qualitative Analysis 
Sem 4Emotional and Social Development, Cognitive Development, Development Concerns During Adolescence, Early Youth, and Adulthood, Social and Cultural Context in Human Development 
Sem 5Self in Psychoanalysis, Group and Leadership, Gena Theory of Personality, Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Self and Personality, Empirical Theories in Personality 
Sem 6Diversity and Multiculturalism, Assessment of Psychopathological Behavior, 6Psychological Approaches to the Environment, Types of Psychological Tests, Social Ecology and Community Psychology, Community Participation and Social Change

Graduates of BA Psychology courses are entitled to apply for the following jobs in relevant industries:

Expected job roleEstimated salary per annum
Clinical PsychologistINR 1,471,652 per annum
Social WorkerINR 8 lakh per annum
CounselorINR 5.1 lakh per annum
TeacherINR 5,60,000 per annum
Child PsychologistINR 14,00,868 per annum
  • BA History: For students interested in knowing all about our history and evolution since ancient times, BA History proves to be the perfect choice. This specialization provides an in-depth study of the evolution of human civilization from prehistory to the present times. The undergraduate course may last for 3-4 years, depending on the curriculum, which is as follows:
Semesters Subjects Covered
Sem 1History of World Civilization, English The Idea of Bharat, Delhi: Ancient or Environmental Issues in India
Sem 2History of Europe: 13th Century to 1789, Environmental Science, History of India: Earliest Time to 550 CE, Delhi: Medieval or Research Methodology in History
Sem 3History of India: 1200-1707, History of India: 550 CE-1200 CE, Delhi: Modern or Making Contemporary India, History of Europe: 1789-1919Understanding Heritage or Archives and Museum
Sem 4Indian National Movement 1857-1947, History of Modern World: 1919-1945, Issues in Contemporary World, History of India: 1707-1857, Art Appreciation: An Introduction to Indian Art or Understanding Popular Culture
Sem 5Cultural Heritage of India, History of Southeast Asia – The 19th Century or History of Modern East Asia – I (c. 1840-1919)History of Modern India: 1947-2000, History of United States of America – I (C. 1776-1945) or History of Africa (c. 1500-1960s) or History of the USSR-I (c. 1917-1964) 
Sem 6History of Communication, History of United States of America-II (C. 1776-1945) or History of the USSR-II (c. 1917-1964) or History of Latin America (c. 1500-1960s)

Students pursuing BA History programs may look forward to the following career options after course completion:

Expected job roleEstimated salary per annum
ArchivistINR 950,172 per annum
ArchaeologistINR 950,172 per annum
HistorianINR 950,172 per annum
Curator INR 4,51,347 per annum
Research AnalystINR 4,44,357 per annum
  • BA Economics: A three-year course at the undergraduate level, this program offers specialization in Economics with the usual BA course. Students are trained in concepts such as econometrics, economic theories, and applied economics. The course curriculum comprises the following subjects taught across 6 semesters:
Semesters Subjects Covered
Sem 1Nature & Scope of Economics, Inductive & Deductive Logic, Merit and Demerits, Commodities and their Types, Market, Demand-Supply Equilibrium 
Sem 2Different Concepts of Costs Explicit & Implicit, Marginal & Average Costs and their Relationship, Total, Marginal, and Average Revenue, Concept and Classification, Price and Output Determination for Firm and Industry
Sem 3Natural Resources, Land, Water, Forest, Demographic Features, Population Distribution, Agriculture: Nature and Importance, Trends in Agriculture Production and Productivity
Sem 4Irrigation, Power, Transport, Communication, Human Infrastructure of the Indian Economy, Housing and Sanitation, Analysis of the Current Five-Year Plan, Natural Resources – Forest, Water & Mineral 
Sem 5Circular Flow of IncomeMeasurement of National Income – GDP, GNPNational Income and Economic WelfareKeynesian Theory of EmploymentEffective Demand  
Sem 6Public, Private and Merits Goods, Principle of Maximum Social Advantage, Canons of Taxation, Principles of Public Debt and Methods of Redaction, Effects of Public Expenditure on Production and Distribution 

BA Economics courses create a host of job opportunities for graduates in varied roles, some of which are tabulated below:

Expected job roleEstimated salary per annum
Investment BankerINR 8 lakh – INR 23 lakh per annum
AccountantINR 4 lakh – 15 lakh per annum
Data AnalystINR 6 lakh per annum
EconomistINR 11,71,394 per annum
Market Research AnalystINR 4 lakh per annum

Why choose an online BA from Sikkim Manipal University?

We discussed at length the various specializations offered as part of BA programs, along with their course curriculums and the job opportunities for specific BA specializations. It can be well understood that it is indeed beneficial to pursue a BA course at the undergraduate level and choose a specialization of your preference for your future career path. Sikkim Manipal University offers an online BA program with a choice of 3 specializations – English, Political Science, and Sociology. The course is also available as a BA program with a combination of the 3 specializations. You may opt for either of the two choices per your preference.

Sikkim Manipal University is accredited by NAAC with an A+ grade. Its online degree programs are entitled by the UGC, and all the online courses are well at par with on-campus degrees. Sikkim Manipal also ranks as the Top Private University in the Northeast. The fully online program allows students the flexibility and comfort to study from anywhere in the world. Besides, easy financing options and scholarships are also available to students. 


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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