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High-paying jobs after online BA with major credits in Political Science

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October 2,

Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs have surged in popularity due to their flexibility and accessibility. Among the various majors offered, Political Science stands out. Graduates of online BA programs majoring in Political Science gain access to a diverse array of high-paying job opportunities. 

In this article, we will delve into the factors driving the rise of online BA programs in Political Science, highlight the advantages of choosing this major, explore the valuable skills honed during the program, and unveil the lucrative job prospects for Political Science BA graduates. Discover the success stories of Political Science alums and their expertly chosen career paths.


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Popularity of online BA programs in Political Science

The popularity of online BA programs in Political Science is reshaping the education landscape to pave the way for diverse and prosperous job opportunities with a BA in Political Science. Online BA programs in Political Science have experienced a significant upswing in popularity, driven by several compelling factors:

  • Flexibility: Online programs offer a unique advantage by enabling students to balance their academic pursuits and other essential commitments, such as work and family responsibilities.
  • Accessibility: The allure of these programs extends worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers and granting students across the globe access to top-notch Political Science education, fostering a truly diverse and global learning environment.
  • Cost-efficiency: In an era of rising educational costs, online BA programs often emerge as a more cost-effective alternative to traditional on-campus education, making higher education more affordable and opening up lucrative job prospects for Political Science BA graduates.

Benefits of choosing Political Science as a major

Opting for Political Science bestows numerous advantages:

  • Critical thinking: Pursuing Political Science hons your critical thinking skills, empowering students to dissect intricate issues and make well-informed decisions. This analytical prowess proves invaluable across various sectors, contributing to high-paying roles and lucrative job prospects for Political Science BA graduates.
  • Communication skills: The discipline emphasizes effective communication, cultivating a proficiency sought-after in diverse professional settings. Exceptional communication aptitude further fuels job opportunities and enhances the potential for creating a political science career success story.
  • Understanding society: Political Science majors delve deep into comprehending how societies operate. This profound insight into societal dynamics equips graduates to engage meaningfully in their careers, underscoring the relevance of Political Science expertise across jobs and high-paying roles.

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Skills developed through online BA with a Political Science major

Graduates of online BA programs specializing in Political Science emerge with a versatile skill set that encompasses:

  • Research skills: These programs instill the capacity to conduct thorough and in-depth research—an invaluable aptitude with broad applications across various careers. Graduates are well-equipped to investigate complex topics, gather pertinent information, and synthesize it into well-informed decisions or analyses, opening doors to diverse job opportunities with a BA in Political Science.
  • Analytical skills: Political Science majors are adept at scrutinizing data, policies, and political trends with a discerning eye. This proficiency in dissecting and interpreting information equips them to navigate intricate challenges, an asset crucial for career success and fulfilling Political Science expertise-related roles.
  • Public speaking: Through presentations and debates, students refine their communication abilities. Developing speaking skills bolsters confidence and fosters effective interpersonal communication—an attribute highly prized in numerous professional domains. These capabilities further enhance the career prospects of graduates and open doors to roles that demand strong communication skills.

Job roles after Political Science major in online BA

Upon completing an online BA program with a major in Political Science, graduates have a range of high-paying career options to consider:

Opportunities in Government and Public Administration

Political Science graduates are well-equipped for government agencies and public administration jobs, including policy analysts, legislative assistants, and public affairs specialists.

Roles in International Organizations and NGOs

Working for international organizations like the United Nations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can be highly rewarding. Opportunities may include roles in diplomacy, humanitarian affairs, and international development.

Political Consulting and Policy Analysis careers

Political consultants and policy analysts play a crucial role in shaping public policies. They advise government officials and organizations on political strategies and policy development.

Career Paths in Law and Advocacy

Many Political Science graduates pursue careers in law. They can become lawyers, legal analysts, or paralegals. Advocacy work in civil rights and social justice is also a viable path.

Corporate and Private Sector job prospects

Businesses value the analytical and communication skills of Political Science majors. Graduates can find corporate communications, public relations, and market research opportunities.

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Salary expectations

There are lucrative job prospects for BA in political science graduates. On average, these professionals can anticipate competitive salaries that frequently exceed the national average. Notably, careers in government and international organizations often offer particularly substantial compensation. To gain a more detailed understanding of the salary ranges for various positions in this field, refer to the table below:

Job titleSalary rangeAvg salary (in INR)
Content Writer1.11 LPA – 3.68 LPA2.02 LPA
Operations Manager4.64 LPA – 30 LPA11.21 LPA
Human Resources (HR) Generalist1.55 LPA – 8.18 LPA3.45 LPA
Human Resources (HR) Assistant1.43 LPA – 7.87 LPA3.31 LPA
Sr. Human Resources (HR) Manager4.26 LPA – 30 LPA12.55 LPA
Executive Assistant1.88 LPA – 6.43 LPA3.42 LPA
Security Officer1.80 LPA – 9.43 LPA3.78 LPA


Online BA with a Political Science major at the Sikkim Manipal University

For those contemplating an online BA program in Political Science, look no further than Sikkim Manipal University. SMU has a top-tier program meticulously crafted to cater to your educational requirements. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, research, and communication prowess, ensuring that you can have a triumphant career.

SMU’s commitment to delivering a high-quality education extends to its online BA program in Political Science. Their academic foundation helps you develop the essential skills for today’s dynamic job market. Whether you aspire to excel in government roles, international organizations, legal professions, or the private sector, the program will provide the knowledge and expertise necessary for a successful and rewarding career. Choose SMU for your online BA in Political Science and embark on a brighter future filled with opportunities and accomplishments.

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Opting for a major in Political Science via an online BA program unlocks a wealth of high-paying roles with an online BA in Political Science. The critical thinking, research, and communication skills honed throughout your studies become invaluable assets in shaping your chosen career trajectory. Whether your aspirations lead you towards government roles, international organizations, legal professions, or the private sector, a Political Science major lays the foundation for a lucrative and gratifying career path.

To fully explore the diverse range of programs, it is advisable to consult Sikkim Manipal University’s official website for comprehensive information.

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