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Can I do MBA after BA? Here’s how you can

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December 26,

MBA is one of the most multifaceted postgraduate programs that exists today. It is the only postgraduate degree course that welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. Statistically articulating, over 60% of MBA degree holders are from a non-business background in India. MBA after BA is a relatively contemporary and very distinctive option. Most BA graduates bear one frequently common question, “Can I do MBA after BA?”. Read ahead to find out more.

The benefits

  • An MBA degree, post-completion of any undergraduate degree course, opens a new world of career scopes and upscaling opportunities. Whether you belong to an arts background or a technical one, MBA will only broaden your knowledge base and give a backbone to your career path. For instance, if you are from a technical background, MBA will allow you to attain an in-depth understanding of technical business administration, production management, etc. It’s a very similar case when it comes to arts and science undergraduates. Significant benefits of an MBA after a BA are stated as follows:
  • An arts degree is pursued by aspirants who don’t prefer sticking to a particular job profile, and an MBA degree broadens the scale of scope even more for them. An MBA degree offers a much-needed base of knowledge on business management at the corporate level. It is the perfect match that allows you to stick with what you like and, in addition, gain an understanding of the most important field that backs everything in today’s scenario.
  • It also advances your skills in management to handle any organization in the best way possible.
  • MBA also upskills you in financial resources, employee management, and business development.
  • MBA is beneficial for you if you wish to start your organization. It will equip you with all the industry knowledge needed to start a new venture up from scratch and make it successful.

Can I do MBA after BA: The scope

Upon completing an MBA after BA, you will have a vast range of job opportunities to upscale your professional worth in India and abroad. BA graduates are qualified to receive a torrent of job scopes due to their diverse specialization streams. The same concept will multiply better with an MBA degree. BA, along with MBA, promises you an absolutely rewarding career. You can proceed into various streams and get involved in notable roles regarding business development.

The MBA degree course equips you with adequate liberty for arts graduates to begin their journeys into startups with a good knowledge base. The coursework is curated to offer you experience in both rudimentary business administration and specialization subjects. It will help you understand any organization’s functioning and performance and provide satisfactory solutions to management-level difficulties.

Besides entrepreneurship, you can also commence managerial roles like marketing, logistics, human resource, etc. Some common recruitment spheres for MBA after BA graduate candidates involve digital marketing, business process outsourcing (BPO), law, logistics, international relations, and hotel and economics management.

Is MBA after BA the right choice?

Of course, this path may sound unique and unusual, but it is also beneficial for arts graduates to focus on business management and entrepreneurship. MBA after bachelor of arts is a unique choice as both degree courses do not have any subjects in common. The switch may seem complicated because it is quite unexplored, but it is rather simple. Furthermore, it opens new opportunities and better scopes for you in the job market in terms of pay.

If you possess a passion for marketing, human resources, sales, and business management, this is the right path. MBA enables artistic professionals to obtain fundamental business administration-related skills and explore new suitable horizons. It is a diverse professional degree course in many specializations, from fashion to agriculture. The outcome of this path course lies in graduates’ hands.

Now, MBA after BA is the most appropriate option for you if you possess an aptitude for entrepreneurship and business management. It’s not the ideal bent for more specialization-focused candidates. MBA has always been a high preference in the job market. You can also go for an MBA after gaining work experience in the field of arts and science smoothly. It is a major plus point in the hiring process after earning an MBA degree because it increases your pay scale based on your capability and experience and helps you develop a strategic mind.

The bottom line: Choose Online Manipal

An essential takeaway is that entrepreneurs without proper management skills cannot successfully execute business expansion; it is nearly impossible. Therefore, MBA after BA is the right choice as it gives you the provision of the skills that are in effect and are required.

Weighing all aspects, MBA after BA is an excellent choice for you and choosing Online Manipal to do the same will set your career path straight. The online MBA program offered by Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) through Online Manipal provides effective strategies and the best core knowledge to prepare you for becoming an effective leader in the modern world. Acquire free access to Coursera and master the most sought-after skills needed to prosper today. Provide a boost to your career at your convenience and give online proctored exams from the safety and comfort of your home.


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