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How our online degrees help learners conquer real-world challenges 


Learners who plan to pursue online education always have one question running in their minds- Will an online degree help me excel in the same way as its traditional counterpart? Well, the answer is yes. Contrary to past skepticism, online degrees are now valued equally as on-campus degrees, offering a myriad of benefits that contribute to real-world success. 

One significant aspect breaking down traditional barriers is the recognition that online degrees hold in today’s job market. Employers increasingly appreciate the practical skills and knowledge acquired through online programs, acknowledging the rigorous curriculum they entail. Online degrees often mirror their on-campus counterparts, ensuring that learners receive the same quality education and exposure to current industry trends. This leveling of the playing field has helped online graduates secure positions in diverse sectors, dispelling any lingering doubts about the legitimacy of online education. 

Well, we’re not saying this without proof. Hear from our distinguished faculty members about how our first batch of online graduates of Manipal University Jaipur have gained technical skills to take their career to new heights. 

“Online education enhances technical skills & gives practical exposure” 

Ms Monika Lamba, Assistant Professor, Computer Applications  

Success is not a one-time event; it is a continuous process. If you learn today, it will boost your chances of excelling in your career tomorrow. Learners who are graduating from their online degrees are more self-disciplined because they learn at their own pace. Online learners are more sincere, consistent, and continuously learn while working. Since they’re studying online, they are also technically sound. This makes online graduates eligible to take on real-world challenges.” 

Dr Vaibhav Panwar, Associate Professor, Computer Applications  

“During their course, online students learn technical aspects and practical skills, which will come in handy when they explore job opportunities. They also understand team management and time management and use these skills to build their careers in the real world.” 

For working professionals seeking career advancement, online degrees offer the flexibility to balance education with existing commitments. This flexibility extends beyond scheduling, providing a unique opportunity for professionals to build a network with peers from various industries. The diverse backgrounds of online learners contribute to a rich learning environment, enabling the exchange of ideas and experiences that transcend geographical boundaries. 

Our faculty member speaks about how working professionals can reap benefits of online education. 

“Online degrees expose professionals to real-world experiences” 

Ms Yagnika Sharma, Assistant Professor, Commerce 

“Online learners will excel in the same way as any other student with this degree will. In fact, a group of working professionals who have completed their online degrees is exposed to the day-to-day functioning of the corporate world and business. They will be able to establish a link between the practical aspects of their routine jobs and the theoretical aspects they learn during their course.” 

Online learning also instills a sense of motivation, accountability, and responsibility among learners. The autonomy required to manage one’s schedule and progress fosters a strong work ethic. Meeting deadlines, participating in virtual discussions, and taking initiative in one’s learning journey are crucial skills that translate seamlessly into the demands of the real world. 

“Online learning instills self-discipline among learners” 

Dr Durgesh Batra, Associate Professor, Management 

“Everybody’s journey of success is different; everyone creates their path. In an online course, learners can take advantage of an advanced curriculum, application of practical skills, awareness of the environment, and self-discipline. Online education focuses on strong academic knowledge, practical exposure, and adherence to timelines, which will help online graduates take their careers to the next level.” 

Moreover, the online classroom is a melting pot of diversity. Learners from different corners of the globe bring unique perspectives, enriching discussions and fostering a global mindset. Exposure to diverse viewpoints cultivates cultural awareness and adaptability—essential attributes for navigating today’s interconnected global society. 


Online learners are poised to excel in the real world, armed with degrees that hold equal value to on-campus degrees, a curriculum that mirrors traditional programs, and a diverse set of skills. The flexibility of online learning empowers working professionals, providing them with a network that transcends borders. The intrinsic values of motivation, accountability, and responsibility further contribute to the holistic development of individuals, making online learning a powerful catalyst for success in the dynamic landscape of the real world. 


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