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Top affordable UG degrees offered by SMU

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December 20,

The pursuit of higher education is a dream for many people and can prove to be a pivotal step in shaping one’s intellectual landscape and professional future. The choice of course will help you get in the right direction, and the university you choose will help you grab the right skills without getting burdened with exorbitant fees. 

Whether you are looking for the best UG courses after 12th science, arts, or commerce, you will get them all at a very affordable fee structure at the renowned Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). The Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), and Bachelor of Science (BSc) are the three types of best UG courses after 12th preferred by students after finishing their schooling under 10+2. Online BA, BCom, and BSc courses from Sikkim Manipal University can pave the path for a bright career while allowing you to conveniently continue your other personal or professional commitments without poking a hole in your pocket with its affordable fee structure. 

If you are still trying to decide which undergraduate course to pursue after class 12th, stay tuned to learn more about the affordable and best UG courses in India.

SMU’s online BA degree: An overview

The world is going digital, so why do you want to stay behind? Opt for an online Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree course and pursue the same course as taught in the on-campus programs, sparing yourself time for other commitments in life. 

An online BA course is a well-crafted undergraduate course that can be pursued in various subjects, including English, Sociology, and Political 


The experienced and qualified faculty, in combination with a comprehensive course curriculum, increases the value of any course by manifolds. It is one of the reasons why an online BA course at Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform at a very affordable price is considered an investment in one’s future.

Have a look at the main reasons to choose Sikkim Manipal University for pursuing an online BA degree program:

  1. Association with glorious Manipal legacy: Do not leave the golden chance to associate with the glorious Manipal legacy by choosing an online BA course from Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform. Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG) is a name that is associated with excellence in higher education through top-class universities like Sikkim Manipal University. 
  1. Cost-effective degrees: When compared, online degree programs are cheaper than traditional on-campus degree programs, and if you wish to get a more affordable online degree program, then Sikkim Manipal University is the ideal choice for you. An online BA degree program comprising of 6 semesters costs just INR 75,000 with a no-cost EMI starting at INR 2,083 per month. The cost of one semester is INR12,500.
  1. Accreditation and recognition: Sikkim Manipal University is recognized by the UGC and NAAC. Both these accreditations add more credibility to the degrees awarded by the university. Moreover, students who pursue courses from SMU are also widely accepted by employers across the globe. 
  1. Flexible class schedule: Offering the ultimate freedom to students to attend live classes at a time and place convenient to them, Sikkim Manipal University is much better than other institutions when it comes to pursuing an online BA degree course. Students can attend not just the live sessions but also doubt-clearing sessions with the expert faculty. 

Online BA program curriculum 

Analyze your interests and then choose the suitable Bachelor of Arts degree course. In case, you are keen to grasp the key skills taught in three popular BA courses – English, Sociology, and Political Science, then enroll for the unique combination online BA degree course from Sikkim Manipal University that comprises a total of 6 semesters. 

The table below will acquaint you with the online BA program curriculum of this combination program:

Semester NameSemester Subjects
Semester 1Indian English LiteratureIntroduction to SociologyCommunicative EnglishNatural ScienceFoundations of Political Science
Semester 2Environmental ScienceFunctional EnglishSociology in IndiaWorld LiteraturePolitical Theory
Semester 3Digital FluencyRural SociologyEssays and PoetryAcademic WritingComparative Political Analysis
Semester 4Urban SociologyNew Literature in EnglishWomen Writing in EnglishClassical Indian Political Thought Literary Terms, Forms, and Movements
Semester 5 Human RightsSocial Problems in IndiaPoetry: Evolution, Elements, and GenresChildren’s LiteratureVictorian and Modern Literature
Semester 6Novels and Short StoriesUnited Nations and Global Conflicts, American LiteratureComparative LiteratureSociology of Change and Development

Top 5 careers you can explore after online BA 

The diverse skills gained during an online BA course from a university like Sikkim Manipal University can help a graduate move forward in a wide range of professional paths. Whether it is an online BA in English, Sociology, or Political Science, each online undergraduate course from Sikkim Manipal Univesity through the Online Manipal platform prepares an individual to emerge a winner in various career fields associated with that specialization.

The table below highlights the top 5 career options after an online BA:

Job RoleJob DescriptionApproximate Salary
EntrepreneurStart own business based on personal interest and area of specialization done through an online BA courseINR 9.9 lakh per annum
Content WriterWriting engaging content for various online platforms or books and magazinesINR 6,70,995 per annum
Social WorkerHelping individuals navigate their personal challenges in societyINR 8 lakh per annum
Human Resource AssistantUsing strong communication and interpersonal skills to build employee and organizational relationsINR 10 lakh – INR 12 lakh per annum
Digital Marketing SpecialistManage social media marketing and online advertisingINR 7,50,000 per annum

SMU’s online BCom degree: An overview 

When looking for the best UG courses after 12th commerce, the first one to click is a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree. Going a step further, you have a flexible option to pursue the same course online at prestigious universities like Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), which offers students and working professionals the opportunity to pursue an online BCom degree program. Worry not about its value; an online BCome degree holds the same value and authenticity as a campus degree for the same course. 

An online BCom degree program is one of the most popular undergraduate programs preferred by those from the commerce stream. The key skills taught during this course are all related to finance, management, business, tax, accounting, economics, and marketing. 

Options are galore when it comes to pursuing an online BCom course, so why choose Sikkim Manipal University? So, we thought to elaborate a bit on this by highlighting a few points about the benefits of pursuing an online BCom degree program from Sikkim Manipal University:

1. UGC-entitled degrees: Sikkim Manipal University is an NAAC A+ accredited institution. All the degrees rewarded after course completion from this university are UGC-entitled and are valued worldwide. 

2. Affordable courses: You can gain the highest quality education at the most affordable fee by opting for an online BCom course from Sikkim Manipal University. The entire course fee for an online BCom at SMU is INR 75,000, and the no-cost EMI starts at INR 2,083 per month, with each of the six semesters costing just INR 12,500

3. Attractive scholarships: If you are a student from Sikkim or the Northeast region, you can avail of up to 30% scholarship for pursuing an online BA course from SMU. Similarly, those with a disability or are defense personnel or alumni of the university can get up to 20% scholarships. While meritorious students can obtain up to 10% scholarships if they have secured 80% or above in 10+2. 

4. Advanced digital learning platform: Last but not least, students who choose to pursue an online BA course from Sikkim Manipal University tend to enjoy a completely personalized learning experience through an excellent Learning Management System (LMS). This allows them to access recorded sessions, attend live classes, and easily submit their assignments and projects on a single platform. 

Online BCom program curriculum 

An Online BCom program from Sikkim Manipal University is a 6-semester course during which the students are taught key skills required to run a business or deal with different aspects of the various popular commercial fields. 

The table below will acquaint you with the online BCom program curriculum:

Semester NameSemester Subjects
Semester 1Digital FluencyCorporate Legal EnvironmentCommunicative EnglishFinancial Accounting – IBusiness Organization and Management
Semester 2Functional EnglishEconomic TheoryFinancial LiteracyFinancial Accounting – IIEnvironmental Studies
Semester 3Basics of Statistics & MathematicsPersonality Development and LeadershipPrinciples of MarketingCorporate AccountingCorporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibilities
Semester 4E-BusinessManagement AccountingCost AccountingEntrepreneurship DevelopmentFinancial Markets, Institutions and Services
Semester 5Direct Taxation and GST Law and PracticePrinciples and Practice of AuditingInternational  Financial Reporting StandardsHuman Resource ManagementFundamentals of Financial Management
Semester 6Project WorkBusiness Research MethodologyInternational FinanceStrategic Financial ManagementInvestment Options and Mutual Funds

Top 5 careers you can explore after online BCom

Earning an online BCom degree from Sikkim Manipal University is like stepping into a treasure trove of career opportunities. With this one undergraduate degree, you can move forth through various in-demand professional fields of commerce. From running a small business to becoming a financial planner, from a marketing manager to an accountant, several promising career avenues await an online BCom graduate from Sikkim Manipal University.

The table below will reveal the top 5 career opportunities for online BCom graduates:

Job RoleJob DescriptionApproximate Salary
Business ConsultantTo assist businesses with a strong understanding of business conceptsINR 7 lakh – 20 lakh per annum
AccountantUse financial expertise to deal with the company’s accountsINR 4 lakh – 15 lakh per annum
Small Business OwnerStart a startup or a small business with business acumen gained during an online BCom degreeINR 6 lakh per annum
Marketing ManagerImplement effective marketing strategies and campaigns to grow the businessINR 9 lakh – INR 20 lakh per annum
Tax ConsultantHelp people and businesses navigate through the complex tax regulationsINR 6 lakh – 8 lakh per annum

Easy financing options offered by Sikkim Manipal University 

Sikkim Manipal University offers the best UG courses at affordable fees without compromising the quality of education. Students can easily avail of financing options with the university’s no-cost EMI, which helps them focus only on their studies without stressing about financing the course. For this, the flexi-payment option allows the students to pay fees in installments.


After going through this post, we assume you know which undergraduate degree is the best for you. The right choice of a UG course is crucial, and so is the right selection of the institution to pursue it. If it is the financial stress that is stopping you from pursuing any of the UG courses mentioned in this post, then avail easy financing options offered by Sikkim Manipal University, like no-cost EMI. The university also offers a range of exciting scholarships for its online programs to support and recognize outstanding students in pursuing the best online courses. 


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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