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Top jobs after an online BA program with major credits in English

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October 2,

In recent years, the emergence of online BA programs has transformed education, making it easier for individuals to pursue higher studies without the constraints of traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. One major that has gained significant traction in the online education sphere is English. 

An online BA in English offers flexibility and opens doors to lucrative job prospects for BA in English graduates. In this article, we will delve into the advantages of choosing English as a major and explore various high-paying job prospects for English graduates.

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Emergence of online BA programs in English

The digital age has ushered in a new era of education, allowing students to earn their degrees from the comfort of their homes. Online BA programs in English have become increasingly popular due to their accessibility and convenience. These programs provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the English language, literature, and communication skills. Graduates are well-prepared to tackle the job market challenges and excel in various fields.


Advantages of choosing English as a major

Opting for English language expertise and careers comes with several advantages. Opting for English as a major in your academic journey offers various benefits. Here are some compelling reasons why choosing English as a major is a wise decision:

  1. Communication skills: English majors become proficient in expressing themselves eloquently in written and oral forms. This proficiency in communication is a critical asset in any profession, facilitating clear conveyance of ideas and information.
  2. Critical thinking and analytical abilities: The study of literature encourages in-depth analysis, interpretation, and critical evaluation of texts. 
  3. Versatility: English majors develop versatile writing skills. This adaptability makes them suitable candidates for diverse roles in various industries.
  4. Research competence: Extensive research is fundamental for the academic journey of an English major. This skill is transferable to careers that require thorough investigation, information synthesis, and evidence-based decision-making.
  5. Creativity and imagination: Engaging with literature and creative writing nurtures creativity and imaginative thinking. 
  6. Cultural and global awareness: Literature is a gateway to diverse cultures, perspectives, and rich historical backgrounds. It is pivotal in cultivating cultural sensitivity and nurturing a global outlook among students.
  7. Lifelong learning: English majors can adapt to new information and continue learning throughout their careers, making them resilient in rapidly evolving job markets.

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Versatile skills developed through an English major

Completing an online BA program with a major in English equips graduates with diverse and versatile skills. These are valuable in the job market. These skills go beyond linguistic proficiency and encompass many competencies essential for success in various professional domains.

  1. Effective communication: English majors excel in articulating their ideas clearly in writing and speaking. This proficiency in communication is an invaluable asset in virtually any career, as it ensures the ability to convey complex concepts.
  2. Critical thinking: Through extensive analysis of literature and texts, English majors develop sharp critical thinking. They learn to approach problems methodically, evaluate information critically, and make well-informed decisions.
  3. Research proficiency: Research is fundamental in the academic journey of an English major. This skill is transferable to any role requiring data analysis, information synthesis, or evidence-based decision-making.
  4. Adaptability: English majors become adept at adapting their writing styles to suit different genres, audiences, and purposes. This adaptability is a valuable trait in careers that demand versatility and quick adjustment to evolving circumstances.
  5. Creativity and imagination: The study of literature fosters creativity and encourages imaginative thinking. Fields like marketing, advertising, and content creation actively seek out individuals with these qualities.

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Job opportunities after English major in online BA

Here are some of the top job opportunities you can pursue after a BA with majors in English

Writing and Editing

English graduates are well-suited for roles in writing and editing. They can work as content writers, copywriters, editors, or technical writers. These positions require a strong command of the English language and the ability to convey information effectively.

Content Creation and Digital Marketing Roles

In the age of digital media, content creation and digital marketing have become essential for businesses. English majors can thrive in content marketing, social media management, and digital advertising roles. Their knack for storytelling and persuasive writing is crucial in this field.

Teaching and Education Sector Jobs

For those passionate about education, an online BA in English can be a stepping stone to becoming an educator. English majors can pursue teaching positions at schools, colleges, or online platforms. They can impart their language and literature expertise to the next generation.

Public Relations and Communications Positions

Effective communication is at the heart of public relations and communications. English majors excel in crafting compelling narratives and managing public perception. PR specialists, communication managers, and media relations experts often have a background in English.

Career Paths in Media and Journalism

English graduates with a keen interest in current events and storytelling can pursue careers in media and journalism. They can become reporters, journalists, or content producers for newspapers, magazines, television, or online news outlets. Their ability to write clear, concise, and engaging content is invaluable in this field.

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Salary Expectations

In compensation, English BA graduates can expect competitive salaries across various industries. Salaries may vary based on location, experience, and specific job roles. Salary estimates given by AmbitionBox are:

Job roleAverage salary p.a (INR)
Content Writer3,50,000
Event Manager4,77,000
Administrative Officer4,30,000
Program Coordinator3,80,000

Online BA with English major by Sikkim Manipal University

If you’re contemplating an online BA in English, consider Sikkim Manipal University’s program. It can equip students with the English language expertise and skills essential for diverse careers. This comprehensive online program, tailored to modern workforce demands, offers a gateway to top career options with an online BA in English. Uncover lucrative job prospects and explore the rich landscape of English BA career opportunities. With flexible online learning, this program sets the stage for a successful and rewarding professional journey in various fields.


Choosing English as a major in an online BA program opens the door to many high-paying roles for English BA graduates. Graduates can leverage their versatile skills in communication, critical thinking, and research to excel in writing, education, public relations, media, and more. 

With the correct education and determination, the world of possibilities for English BA graduates is vast and promising. So, embark on your journey towards a rewarding career today, seizing the wealth of English BA career opportunities awaiting you through an online BA in English.

For a thorough exploration of the myriad programs, we advise you to refer to Sikkim Manipal University’s official website for comprehensive information.

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