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BA in English vs Political Science vs Sociology


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January 30,

The decision to choose a study discipline after completing class 12 is a crucial one. For, the subject you choose to pursue in your higher education lays the foundation of your future career path. To make things even more complex, the option of courses offered to students at the undergraduate level is plenty. This makes it confusing for the students to narrow down their choices. 

For instance, Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) offers BA courses in 3 combinations – English, Sociology, and Political Science – to UG students. The courses can be pursued online on the Online Manipal platform. This blog entails a detailed comparison of BA in English, Political Science, and Sociology to help you make an informed choice for your Bachelor’s.

What is BA English?

Bachelor of Arts or BA is one of the most popularly pursued courses in undergraduate studies. Sikkim Manipal University offers BA programs in 3 combinations to students. BA with major credits in English is one of them. The online BA program offers a major in English and is ideal for students interested and keen to pursue a detailed study in English going forward after class 12. 

Online BA English courses by Sikkim Manipal provide students with a thorough knowledge of the various aspects of the English language, including literature and grammar. More stress is laid on improving the general communication skills of the students as well as their research abilities. The course curriculum is also similarly designed to cover digital fluency, essays, communicative English, Victorian and modern literature, and poetry in detail. Course graduates are prepared to pursue exciting careers in industries like Publishing, Content Writing, Education, Journalism, and Public Relations (PR).   

What is BA Political Science?

Just like BA English, online BA courses are also offered with another combination – Political Science – by Sikkim Manipal University. Available on the Online Manipal platform, the BA Political Science course offers a major in the discipline of Political Science. The curriculum is designed to cover in detail the processes, policies, political systems, and theories of the Indian political scenario. 

Students can learn about subjects ranging from gender, politics, and international relations theories to India’s foreign policy and classical political thoughts. Graduates of this fully online program are then eligible to apply for rewarding jobs in the fields of law, journalism, Indian civil services, political agencies, and also PR. 

What is BA Sociology?

The third and last combination offered in BA courses by Sikkim Manipal University is a BA in Sociology. As the name suggests, students of this program receive a major in Sociology and gain detailed insights into the behaviors, social structures, and interactions between people in a society. 

The core curriculum of the course is designed to offer students a complete understanding of topics such as the social demography of India, the country’s social movement, rural sociology, and the sociology of education. Job opportunities upon course completion from Sikkim Manipal include prestigious roles in the fields of community development, policy analysis, education, social services, market research, and advocacy.    

Course curriculum: BA English

As discussed in the sections above, online BA programs offered on Online Manipal by Sikkim Manipal University are available in 3 combinations. These specializations within BA programs are designed in such a way that they differ in the core curriculum imparted to the students. Let us look at each of them to further understand the differences between the 3 courses.

The online BA English program by Sikkim Manipal is a 3-year course offered entirely online on the Online Manipal portal. The course curriculum is divided into 6 semesters covered over 36 months and contains the following subjects per semester:

Semesters Subjects Covered
Sem 1Communicative English, Introduction to Sociology, Indian English Literature, Foundations of Political Science, Natural Science
Sem 2Functional English, Sociology in India, World Literature, Political Theory, Environmental Science
Sem 3Essays and Poetry, Comparative Political Analysis, Digital Fluency, Universal Human Values, Rural Sociology
Sem 4Women Writing in English, New Literature in English, Urban Sociology, Literary Terms, Forms, and Movements, Classical Indian Political Thought
Sem 5Children’s Literature, Victorian and Modern Literature, Social Problems in India, Poetry: Evolution, Elements and Genres, Human Rights
Sem 6Novels and Short Stories, American Literature, Sociology of Change and Development, One Act Plays: Introduction & Studies, United Nations and Global Conflicts

Course curriculum: BA Political Science

The online BA Political Science course at Sikkim Manipal is also a 36-month program, and the course curriculum is detailed below:

Semesters Subjects Covered
Sem 1Foundations of Political Science, Indian English Literature, Natural Science, Introduction to Sociology, Communicative English
Sem 2Political Theory, World Literature, Environmental Science, Sociology in India, Functional English
Sem 3Comparative Political Analysis, Essays and Poetry, Digital Fluency, Rural Sociology, Universal Human Values
Sem 4Political Economy, Classical Indian Political Thought, New Literature in English, Theories of International Relations, Urban Sociology
Sem 5Human Rights, Political Processes in India, Children’s Literature, India’s Foreign Policy in a Globalized World, Social Problems in India
Sem 6Gender and Politics, United Nations and Global Conflicts, American Literature, Public Policy and Administration in India, Sociology of Change and Development

Course Curriculum: BA Sociology

Among the various elective courses in BA specializations, Sociology is the third and last one offered by Sikkim Manipal University. Like all the other specializations, BA Sociology is also offered as a completely online program on the Online Manipal portal. The course is covered over 36 months or 3 years, divided into 6 semesters, the curriculum of which is detailed below:

Semesters Subjects Covered
Sem 1Introduction to Sociology, Indian English Literature, Natural Science, Foundations of Political Science, Communicative English
Sem 2Sociology in India, World Literature, Environmental Science, Political Theory, Functional English
Sem 3Rural Sociology, Essays and Poetry, Digital Fluency, Comparative Political Analysis, Universal Human Values
Sem 4Principle of Sociology, Urban Sociology, New Literature in English, Family, Kinship, and Marriage, Classical Indian Political Thought
Sem 5Social Demography, Classical Sociological Thinkers, Children’s Literature, Social Problems in India, Human Rights
Sem 6Social Movement in India, Sociology of Change and Development, American Literature, Sociology of Education, United Nations and Global Conflicts

A key deciding factor for students interested in one of the 3 BA specializations detailed above is the career prospects for each. Let us look at the potential career prospects for a BA in English, Political Science, and Sociology.

Careers after BA in English

The table below lists some of the top job roles offered to students completing the online BA English program at Sikkim Manipal University:

Average Annual Salary

Expected Job Role

Average Annual Salary
Expected Job RoleAverage Annual Salary
Communications SpecialistINR 10.53 lakh per annum
JournalistINR 6,70,572 per annum
Content Writer/ Content SpecialistINR 6,70,995 per annum
Translator/ InterpreterINR 5.4 lakh per annum
Curriculum DeveloperINR 6,45,000 per annum

Careers after BA in Political Science

Students completing an online BA program with a Political Science specialization are eligible to apply for the following job roles mentioned in the table below. Their corresponding approx annual salaries are also listed alongside:

Expected Job RoleAverage Annual Salary
Political Campaign ManagerINR 4 lakh – 14 lakh per annum
Civil ServicesINR 6.73 lakh- INR 15.84 lakh per annum
Political AnalystINR 9.15 lakh per annum
Political ReporterINR 6 lakh – INR 7 lakh per annum
Public Relations SpecialistINR 591,795 per annum

Careers after BA in Sociology

Online BA programs in Sociology from Sikkim Manipal create a wide array of job opportunities for graduates upon course completion. The table below enlists the expected job roles and estimated salary per annum for each role after pursuing a BA in Sociology:

Expected Job RoleAverage Annual Salary
Community Development OfficerINR 6,14,000 per annum
SociologistINR 4 lakh per annum
Probation OfficerINR 4,68,439 per annum
Social WorkerINR 8 lakh per annum
Case ManagerINR 6,90,000 per annum

BA English vs BA Political Science vs BA Sociology: What you should choose

We discussed in detail each of the 3 specializations of the online BA program offered on the Online Manipal platform. To help you better understand and make an informed decision, let us collate all the key parameters that can assist you in choosing the right specialization for your BA course. 

Key parametersBA EnglishBA Pol ScienceBA Sociology
Course focusWritten and oral communication skillsUnderstanding of governance and political systemsStudy of social groups in a society
Curriculum British and American literature, literary traditions, drama, and poetry Governance of a country, its political systems, and political behavior Social groups within the society, rural sociology, social demography
Careers Editing, education, writing, publishing, communicationsInternational relations, public policy, government, and lawGovernment work, teaching, industry, consulting, and law


Students opting for online BA courses on Online Manipal are presented with a variety of specializations after completing class 12. Deciding which specialization to choose depends on several factors, all of which have been detailed in the blog above. From the core curriculum and research opportunities in BA specializations to the available career options, students can carefully consider all the parameters before making this crucial choice. 

Sikkim Manipal University offers online BA courses in all the 3 combinations – English, Political Science, and Sociology. These courses are offered on the Online Manipal platform in 100% online mode. Sikkim Manipal is accredited by NAAC, and its degree programs are entitled by the UGC.  


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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