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Preparation tips for MAT exam

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December 27,

Check out the article to learn the preparation tips to score well in the MAT exam.

What is MAT? 

MAT (Management Aptitude Test) is a standardized exam used by business schools to assess applicants for admission to MBA and related programs. All India Management Association’s MAT has become more valuable and well-known recently, as evidenced by the increase of MAT examinees. One of the leading MBA entrance tests in the nation, MAT is accepted by more than 600 MBA academic institutions in India. Additionally, most MBA schools that accept MAT scores for enrollment offer a variety of well-known, developing, and unique specialties. 

MAT is among the few MBA entrance exams offered more than once a year, taking place in February, May, September, and December. It gives applicants many chances to raise their scores and reapply for MBA admission within the same calendar year without losing a full year. The MAT exam’s availability in both paper-and-pencil and online formats gives students who lack computer comfort an equitable chance to take the test and pass it based more on their subject-matter expertise than their technical prowess. 

In other words, the test emphasizes the applicant’s intelligence, aptitude, and talent rather than their proficiency using computers or internet terminals. Many students sign up each year for this exam to get into their dream business schools where they can launch a successful career in management. A minimum of 4-5 months must be spent on preparation. An ideal study plan is necessary to pass it with high grades and heeding experts’ advice and top scorers. Please read the entire article as we will review some useful MAT preparation advice.

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MAT exam eligibility

AIMA sets the MAT qualifying standards for educational and other requirements (All India Management Association). To appear for the MAT exam, aspirants must be eligible according to the MAT exam eligibility.

  • The minimum prerequisite for eligibility for the MAT test is graduating from an institution of recognized standing in any domain with a grade point average of a minimum of 50% (45% for ST, SC, or PWD).
  • Any undergraduate student in their last year (e.g., BA, BSc, B.Com, B.Tech, etc.) is also eligible to submit a provisional appearance. 

How to prepare for MAT 2022?

It takes a solid preparation plan and strategy to get a decent MAT score. Applicants should heed the advice of experts and high performers to arrange their preparation effectively. More and more accurate practice is required. Below are some crucial hints for MAT 2022 preparation.

  • Acknowledge the exam syllabus and format 

Candidates must comprehend the MAT exam syllabus and format to properly arrange their study timetable. It is an important stage that equips students with all the knowledge they need to clear the exam.

  • Create an effective study schedule

You should choose an efficient study routine after evaluating the MAT exam pattern and syllabus. The study plan needs to be efficient and flexible, covering every section. Take brief breaks while starting to study so that your mind is refreshed and you have greater energy to learn more effectively.

  • Consistency 

Success depends on being consistent. Be dedicated and put your entire efforts into succeeding in the exam. Stress and distraction will waste the valuable time that you should spend preparing. You can pass the exam by diligently studying less yet consistently.

  • Note-making

Develop the habit of making notes for every section to assist you in memorizing the entire course faster. Utilizing flowcharts and colored markers to create notes will aid in clearing doubts regarding a particular subject. It’s important to thoroughly cover the entire curriculum in the least amount of time.

  • Follow your hobby 

You should engage in your interest to stay healthy and energized throughout the preparation period. Your stress is reduced, and you experience mental relaxation. You must schedule time for your hobby if you want to do well.

  • Revision is required 

You must thoroughly go through every component for the best exam results. Revision is a must to complete the whole syllabus quickly while preserving strong recall. 

  • Take mock tests 

You must regularly take practice exams after completing the syllabus. It is helpful to assess your MAT exam preparation level and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Create a strategy for your forthcoming study sessions by allocating additional time to the subjects you find challenging after evaluating how well you did in the practice test.

  • Conviction 

The key to passing any exam with a good grade is conviction. You should have confidence in your abilities and not feel anxious or pressured while preparing. Don’t let the mock test results drive you; doing so will compromise your performance.

You can successfully pass the MAT exam using all of this MAT study advice. So, adhere to all these tips and improve your performance.

Exam-day advice

You must heed crucial advice on the day of your final exam if you want to ace it. Exam anxiety and worry are present for hopefuls at this time. Therefore, use these pointers to pass the exam well.

  • Revise your notes

It’s time to go over your previous notes and regularly revise what you thoroughly prepared. 

  • Avoid studying unfamiliar concepts 

Now is the time to compile all you have learned thus far. It is not the time to study new things because it will only add to your workload and take up more time. 

  • Get proper sleep

You should get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep the night before the exam. Eat well, relax, and boost your confidence before the test.

  • Avoid creating hassle 

You shouldn’t cause any disruptions on the day of the exam. Try to arrive in the exam city earlier than the scheduled exam day and minimize delays in getting to the exam center on time without any hassle.

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How will the MAT score impact your MBA admission?

More than 600 MBA institutions are members of AIMA, and they choose applicants for admission based on MAT results. Candidates can choose up to five institutions from the list of MAT collaborating institutions on the MAT application form where they desire to pursue an MBA. AIMA distributes the candidate’s test scores to the five institutions that the student had chosen in the MAT application form after the announcement of the MAT 2022 results. Registered colleges select the top candidates based on their MAT scores and invite them for a group discussion and/or an individual interview. The colleges separately set MAT cut-offs to choose students, which are used to shortlist candidates.

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