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Pursuing an online degree not just helps you, but everyone around you 

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September 1,

Want to pursue a degree to make money, get more career choices and the Azadi to choose a life you want? Then an Azadi Wali Degree with the help of Online Manipal is just the right pick for you. Launched on 75 years of India’s Independence, Online Manipal is celebrating by giving freedom to learners to pursue a degree of their choice. 

Pursuing an online degree of your choice not only sets you free, but also builds the confidence you need to compete in today’s challenging world. With Online Manipal, you can choose from a wide range of programmes and courses from top universities that are a right fit for you. Due to the hassle-free, flexible, and accessible nature of these online degrees, learners can benefit greatly. Online Manipal is providing one of the best platforms for online learning through knowledge sessions by industry experts. Right from admission of the student until graduation, Online Manipal provides a smooth experience to learners. 

As part of the Azadi Wali Degree campaign, we reached out to our learners to understand the pain points, fears, and aspirations, based on which we realised the importance of an Azadi Wali Degree. This is what our learners have to say about pursuing a degree that sets them free.  

What kind of Azadi do learners want? 

There are several obstacles in the way of people who want to pursue degrees. After interacting with a few of our learners, here are a few situations that hold people back from pursuing degrees. 

  • Cannot afford to take a career break- Some of our learners who are working professionals want to pursue a degree without quitting their jobs. That is where Online Manipal becomes a saviour as learners can pursue an online degree that does not affect their workflow.  
  • Insufficient salary- Learners who are not happy with their current salaries want to obtain a better degree aiming for better pay. An online degree is best for those who want to earn more. You can study while you are on the job and after completing your degree, you can switch to a better job with a higher pay scale.  
  • Financial constraints- Not being able to afford a degree was one of the greatest obstacles that came in the way of learners. However, you don’t need to worry about spending too much for pursuing an online degree. The degrees on the Online Manipal platform are affordable to people belonging to all levels of society.  
  • Health conditions- Health conditions are another concern that creates a sense of hesitation among learners. In that case, an online degree is the best pick for you. With Online Manipal, you can learn at your own pace anywhere, anytime.  
  • Pressure to get married- Some of our learners were pushed into marriage, after which they felt it was not feasible to pursue a degree. However, several of our learners are married, and are still pursuing an online degree without any hurdles.  
  • Stable life for family and children- Everyone wants to provide stability to their families, and by pursuing an online degree, you can earn more and get better job opportunities.  
  • Conservative society where women cannot study- Even though our society has progressed over the years, there are major hurdles for women who want to pursue degrees. In that sense, online degrees have empowered several women, who can study from the comfort of their homes and earn a respectable degree.  
  • Parents disapproving of learners’ interests- It is still quite hard for youngsters to go against their parents when it comes to choosing a degree. However, with the help of Online Manipal, you can choose from a variety of programmes, all of which have a great scope for career opportunities.  

Thanks to online learning, you can opt to pursue a degree anywhere, anytime. If you are willing to break free from what is holding you back from pursuing a degree of your choice, claim your Azadi with Online Manipal. Pursuing an online degree with the help of Online Manipal prepares you for better job opportunities and a finer career overall.  

Despite several challenges and obstacles, our learners feel a degree is important. Be it for financial independence, family stability or better job prospects, there are several reasons why our learners feel the need to obtain a degree.  

Why do learners feel a degree is necessary? 

While speaking to our learners, we realised there are several factors that make it important to pursue a degree. Here are a few of them: 

  • Personal/financial independence- Learners expressed how important it is to have financial independence, and the best way to get it is by obtaining a degree that sets you free. 
  • Better job opportunities- A better degree gives you better job opportunities and through Online Manipal, you can receive placement assistance and interview tips from expert faculty.  
  • Dual degree for a better career- A dual degree holds more value than a single degree, and you can choose from a variety of master’s degrees and professional certification programmes that help you climb up your career ladder.  
  • Enhanced knowledge- Our learners feel a degree enhances and expands their knowledge, especially for working professionals, who want to acquire skill sets that their jobs demand. 
  • Domain expertise- Pursuing a degree to gain knowledge in a particular domain has helped our learners excel in their careers.  
  • Change in domain- An online degree is also helpful when you want to switch your domain. You can choose from a wide range of programmes offered by top universities with Online Manipal and explore career opportunities.  

Online degrees are especially beneficial for working professionals, who wish to enhance their skills to excel in their careers or for better job opportunities. Working professionals can pursue an Azadi Wali Degree through Online Manipal that does not hinder their workflow. Pursuing an online degree serves as a boon to working professionals as they can imply what they are studying on the job.  

While our learners feel pursuing a degree is important, some of them were hesitant to sign up for an online degree. There are a few myths about online degrees that our learners were previously not aware of. Let us clarify a few common misconceptions about pursuing online degrees.  

Fears of pursuing an online degree 

We asked our learners why people hesitate to pursue online degrees, and here is what we found out.  

  • Are online degrees at par with on-campus degrees?  

There is a general perception that online degrees are not as relevant as on-campus degrees. That is not true. Online degrees are at par with on-campus degrees. Online degrees available on the Online Manipal platform are UGC-entitled, valid, and credible worldwide. 

  • Do online degrees take more time? 

A myth about online degrees is that they take more time than offline degrees. However, the course duration of online degrees is the same as offline degrees.  

  • Do online degrees provide job opportunities? 

Another concern is job opportunities. Online degrees will land you jobs on par with offline degrees. Online Manipal’s supportive faculty provide valuable placement assistance along with professional resume building and interview tips. 

Online Manipal has helped our learners overcome the fears of pursuing an online degree and paved the way for a better career.  

How Online Manipal sets learners free from their fears 

Most of our learners are stuck in their current situation and are willing to set themselves free by pursuing an online degree of their choice. Online Manipal has helped learners from various walks of life achieve their goals. Claim your independence to build a successful career with Online Manipal. 


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