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Jobs & salary in the business analytics domain

Business Analytics
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October 30,

Key takeaways:

  • Business analytics is one of the lucrative professions and a vital part of the corporate world.
  • Business analytics professional role encompasses a wide range of duties, from helping the organization to enhance productivity to employing creative technological solutions.
  • The business analytics jobs salary in India depends on various factors, including education level, experience, role, location and company size.

The demand for making data-driven and scientific decisions is required for every organization, despite the size. Having said that, opting for a career in business analytics will help you mark your presence in this business scenario. The ever-evolving trends will expose business analysts to various challenges, increasing demand for intelligent solutions.

Simply put, business analytics is the need of the hour, introducing various bright career opportunities. The term ‘business analyst‘ refers to a relatively broad profession, from general analysts in the early stages of their careers to specialized consultants with decades of expertise and experience. Learn more about various types of business analysts.

Read on to learn more about various aspects of business analytics salary in India.

Business analytics jobs salary in India

Business analysts act as a link between businesses and organizations and data analysts. Over time, business analysis has evolved in the corporate and IT industries, assisting productivity and long-term profitability. Business analytics salary in India is one of the highest, combined with the right amount of growth in the career path. 

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The salary range for various business analytics roles

The average salary of a business analyst in India is based on their role in the company. They can pursue a career in various industries. Here we have listed the prominent roles in the domain with the average remuneration.

Job roleAverage salary (INR-LPA)
Associate business analysts4,59,000
Technical business analysts 8,00,000
SQL Business Analysts6,32,600
Financial Business Analysts7,18,700
Healthcare Business analysts 6,42,700 
Operations Business Analysts5,33,600 

Business analysts in India make between INR 400,000 and INR 15,00,000 rupees a year in compensation. Their annual salary, on average, is 700,000. You can check the salaries for a few eminent companies below. 

Here’s an overview of the salary of a business analyst in popular companies.

Company Job Profiles Average Salary Proposed (INR-LPA)
TCS Business Analyst 7,16,000
SQL Business Analysts 5,00,000
Financial Business Analysts 6,00,000
Amazon Business Analyst, Amazon Academy 5,00,000
Business Analyst I, ADECT BI 5,00,000
Business Research Analyst – I 7,00,000 
Business Analyst II 5,00,000 
Financial Business Analysts 6,00,000
Google Business System Analyst 5,00,000
Business Systems Analyst, Supply Chain Systems 5,00,000
Google Business Analyst 10,30,380
Infosys Business Analyst 7,01,700
Associate Business Analysts 5,35,000
Technical Business Analysts 6,00,000 – 10,00,000

Source: College Dunia

Salaries based on experience level

The salary for business analyst jobs for freshers and experienced workers will vary based on their expertise. Simply put, as you gain experience, your pay will increase.

Here’s an overview of the salaries of business analysts based on experience.

ExperienceAverage Starting Salary (INR- LPA)
0-2 years6.2
2-3 years6.4
5-6 years7.7
7-8 years8.5
9-10 years9.4

Salaries in different locations

The location has a huge impact on the salary packages as well. Business analysts, for instance, make around 17.7% and 12.9% more in Pune and Bangalore than the national average. The lowest level salaries are seen in Noida (8.2% less), Chennai (5.2% less), and Hyderabad (4.2% less). Here’s an overview.

LocationAverage salary (INR-LPA)
Bengaluru 7.4

Business analytics jobs salary in US

The demand for business analysts has increased in the US in recent years and is continuing to magnify. Like any other chosen profession, a business analyst’s pay in the USA would be influenced by different variables, including the company’s size, standing, location, work history, and educational background.

The salary range for various business analytics roles

Salaries for various business analytics roles differ in minor values. The pay for various business analytics roles is mentioned below.

Job titleSalary per annum
Business analystUSD 82,881
Business Intelligence AnalystUSD 70,575
Business Systems AnalystUSD 82,571
Data AnalystUSD 67,400
Tax managerUSD 117,519
Financial analystUSD 70,005

Some of the top corporations in the US that pay business analysts greater salaries are listed below.

CompanySalary per annum
DeloitteUSD 87,090
InfosysUSD 71,277
AccentureUSD 91,859
Cisco systemsUSD 1,08,546
AmazonUSD 87,927
TCSUSD 93,529

Salaries based on experience level

The salary at the entry-level with less than a year of work experience is at the lower end, and the salary for individuals with 1-4 years of work experience is at the upper end. Your pay rises in tandem with your expertise level.

Experience levelAverage salary
Entry-levelUSD 62,571
Mid-careerUSD 82,931
ExperiencedUSD 117,000

Salaries in different locations

When it comes to compensation, the location you are in the United states is also quite important. Below are the salaries in a few US states.

LocationSalary per annum
New JerseyUSD 100,488
New YorkUSD 100,000
MassachusettsUSD 100,000
ConnecticutUSD 97,500
CaliforniaUSD 97,330

Why a career in business analytics? 

Many aspiring individuals are looking to join or seeking to switch to the profession of business analytics. A business analyst is a promising role, providing you with an excellent opportunity for life-long learning and productive career growth. Here are some reasons why pursuing a career in business analytics is an excellent option.

  • Make a distinct difference

Business analysts are responsible for building the growth strategies of an organization by gaining insights. In short, you will be able to make a difference in the organization, contributing to its future growth.

  • Lucrative career path

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a business analyst is INR 8 lakh in India, which can grow when you combine the right education and required skills.

  • Learn and grow

Unlike the typical 9-5 job, the business analyst poses a challenging and thriving environment that will make you learn and grow. The profession’s role tends to evolve depending on the current marketing trends, giving you new tasks and challenges.

  • Always in demand

If you look at the statistics, you can understand the demand for business analytics is steadily increasing. It means you will always be required in every industry as a sought-after professional.

  • Exposure across domains

As a business analyst, you will be allowed to work across various verticals. It includes finance, information technology, communication, retail, automobile, manufacturing, etc.

How can I get a lucrative salary in Business Analytics?

Business analysts play an important role in maximizing the effectiveness and productivity of a business by making data-driven decisions. Besides the crucial role, you may need to implement certain tips to acquire a lucrative salary in the field of Business analytics.

  • Enroll for a course

Reviving your familiarity with analytical skills, which employers expect from you. You need to prove to yourself that you have adequate and up-to-date knowledge in the field. Acquiring a certification course will equip you with the latest tools and techniques of business analysis.

  • Start with an entry-level role

If you find a career in business analytics sounds interesting, you need to explore your skill set. Hence you need to start your professional career through internships or entry-level positions in accounting, finance or any relevant domain. This will help you to move to higher-paying positions. For instance, seek out junior or entry-level business analytics roles to gain work experience and understand what opportunities are out there.

  • Consider a master’s degree

Even though many employers seek a bachelor’s degree on your resume, some might prefer candidates with a master’s degree. A bachelor’s degree only prepares you for junior-level professionals in business analytics. However, considering a postgraduate degree in a relevant subject will advance your skills and knowledge, helping you to gain a competitive edge in terms of roles and salary. 

  • Sharpen your skills

If you want to get into a high-paying business analytics role, you should have certain skill sets. Some of them are,

  • Boost your business acumen 

You should have a strong knowledge of finance, accounting and business principles.

  • Enhance your communication skills 

Possessing Excellent interactive skills will help you to communicate with different key persons within the organization and express ideas distinctively – both in writing and verbally.

  • Improve your corporate expertise

Having extensive experience despite the role will help you gain a competitive edge while applying for higher positions.

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In conclusion

In this digital era, every aspect of corporate business is driven by data. Business analytics focuses on studying a significant amount of data and eventually building conclusions on business performance. Besides the business analytics salary, most organizations are investing in skilled professionals to enhance their overall growth.

However, there is a shortage of such professionals despite the abundance of career opportunities. Hence, this is the right time to start your career in business analytics at Online Manipal. 
Masters in Business analytics is designed by Manipal Academy of Higher Education to help aspiring professionals create an impact in the highly competitive world. The interdisciplinary course will enable the learners to excel in their roles, making better decisions for better career growth. Enroll now.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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