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Is BCA a Good Option for a Student Switching from Science Stream?

Lt. Mayank Mittal | July 21, 2021 3 Min Read

Is BCA a Good Option for a Student Switching from Science Stream?

Students are often led to believe that the only choices for students after Class 12 science are the usual suspects – engineering, medical, or bachelors in pure science subjects. But this is far from the truth. Science students have several options, today.

With the advancement of technology and its relevance in the world, as well as the global shifts to remote work, programmes like the BCA are growing in their relevance.

Students have a choice of also pursuing an online BCA degree from top-notch universities. For example, Manipal University Jaipur offers a professionally designed online BCA degree, that prepares students for a stellar career in the technology sphere.

Let’s understand more about this programme and why it is a natural progression for science students.

Leverage the fundamentals

If you have a passion for technology and love tinkering with computers, BCA is a great choice for your graduate degree, especially if you are from a science background. Students with a strong foundation in science and maths definitely have an edge both in terms of the application process and learning quickly during the programme. Additionally, once BCA students enter the world of technology, their understanding of the fundamentals of Class 12 maths and science also helps them excel and understand concepts easily. 

Be job-ready in 3 years

Technology is one of the major drivers of innovation and revolution in today’s world. This indicates that the prospects for BCA graduates are growing. BCA graduates are recruited both by the public and private sectors. They have the choice of working with technology companies or in the IT departments of any connected business.

Online BCA programmes also emphasise a lot of hands-on experience, with practical classes being hosted in all programming languages, web development and other in-demand areas.

Opportunities in the real world

On graduating, BCA graduates can join the industry in a wide variety of roles. Students are encouraged to pursue a summer internship and cement their job prospects while they are still studying. The advantage of pursuing an online BCA programme is that students have the opportunity to build skills via various opportunities such as part-time jobs, projects, freelance work, and volunteering.

They go on to become computer system analysts, software engineers, junior programmers, software developers and software application architects.

Work at the forefront of tech

While Class 12 science grooms you in the principles of science, the BCA degree trains you to apply these fundamentals in the real world by solving problems using technology. Both regular and online BCA programmes expose students to all aspects of computer applications.

You will learn about emerging internet technologies, database management, programming languages, system security, networking and hands-on skills to develop applications. Multimedia design and development is also a part of contemporary programmes.

Focus on soft skills

Science students often have limited scope to improve their communication skills. However, nurturing soft skills is a key focus area of both regular and online BCA degrees. Students have the opportunity to develop presentation skills, learn project management, negotiation and how to function as a team. They build confidence and develop their personalities, which hold them in good stead in the real world. 

Build your career

One of the biggest benefits of pursuing a BCA after Class 12 in the science stream is that it prepares you for the world of work in just three years. Many other programmes require you to do a master’s to land a decent-paying job, but not BCA.

This programme helps you develop marketable skills that are in demand. As technology becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, the relevance of BCA, especially the best online BCA programmes, will continue growing.

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