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How to prepare a strong MBA resume?

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September 11,

An MBA student resume briefly summarizes your educational achievements, career successes, and leadership skills. A solid CV positions you as the best prospect among applicants with comparable backgrounds and achievements. An MBA resume is often the first page of your application packet that the admissions team sees. It is more like creating your first impression.  

One of the most common mistakes in MBA applications is not devoting enough work to your CV. While the admissions staff may not spend as much time on it as they will on other sections of your application packet, it is likely to be the first summary of your education and work that they see. The most successful MBA resumes are easy to read and feature figures and data to demonstrate your influence.

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Tips for an effective MBA resume

Your MBA CV aims to demonstrate the value you will provide to the graduate business school and its alumni network. Here are some tips for creating a sound MBA resume that will attract the interest of interviewers:

  • Include a resume aim, or professional profile

Add a short paragraph highlighting your most notable accomplishments to the beginning of your resume. If you have prior experience, choose professional software. Give an overview of your career and a summary of your accomplishments.

  • Avoid using technical jargon

The admissions team may be unfamiliar with industry-specific acronyms and jargon. Use business jargon that is widely understood or avoid using them. As a result, it is critical to avoid such jargon and translate it into simple business language.

  • Examine the application specifications

Certain graduate schools will only accept resumes that are produced using their established MBA word resume templates, which may be found on their websites. Examine their regulations and standards thoroughly. 

  • Two-page resumes are OK if needed

Unlike a traditional resume, you are not required to submit a one-page resume with your MBA application packet. Yes, a one-page resume is recommended, but if you have more than ten years of experience, two-page resumes are acceptable to ensure you don’t overlook key professional facts.

  • Use your space carefully

Unless you got a significant reputation or substantial success in high school, most graduate business programs aren’t interested in your high school years. Highlight accomplishments rather than tasks. 

  • Be as brief as possible

Keep your MBA resume concise to present yourself as a top candidate for your preferred graduate school. Include any essential educational and professional history information, but avoid over-explaining your work responsibilities.

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How is an MBA resume different from a regular job resume?

The following pointers make an MBA student resume different from a regular one:

  • An MBA resume should convey your worth and effect on the business world, both now and in the future. It is as opposed to a job resume, which aims to explain how you can satisfy a job description or carry out certain tasks and responsibilities.
  • While both an MBA and a job resume may help you advance in your profession, they differ greatly in structure, objective, and wording. A job resume demonstrates your qualifications for a position, whereas an MBA resume demonstrates your ability to make an impact in the corporate sector. 
  • Rather than emphasizing employment skills, the MBA CV emphasizes business leadership competencies.
  • MBA resumes should be concise and to the point. Making a one-page CV that sticks out, demonstrates your uniqueness, and explains why you should attend business school is tricky.

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A strong MBA resume may make you stand out on admissions committees if you decide to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at a graduate business school. It can also help you get accepted into your top choice school and boost your chances of landing the desired job once you graduate. Consider this an opportunity to impress admissions committees that you are the ideal applicant for their school by carefully constructing a narrative highlighting your remarkable abilities and experiences.


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