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How to become a Network Security Engineer with a BCA degree

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February 16,

A network security engineer is a particular cybersecurity expert entrusted with safeguarding a company’s network and any users or devices linked to it. These security experts can work in almost any sector because every business with a computer network needs someone to maintain network security.

The infrastructure of a network must be maintained by network security experts to guarantee that all users, software, and hardware have a safe and secure environment in which to function. A network security engineer is a cybersecurity specialist who safeguards the network from faults, misuse, or destruction. These engineers do this by putting virus protection in place, scanning the web for vulnerabilities, and developing security policies to guard against future intrusions.

The range for an Network engineer salary expectation at each level is as follows:

  • Fresher/entry level pay: The typical starting pay for a Network Security Engineer is around ₹2,58,000/year. Jobs include those for a network security specialist, an analyst, an intrusion analyst, etc.
  • Intermediate salary: The pay for an intermediate Network Security Engineer may range somewhere around ₹5,90,000/year. Consultants in network security and penetration testers are two examples of jobs.
  • Senior level pay: Senior Network Security Engineer salaries typically go up to ₹1m/year. Network security managers and architects are just a few examples of jobs in this field.

Skills you should acquire for becoming a Network Security Engineer

As the world becomes more digitized, novel techniques are constantly developed to hack computer systems and compromise private data. To protect networks from hackers and other malicious acts, network security engineers must continuously keep one step ahead of them.

This position requires outstanding capabilities to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist in the system at any given time. To stay current with the shifting market environment, network security engineers need to refresh their skills on a regular basis. Here are some qualifications needed for this position:

  • A network security expert must be well-versed in many operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. As a cybersecurity specialist, you want to feel at ease using any OS. VMs let you train and conduct a study in a private setting while also enhancing your skills.
  • Data protection is the core concept of network security. Engineers that work in network security must have a thorough understanding of data organization, storage, and distribution.
  • The term “network security control” describes a variety of techniques used to improve network security. You must understand how your network functions as well as how routers, firewalls, and other devices operate. A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that prevents your computer from receiving or sending traffic from the internet. You must use a firewall as a network security professional to filter and stop unauthorized traffic from entering the network.
  • Security engineers discuss updates and breaches with coworkers and members of the team. This indicates that you will be required to communicate difficult technical issues to people in simple terms.
  • The primary duty of a security engineer is to address intricate network security problems and vulnerabilities. Significant problem-identification and problem-solving skills are needed for this.

Steps to become a Network Security Engineer

Network security is a significant and developing field. Globally, businesses are investing more than ever in technology and digital transformation. Innovative company processes are driven by or informed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Networks and computer systems are more prevalent and valuable than ever. To maintain business continuity, organizations must have robust network security procedures. Nowadays, both businesses and consumers rely heavily on computing technology.

  • The first step in becoming a security engineer is to research to find out what kinds of employment prospects are available and what type of education, training, and certifications may be needed to land those kinds of roles.
  • The majority of network security professions call for at least a bachelor’s degree, especially in a discipline that involves computers, such as BCA. Graduates with BCA skills can learn about cutting-edge technologies and other knowledge that may be helpful in becoming network security engineers through different programs.
  • A master’s degree may be preferred by some employers, which can help graduates get ready to pursue leadership positions. An online master’s degree in software development is one instance where graduates learn adaptable abilities that may be useful for various job trajectories. Included in the list of skills addressed are learning and improving one’s programming abilities, mastering databases and cloud computing, and designing and building accessible user interfaces. The course of study is extensive and highly specialized.
  • Professional network security certification in specialized disciplines within the larger industry is frequently required of candidates and employees in the network security field.
  • Over the course of a career, building and maintaining a professional network will assist in finding entry-level positions and surfacing and tracking subsequent professional prospects.

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Become an expert Network Security Engineer with an online BCA from MUJ:

BCA is one of the most well-liked graduation programs that students select right after 10+2. Candidates can get the required network security skills by enrolling in online BCA courses from a reputable university like Manipal University, Jaipur. 

Everyone, from major multinational corporations to governmental institutions, needs the services of qualified network security engineers. The need for these specialists is steadily increasing. There are a lot of hackers out there who constantly target the vulnerabilities of digital businesses. The demand for network security expertise has also increased as more businesses move their transactions and resources online.

You need to become proficient in a few key areas, including application security, data secrecy, network security, and cryptography, in order to operate in this industry. Before pursuing this professional path, enroll in a course in network security by MUJ to increase your chances of success in the field.


Global businesses use computer networks and the internet. As a result, cyberattacks are intensifying rapidly and growing out of control. Therefore, organizations use network security to protect sensitive and private data. Such data loss will be expensive for the business and have severe effects. Network security is crucial for both personal and professional networks. Most houses with high-speed broadband connections have one or more wireless routers, which, if not adequately secured, might be used for malicious purposes.


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