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How to become a DevOps Engineer?

Information Technology

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March 23,

DevOps is the popularly used term that perfectly combines both Development and Operations into one. DevOps focuses on the effective use of technology to encourage collaboration between the Development and Operations teams in an organization with a view to improving the overall quality of software delivery to the end user. DevOps enables much quicker processes in the lifecycle of software development by facilitating the automation of repetitive tasks. This is why DevOps Engineers are in high demand in the industry. This blog details the exact steps to become a DevOps Engineer as well as the skills and qualifications required to enter the field. 

What is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps Engineer refers to a professional in the IT industry who works at streamlining the lifecycle of software development in the organization. They generally have a fair understanding of both development and operations in the company, hence the name DevOps Engineer, and are entrusted with the task of maintaining smooth functioning of the company’s IT infrastructure. 

How to become a DevOps Engineer?

The roadmap to becoming a DevOps Engineer starts with a professional Computer Science degree. MCA courses help kickstart a promising career in DevOps Engineering. However, the degree alone is not enough. 

Students keen on pursuing a career in DevOps must also upgrade themselves with the desired domain skills. These include automation skills, software security skills, collaborative skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. 

In addition to these vital skills, DevOps Engineers also need to be well acquainted in methodologies that involve communication, collaboration, and integration between development and operations to ensure streamlined software development.

Besides these skills, some prominent certifications may also be helpful on the career path of a DevOps Engineer. Shared below are a few vital certifications for aspiring DevOps professionals:

  • DevOps Training
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker Certified Associate
  • Puppet

Upon successful completion of the desired qualification and upgrade to the required skills for DevOps Engineering, graduates can proceed to apply for jobs in the following positions:

  • Automation Architect
  • Release Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Security Engineer
  • Configuration Manager

DevOps Engineer roles & responsibilities

We mentioned some popular and lucrative job roles in the DevOps Engineering industry. Listed below are some of the key roles and responsibilities in these roles:

  1. Computer programming, maintenance of the software development lifecycle, and delivery processes  
  2. Collaboration between the development and operations teams for smooth and continuous delivery of processes 
  3. Testing of software to ensure data security
  4. Performing root cause analysis for errors in production 

Skills required for DevOps Engineer

Some of the requisite skills and tools for a successful DevOps career include:

  • System administration
  • Scripting and coding
  • Security, testing, and monitoring
  • Linux fundamentals
  • Network and database management 

DevOps Engineer salary in India

The pay scales may vary as per the qualifications, skills, and experience of the professional. However, the average entry-level salary of a DevOps Engineer in India is estimated to range from INR 4 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs per annum. With the increase in experience and skills, senior DevOps Engineers will likely earn an average salary of INR 16,54,365 per annum.  

Become a DevOps Engineer with online MCA

We discussed the expected job opportunities and salaries in DevOps for aspiring professionals above. The key qualification that can help students pursue a successful career in DevOps Engineering at lucrative pay scales is MCA. A two-year graduate degree course, Master of Computer Applications, equips students with all the necessary skills and information to design, execute, and manage DevOps solutions.

Students also gain hands-on experience in configuring and deploying software applications, a key skill required for DevOps Engineers. You can now pursue online MCA from the comfort of your homes with Sikkim Manipal University. It offers online MCA programs to students on the Online Manipal platform. Online MCA from Sikkim Manipal can indeed be the first step to becoming a DevOps Engineer.


In the fast-growing technology era, DevOps Engineering is one of the best methodologies that helps combine the best of both development and operations to ensure seamless software delivery. This results in the high demand for professionals with this skill. An MCA can help you launch your career in DevOps Engineering. You, too, can pursue an MCA in 100% online mode from anywhere in the world via the Online Manipal portal.   


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