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EmbraceEquity: Messages of grit & grace from MUJ’s faculty 


The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day #EmbraceEquity, represents a call for a gender-equal world that is free of stereotype and bias. This campaign also celebrates the inclusiveness of women all over the world. This year, Women’s Day coincided with Holi, the festival of colors. What better occasion than this to celebrate women’s achievements, sacrifices and milestones.  

Online Manipal takes this opportunity to salute all female teachers, professors and educators worldwide who are making a difference in the lives of millions of students. As part of the #EmbraceEquity campaign, we asked the faculty at Manipal University Jaipur about how they broke barriers, overcame obstacles and paved their way to success.

Breaking barriers 

Even though gender gaps are narrowing, most women still overcome barriers to live a free life. Questions are raised about women’s ability to lead a successful professional life. Here’s how our women faculty at MUJ- Dr Priyanka Mathur and Dr Monika Lamba broke stereotypes to fulfill their career aspirations.

Dr Deepika Dhamija, Assistant Professor, Computer Applications says, “There have been instances in my career where I faced tough situations like losing a job for no error on my part, getting stuck in my research work and many others. I kept myself cool and continued my efforts to overcome all those barriers. Finally, l was able to achieve what I wanted.” 

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Empowering women from rural settings 

Online learning has made education more accessible to women and girls, especially in rural settings. With the help of just a laptop or mobile phone and an internet connection, they can study from the comfort of their homes. Our MUJ faculty Dr Surbhi Basotia & Dr Neelu Jain speak about how online education is helping educate girls and women from inaccessible areas.  

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Role models 

All of us have role models. We don’t just look up to them, but we also want to lead a life like them. MUJ’s faculty members Dr Neha Mathur and Dr Antima Sharma speak about the role models who have impacted their lives. 

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The mantra for work-life balance  

Working women often must manage work and personal life in parallel. Dr Monika Lamba & Dr Priyanka Mathur throw light on how they maintain the right balance between professional and personal life.  

Dr Asha Mamraj Sharma, Assistance Professor, Commerce, says “We need to always remember that we work to have a better life. But if we “only work” and avoid our personal life, it wont make us and our near ones (whether professional ones or family members) happy. The key is to prioritize your tasks.” 

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As part of the #EmbraceEquity campaign, let us pledge to work towards building an equal society, respect women, and allow them to live the free life that they wish to have. Here’s why MUJ’s women faculty think the future is female.  

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women,” Maya Angelou once said. It is time we stand up for the unheard voices of women and pave way for an equal society.


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