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How our online degrees have empowered women from small towns & villages of India 


Online learning plays a key role in the digital world we live in by improving access to education to women and girls, especially in rural areas. Women and girls who have limited or no access to educational infrastructure are making use of technology to receive education. Apart from lack of educational infrastructure, societal norms and restrictions have denied women the access to education. However, online education can help solve this problem.   

Girls and women residing in rural areas can pursue an online degree from the comfort and safety of their homes. They need not move to another city, spend on traveling or rent or even face cost as a barrier. They can access affordable online degrees anywhere, anytime.   

Online Manipal is proud to have brought about a difference in the lives of women living in small towns and villages by giving access to online degrees from premium universities. This International Women’s Day, we got the opportunity to interact with our learners from smaller towns of India, who are pursuing online degrees to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.   

Hailing from Ramabhadrapuram, a village in Andhra Pradesh, Botsa Anita was married off before she could fulfill her dreams of getting a degree. After giving birth, she was forced to stay at home and take care of her family.   

“I have a 5-year-old daughter to take care of. However, I didn’t want to sit idle. With a bachelor’s degree in hand and one and a half years of experience in accounts, I chose to pursue an online MBA degree from the comfort of my home,” Anitha says.   

Unable to attend physical college, Anitha chose Online Manipal to pursue her online degree. She is pursuing her online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur, which will help her grow in her career and explore high-paying jobs.  

“I chose Online Manipal mainly because of the flexible learning opportunities. I’m able to study at my own pace and convenience. Sometimes, when I’m not able to attend live classes, I go through the recorded sessions to keep up with the course curriculum. So, I’m easily able to balance my academics and personal commitments,” she says.  

Many women like Anitha have dropped out of college or have discontinued their education due to unavoidable circumstances, and she has a message for them.   

“Instead of sitting idle, women should utilize their time to do something useful. I’m sure you can spend at least two hours a day on yourself, doing what you really like. We need to overcome these challenges to bring about a change in our lives.”  

From 9am to 5pm, Sahana works as a tele calling executive at a real estate company. After 5pm, she switches to her data entry job for a couple of hours to earn extra money- all of this to pursue the degree of her dreams and provide financial support for her family. An online degree has given her the opportunity to study while earning.   

“My father is a farmer, and mother is a homemaker. My family’s financial burden lies with me. I have a younger brother who is in 10th grade. Along with paying my college fees, I’m funding his education too. Thanks to MUJ, the online B.Com degree is very affordable and I’m able to manage my expenses well,” Sahana says.   

Born and brought up in Krishnarajpet, Karnataka, Sahana chose to pursue an online degree as it is recognized at par with on-campus degrees. Her aim is to work with a multinational company and settle with a good salary. She also wants to enroll her brother in a good university.   

“Girls residing in small towns and villages are generally forced to get married if they are not well-educated. Education is important for every woman, and it helps build trust and self-confidence. Your family will be proud of your achievements and allow you to live a free life. A degree also gives financial and personal independence, which is very important for today’s women. This International Women’s Day, I urge all women to get a degree to become independent.”  

“I was married off at a young age and couldn’t continue my studies further. After my 12th grade, I couldn’t study for over 5 years. But I was very passionate about academic and wanted to fulfill my career aspirations,” says Khatija from Maharashtra’s Dapoli town, who is pursuing her online BBA from Manipal University Jaipur.   

That’s when Khatija decided to enroll for an online degree, because it is flexible and convenient, especially for women who cannot attend college. She believes that online degrees are empowering women who are homemakers to study from the comfort of their homes, without having to sacrifice personal commitments.  

Fascinated by the world of business, Khatija chose to pursue an online BBA degree. She aims to pursue her online MBA after her undergraduate degree and wants to work in a management role. Khatija hopes to become an HR manager soon.   

“I have had a great experience with Online Manipal. The LMS, live lectures and recorded classes are great. They also have the best faculty who are guiding us through this program,” Khatija says.   

“This International Women’s Day, I want to say that women must make use of online learning. It is a boon to those who want to pursue their career dreams and aspirations.”  

If you too are looking to get a degree or want to upskill, choose an online degree today! This International Women’s Day, Online Manipal has renewed its efforts to empower women by offering a 25% scholarship on all online undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered by Manipal University Jaipur to select female applicants. Click here to know more about how to apply for this scholarship.  


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