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Case study-lead learning in the age of online education 


Over the last few years, the education system has undergone significant changes with various methods for learning and teaching coming into existence. These include problem-based learning, self-paced learning, learning through content, learning through tutorials, learning through 4 quadrants, and learning through cases. A 4-quadrant approach sounds best as it offers many advantages to the tutors and learners. When a 4-quadrant approach is backed by the case study method, it will be a more effective content delivery for learners. They may also feel more confident as it helps them deal with practicality of the different concepts in their respective courses. In this article, let’s explore the various benefits one can have through this engaging mode of teaching and learning, the Case Study Method.   

What is a case study? 

Case studies are in-depth investigations of a specific subject, such as a person, organisation, event, or phenomena. The objective of a case study is to help steer the research process and influence the study’s focus and scope.  

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Advantages of case study-based learning 

Case study-based learning can fulfil below objectives: 

Better understanding of complex scenarios: Case studies often aim to explore complex situations, behaviors, or interactions by individuals, groups, and position holders in a specific point of condition. The objective is to gain a deep understanding of the various factors at play and how they relate to each other. 

Problem identification and diagnosis: Case studies can be used to identify problems, challenges, or issues within a specific context. The goal might be to diagnose the root causes of these problems and suggest potential solutions. This study utilizes a dummy practice model that makes future managers ready to deal with any problem they encounter at workplace. 

Solution testing and evaluation: In some cases, the objective is to test the effectiveness of a particular solution or strategy within a real-world context. This can involve assessing the outcomes and impacts of the solution.  

Exploration of best practices: Along with educational institutions, other organizations also conduct case studies to identify and analyse best practices within their industry or field. The objective is to learn from successful examples and apply those lessons to their own operations. 

Learning from failures: Case studies can be valuable in examining failures or mistakes in a specific situation, industry, etc. The objective might be to understand what went wrong, why it happened, and how similar situations can be avoided in the future. 

Decision-making insights: Case studies can provide insights into decision-making processes. The objective could be to understand how decisions were made, the information that influenced them, and their outcomes. 

Development and validation of theories: Researchers might conduct case studies to test, refine, or build theoretical frameworks. The objective is to contribute to the development and validation of theories within a specific context that can benefit many people. 

Policy or strategy development: Organizations and governments might conduct case studies to inform the development of policies, strategies, or guidelines. The objective is to gather evidence and insights that can support informed decision-making. 

In-depth analysis: The objective of some case studies is to provide an in-depth analysis of a particular subject, offering a comprehensive understanding of its various aspects. 

Exploration of unique situations: Case studies can be used to explore unusual, unique, or rare situations and offer insights that are not easily accessible through other research methods. 

Validation of hypotheses: Case studies can be used by researchers and experts to support or test hypotheses. The goal is to offer empirical evidence that supports or test a certain theory that will give a wider picture of the specific situation. 

Longitudinal studies: Some case studies are conducted over an extended period to observe changes and developments. The objective might be to track trends, progress, shift in policy or strategy, pre and post reviews, or outcomes. 

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It is critical to develop clear and explicit case study objectives early in the research process, as they will guide the selection of relevant material, data gathering methods, and the overall framework of the study. The objectives of the case study report should match the expected outcomes and the target audience. This type of study helps a researcher or a learner to improve their knowledge and critical thinking. Institutions that have their academic delivery with the help of case study method can create a significance difference as it helps in the development of critical thinking among the learners.   

Manipal University Jaipur offers UGC-entitled online MBA programs that have excellent curriculum and comes with expert mentorship. Along with the academics, students get to work on real world case studies which help them gain skills like critical thinking, strategic planning, problem-solving, etc., all of which are important in establishing a successful career. 


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