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Career options after 12th arts: What to do after 12th arts? [2022]

Online Manipal Editorial Team | July 06, 2022

You’ve finished your higher secondary education in arts or humanities, and are wondering what happens next? In fact, you have several options to explore. A few years back, there weren’t multiple options or courses after 12th arts, but now since there are several specialised fields of study, there is a wide range of choices.

Arts is the most fundamental and popular area of education. The most important fact about the arts stream is that most individuals who study politics and administration prioritise it as their primary field of study. The finest undergrad degree options that are open to you after finishing your 12th grade in the arts stream are all described in this article. You can choose a degree and specialisation depending on your preferences and abilities. Therefore, collect all the information mentioned below and make an intelligent choice for your career.

What to do after 12th arts?

The initial thought that crosses every student’s mind is, “what course should I do after 12th arts?” What students should do after class 12th is probably the most critical concern, but the most pressing one for students in the arts field is whether or not their stream has much potential. Many are unsure of which professional path to take after finishing their 12th-grade in the arts stream because of the common myth that individuals majoring in Science and Commerce have better prospects than those majoring in the Arts or Humanities.

This misconception about the arts field is untrue, and rather it offers a wide range of career possibilities and employment options. Many educators, including teachers and principals, pursued degrees in the arts and have led successful lives. Taking a course in arts, social science or humanities has a very bright future after the completion of your 12th grade. A student can enrol in many career-oriented courses after class 12, regardless of their stream. This career path offers exciting and distinctive employment opportunities. This field intersects with others, including management, law, and computers. There are various Arts stream jobs you can opt for from the fields of film, media, academia, animation, cultural art, dancing, painting, photography, and cuisine.

Career options after 12th arts

Candidates or students may consider pursuing a humanities course after finishing their 12th-grade education in the Arts stream. They can study law, mass media, education, hospitality, and aviation. There are numerous courses you can opt for after 12th Arts that lead to the most popular jobs and sought-after careers; listed below are some of them:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Event Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator
  • Journalist
  • Filmmaker
  • Air Hostess
  • Chef
  • Food Stylist
  • Photographer
  • Web Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Teacher
  • Social Worker

Check the job roles, career descriptions, educational requirements, training, and licence requirements to decide the course you want to pursue after 12th-grade arts. After completing the 12th in arts, you will likely be prepared to choose your future course and career options after thorough research. Explore the employment opportunities that are quickly evolving to get a better idea of what your path entails.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The most well-liked and top-rated course available to students is a BBA programme. Many students who want to pursue business management and administration after graduating from high school in the arts stream might simply pursue a BBA and then sign up for an MBA programme. Since the curriculum for the BBA and MBA courses covers general industry-based topics like sales, marketing, international business, finance, etc., students from the arts stream can excel after completing these courses. Students majoring in arts can find employment in international corporations after earning an MBA from a reputable management college. 

BBA programme’s greatest strength is its accessibility to students from all three academic disciplines: Science, Commerce, and Arts. A variety of industry areas, including marketing, sales, accounting, education, hospitality, and government, are among those where this three-year full-time undergraduate programme can lead to future career prospects. For those studying arts, BBA is a well-preferred professional path.

The curriculum offers a strong base for fostering the development of entrepreneurial, business administration and insight so that students can successfully handle leadership jobs. Students who earn a BBA degree have the opportunity to land prestigious jobs like HR Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, and R&D Executive, to name a few. The benefits and advantages make BBA as one of the most popular courses one can opt for after 12th arts.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

BCA is the other highly regarded course students can take after 12th arts. To pursue a career with BCA, you must be technically proficient and have a keen interest in developing software and applications. This three-year programme will prepare you for a successful, well-paying career in the IT industry. This course will teach you to develop computer and mobile applications and advanced computer technology. 

Your BCA degree will qualify you for positions such as computer programmer, app developer, data analyst, blockchain developer, and cybersecurity specialist, all of which are on par with engineering degrees in terms of quality. You can choose to pursue an MCA after completing your BCA. Candidates with an MCA degree may have excellent work chances at prestigious IT and consulting firms. People with strong computer application abilities are in high demand in the IT sector due to the development of IT and communication technologies. Students with an MCA degree can readily find employment in the public and commercial sectors.

This career path opens up several sub-fields where you can work after earning your degree. Here are some of the well-known courses that you can choose to study after graduating with a BCA:

  • Master in Computer Application
  • Master in Information Management
  • Master in Computer Management
  • Information Security Management
  • CISCO Certified Network Professional
  • Post Graduate Program in Corporate Studies
  • Master of Business Administration

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Bachelors Of Commerce (B.Com)

The B.Com degree equips individuals for the business world and entrepreneurship, in contrast to the BBA, which primarily concentrates on preparing students for managerial positions. B.Com students pick up extensive expertise in business and finance, which they can use to improve their careers or start their businesses. Compared to other degrees, the B.Com degree and short-term courses listed after it have a wider range of applications. B.Com degree holders can find employment in various industries, including marketing, accounting, consultancies, investment banking, banks, capital management, etc. 

Many businesses favour B.Com graduates over others due to their extensive and varied academic experience. B.Com degree holders receive a substantially better starting salary than other degrees. Numerous short-term courses are created especially to aid B.Com graduates in developing advanced and sector-specific abilities. You have many possibilities for pursuing a master’s degree if you hold a B.Com degree from a reputed institution like M.Com, MBA, MIM, Master of Finance, etc.

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Integrated law course (BA plus LLB)

An integrated law course, combining both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Legislative Law degree, is among the prominent career options for arts students. The course lasts five years, divided into 10 semesters, as it integrates two whole courses. The primary benefit of taking an integrated legal course is that you can earn two degrees within the framework of one programme. It is one of the finest career options for students interested in law and unsure of what to pursue after their 12th-grade arts coursework. The syllabus is designed so that the two courses flow naturally and complement each other. 

A bachelor’s degree is often needed to earn an LLB degree. However, if you choose an integrated legal course, you can start studying law as soon as you finish 12th grade. The Indian Bar Council officially acknowledges integrated legal programmes. Students can thus take the Bar Council of India exam with a BA LLB degree to obtain a professional licence for practising law, making it one of the best courses after 12th arts.

Bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication 

This programme seeks to produce socially conscious media professionals that are data-driven and excel at public speaking and communications. Students are exposed to and introduced to various media-related topics over the three years, preparing them to take on real-world industry roles upon course completion. For these reasons, this is one of the best courses available after 12th-grade arts. 

The programme covers print journalism, radio production, television production and writing, advertising and public relations, event management, social media, film studies, and media law and ethics, among various topics. The wide course curriculum is expertly calibrated to enable students to develop technical abilities in all pertinent areas of journalism and mass communication and teach theoretical information determining their aspects and usage.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Education in fine arts is now seen as one of the top career alternatives for students interested in the arts field. A BFA is typically three to four-year programme in the performing, visual, and fine arts. Students can enrol in specialised classes in theatre, film production, music, dance, pottery and ceramics, painting and sculpture, creative writing, architectural drawing, textile design, and animations. A variety of unusual employment opportunities are made available by this undergraduate degree after 12th grade arts. Those who wish to pursue a BFA must be talented, possessing presentation and visualisation skills. 

You’ll not only receive a formal education in your subject of choice if you achieve your degree with a BFA specialisation, but you’ll also develop your creative abilities. Graduates of the BFA programme have many career options in teaching, writing, dancing, singing and music, and they can perform as art directors, theatre and drama actors, and many more. 

Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD)

A three- to a four-year undergraduate program called the Bachelor of Fashion Design is available for students dreaming of working in the fashion industry. The curriculum incorporates quickly changing fashion industry trends and instructs students on producing unique designs for clothing, jewellery, footwear, fashion accessories, and other items. It is one of the best course options available after 12th-grade in arts since learners are not only given an introduction to the dynamic world of fashion but also trained to use various analytical and creative approaches and tools to create products that meet consumer demands. A bachelor’s degree in fashion design is the best choice for future employment for students with inquiring and creative minds. It teaches potential employees skills relevant to fashion sectors, such as visual acuity, a worldwide perspective on design, prototyping, a knowledge of colour palettes, sewing, and many other things.

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

A BHM degree offers crucial employment roles in an organisation if you’re wondering what to do after 12th. This three to four year-long undergraduate management programme prepares students to work in the hospitality sector. The course includes many specialist areas, including tourism, event management, housing management, and the food and beverage business. Hotel management can be a rewarding career option for students looking for courses following their 12th grade in arts with high salaries. 

Students can readily get work with excellent pay after the successful completion of the BHM degree programme. Students have plenty of opportunities to develop and practise their interpersonal, communication, negotiation, and customer service skills throughout the course. Additionally, students grow great business sense and thoroughness, two essential qualities in the hospitality industry. These factors make BHM one of the most popular courses to take following 12th-grade arts. Candidates can obtain various jobs after completing the BHM programme, including hotel manager, accommodation manager, meeting and event planner, food service manager, sales manager, food and beverage manager, catering officer, etc.

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Career in digital marketing

There is much online awe around images, memes, gifs, viral commercials, and videos that catch your attention while browsing the internet. Have you ever wondered who makes these popular memes and advertisements? How do online publishers discover what is popular? A profession in digital marketing might be the greatest choice for you if these topics excite you. It takes only a few months to improve practical learning once you finish your 12th-grade coursework. You can get ready for job interviews with the help of professional digital marketing training. As a result, you can build your career much earlier than engineers, physicians, and others with a conventional bachelor’s degree.

Numerous institutions in India offer and facilitate access to digital marketing courses. Candidates who wish to pursue a digital marketing course after completing their 12th grade can enrol for three years in UG-level courses. There are additional course categories such as:

  • BBA in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Email Marketing
  • Certificate in Social Media Marketing
  • B.Sc. in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing 

Can arts students do BCA course?

Yes, if you have a 12th-grade certification in arts or humanities, you can pursue a BCA degree at numerous colleges. But it’s also true that many universities won’t let students enrol in a BCA program if mathematics wasn’t one of their subjects in class 12. It is intended to imply that many universities only permit students with a major in science or commerce or who have studied mathematics in class 12 to pursue a BCA degree. If you plan to pursue a BCA, you must be proficient in the associated areas, particularly maths. There will also be entrance exams for certain institutions.

Can arts students do BBA?

The stream of business administration is open to students from all disciplines. Yes, students studying commerce do have an advantage. Still, students from other majors, including arts, can pursue a BBA or MBA. Students, who apply for a BBA programme, must have at least a 50% grade point average in their final 12th-grade exams from an accredited board (which can vary from college to college). Several colleges have entrance exams for BBA admission, including the SET, NPAT, DUJAT, CUET, and BUMAT.

Can arts students do B.Com?

The three-year Bachelor of Commerce program is usually for students majoring in commerce. However, students irrespective of their stream in 12th can enrol in this course. You must fill out an application in the college where you wish to enrol for B.Com admission. B.Com offers a broader perspective and covers a variety of topics. Through this programme’s thoughtful design, students can improve their management and analytical abilities, financial literacy, business acumen, and leadership abilities.

Can arts students do BCA without maths?

Indeed, they can, but not all colleges offer this. Various colleges and universities have different requirements for admission, and therefore few will accept applicants without maths skills while many demand mathematics.So, you’ll have to find out about the universities and colleges that offer it by checking the eligibility criteria on their websites. The minimum percentage required is 50% for most universities, but only pass marks are required for some universities.

Can arts students do B.Com without maths?

To pursue this degree, you are not required to take mathematics as a compulsory subject in 10+2. To be qualified for this course, you merely need to have completed your 12th grade from any discipline. There are no constraints on this, and many students pursue a B.Com after finishing their 12th grade in the sciences or the arts.


The Arts stream covers a wide range of topics outside the traditional ones, along with new courses which are interesting and provide good future opportunities. After passing their 12th grade in the Arts stream, many possibilities enable students to pursue unconventional professional options.

Students who complete their 12th standard in the arts have a plethora of possibilities at their disposal. It is due to a large number of employment alternatives available to Art majors, which makes this sector diversified and provides a wide range of professional opportunities. Your interest can be ascertained based on the job path you plan to take after graduation. Before choosing which course to enrol in after graduation, all young people considering what to do after 12th-grade Arts should consider the duration, level of difficulty, and cost of the course. You can start your professional career by enrolling in any of the aforementioned top courses after completing your 12th-grade Arts coursework.

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