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Top bachelor’s degree to choose after class 12th


A bachelor’s degree holds notable significance for students following the completion of their 12th grade since it plays a vital part in shaping their educational pursuits. A bachelor’s degree demonstrates an individual’s commitment to pursue and complete an arduous academic program, exhibiting their focus, drive, and intellectual abilities. This degree gives students a thorough understanding of their chosen subject, allowing them to dive further into its conceptual principles and practical implications. Students obtain specialized knowledge while developing intellectual thinking, critical, and problem-solving abilities via a meticulously chosen curriculum, which are vital assets in the current dynamic and competitive employment market. 

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In today’s digital age, students can earn their bachelor’s degree via online or on-campus options. Online education has grown in acceptance owing to its flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. It allows students to personalize their learning experience while balancing educational pursuits with other obligations. Traditional on-campus programs, on the other hand, present a more holistic educational environment, improving face-to-face contact with peers and faculty.

Most preferred undergraduate degrees after 12th 

Here is an outline of major undergraduate degrees after 12th in several fields, along with brief descriptions of each:

Science Stream:

BCA is amongst the most preferred bachelor’s degrees after 12th in computer applications that emphasizes software development and programming skills besides a solid basis in computer science that makes you well-versed in a variety of programming languages, computer networks, software engineering, web development, and database administration. 

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.Tech.): 

B.Tech degrees usually consist of computer science, mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, and other engineering subjects. The degree provides students with the technical talents and knowledge needed to develop, construct, and upkeep engineering systems.

Commerce Stream:

This 3-year undergraduate degree in business administration teaches students about business principles, managerial practices, and entrepreneurship. Finance, marketing, human resource management, operations, and strategic management are some topics covered in BBA after the 12th.

  • BCom (Bachelor of Commerce):

A BCom is an undergraduate degree after 12th in commerce that covers a wide range of finance, finance, economics, taxation, business law, and managerial topics. So, BCom after 12th gives you a strong foundation in business and commerce, preparing you for jobs in accounting, banking, finance, corporate management, and taxation.

Arts Stream:

There are B.A. degrees in different specializations like BA in English, Psychology, History, Economics, and Political Science, to name a few, that provide a thorough understanding of the chosen discipline while emphasizing analytical thinking, research skills, and awareness of culture. 

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  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication: 

A degree in journalism prepares individuals for a job in television, radio, newspapers, the publishing industry, or marketing. This three-year course includes classroom instruction along with field trips, hands-on experience, internships, and various other immersive experiences to prepare you for this demanding but lucrative career work. 

These undergraduate programs can also be studied online, giving flexibility as well as accessibility for those who prefer remote learning choices. Online programs frequently offer the same curriculum and academic outcomes as their on-campus equivalents, enabling students to earn their degrees remotely while continuing to receive high-quality instruction and gaining relevant skills for their chosen careers.

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Important criteria before choosing a bachelor’s degree

Several important aspects must be evaluated before choosing the best bachelor’s degree. These traits are essential in determining your academic and career route. Consider the following crucial factors:

  • College/University reputation: 

The reputation of the educational institution you choose significantly impacts your future opportunities. Look for institutions with a strong alumni network, academic excellence, and industry connections. 

  • Career prospects: 

Explore career prospects associated with the bachelor’s degree you’re considering. Analyze the requirement for professionals in that sector, projected expansion rates, and prospective salaries. A degree that is aligned with high-demand sectors or evolving disciplines can provide greater job possibilities and stability.

  • Accreditations and program quality: 

Check if the institution and degree program are both accredited by authorized accrediting authorities. Accreditation makes sure the education you get adheres to specific excellence standards and convinces organizations that you have received a comprehensive and pertinent education.

  • Return on Investment (ROI): 

Consider considerations such as tuition expenses, financial assistance options, and the possible revenue potential in your selected professional field. Balancing the expense of education with prospective earnings might help you estimate the long-term worth of your bachelor’s degree.

  • Mode of education: 

Choose the educational mode that best fits your education style and settings. Some degrees may be earned via traditional on-campus programs, online programs, or a hybrid of the two. Consider aspects like accessibility, adaptability, and the level of participation you want in the learning process.

  • Alignment with career goals: 

Analyze how effectively your bachelor’s degree corresponds with your long-term employment objectives. Consider the degree program’s unique skills, knowledge, and abilities and if they are compatible with your desired professional path. Look for internships, co-op initiatives, or practical training that will provide you with real experience in the field of your choice.

  • Future trends and industry relevance: 

Keep up to date on future trends and breakthroughs in your chosen industry. Industries change over time, so choosing a degree that is relevant and flexible to shifting job market demands is critical. Consider how technology, sustainability, and global trends may affect your chosen field.

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How do online degrees benefit students and working professionals

Online degrees provide several advantages to both students and working professionals. Here are key elements indicating their benefits:

  • Easy access to quality education: 

Online degrees give students, and working professionals worldwide access to superior learning opportunities from revered educational institutions. Online education eliminates geographical constraints, allowing students to learn from famous academics and professionals in their industry, irrespective of their location.

  • Flexibility and advancement: 

Online degrees empower working professionals to improve their educational prospects while continuing to work. They can improve their talents or transition into a new sector yet retain their current job. Online programs allow students to learn at their speed, allowing them to efficiently balance employment and education commitments. 

  • Networking and collaboration: 

Online degrees promote networking and collaboration among learners and professionals from various walks of life. Virtual learning environments and discussion forums let individuals connect by allowing them to communicate and share insights with peers, industry professionals, and professors from all over the globe. 

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Finish your graduation in online mode from the reputed Manipal University Jaipur

Earning your bachelor’s degree online from a reputed university like Manipal University Jaipur provides various benefits. The online mode offers students flexibility and convenience by allowing them to study from any place at their own pace. Students gain from dynamic learning resources, engaging virtual classrooms, and access to seasoned professors who provide guidance and assistance. Getting a bachelor’s degree online from Manipal University Jaipur provides graduates with a renowned credential that opens avenues to an array of career prospects.

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A bachelor’s degree is imperative for students following the 12th grade since it serves as a stepping stone for their future endeavors. It equips students with the knowledge, abilities, and credentials they need to flourish in their preferred professional paths, whether they are pursued online or on campus. Students must carefully consider their alternatives and choose an academic program that meets their goals and learning preferences, establishing a solid foundation for a productive and rewarding professional career. Enroll in the online bachelor degrees offered by Manipal University Jaipur to stay on the forefront of your path to learning while accomplishing your professional objectives.


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