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Best bachelor’s degree you can consider after 10+2

Online Manipal Editorial Team | February 16, 2022

To build a career — and to build one that you love— that’s a real achievement. That is possible only through quality education and selecting a field of study that is right for you. Today many students who want to make the best use of their time have enrolled themselves for online degree and professional courses. Check out the below steps to discover bachelor’s degree courses that are perfect for you and can help you up the ante on your career and life goals.  

Questions you should ask while choosing your bachelor’s degree

Should you choose a course your friends are choosing, or will you pick your career path? 

A common challenge faced by youngsters is moving away from their friends at the end of their school life. Often in order to stay in touch with their best friends they opt for courses that their friends have enrolled for even without analysing their own interests, strengths, and dreams. It is always better to choose a course that will support your dreams and improve your chances of advancing in your career. If your friends’ have career goals similar to yours then a brainstorming session can help choose a course that can equally support the career and life goals that you and your friends have.

Does this course have any relevance these days? 

No matter what course you take it should provide you with career opportunities and growth in the future. As the world is changing new science and technologies are emerging and many areas of studies are becoming obsolete. Choose wisely. 

How do you need to prepare yourself in order to start with this course? 

While your plus 2 education would have laid the foundation, it can always be helpful to join special classes for certain subjects to improve your chances of admission especially when there is entrance test for competitive exams.

What are the job opportunities and pay packages after this bachelor’s degree course?

The knowledge acquired in school will expand your mind. On the other hand, the knowledge acquired in college prepares you to practically apply it and be rewarded for it. One of the most important factors is to understand the type of job opportunities and the type of remuneration you are aiming for. Keeping this in mind choose an institution that provides quality education along with seminars, workshops, and internships that will help you have an overview of the latest innovations, trends, discoveries, and remuneration in your field of choice.  

What about campus placement?

To improve your chances at getting a job you like, look out for colleges with excellent campus placement records. Most colleges nowadays take extra attention to making their students job-ready by conducting seminars or events that help them prepare for job interviews and jobs. 

Here is a list of the most popular and commonly selected courses by science, arts, and commerce students. A few of these courses are common to all streams and offer rewarding career opportunities.

Courses under science stream

  • B.Sc.: You will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree when you choose any of the following fields of study: physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, math, etc. These courses can be completed in 3 years. Wildlife biology, earth science/ geography, environmental sciences, oceanography, and veterinary sciences are a few of the unique and popular courses opted by science students today. 
  • B. Tech.: Bachelor of Technology covers engineering and other related fields, and the duration of the course is 3 to 4 years. Students interested in Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics can benefit from joining a B.Tech. degree that provides great career options. The courses offered under the umbrella of the B.Tech. degree include aeronautical engineering, robotics, biotechnology engineering, marine engineering, chemical engineering, computer science engineering, electronics and communication engineering and much more.
  • BCA: Bachelor of Computer Science degree is awarded to students who have successfully completed three years of this course and have acquired knowledge of programming languages, networking, data structure, database management, etc. In this technology age, a BCA degree offers highly rewarding careers in data science and big data, machine learning, cyber security, AI, software engineering and more. 
  • B.Arch.: Bachelor in Architecture is a great option for students who are interested in the design and construction of buildings. For the duration of the course, you will gain the knowledge and technical skills required to build high rise structures, residential homes, schools, multiplexes, and more. Students can gain admission for this five-year programme after clearing the National Aptitude Test in Architecture.
  • MBBS: The five-and-a-half-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery course is gruelling but highly rewarding. It focuses on subjects such as anatomy, pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, pathology, etc., to prepare students to become future surgeons, doctors, and researchers in the field of medicine. Students must appear for entrance examinations (NEET) and aim for getting admission in colleges approved by the Medical Council of India.    
  • BDS: Bachelor of Dental Surgery is a five-year course that is perfect for students wanting to become dental surgeons. The subjects covered in this course are dental anatomy, dental histology, oral pathology, oral medicine and radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, periodontics, conservative and endodontics, orthodontics, and more.  After the course, completion you can apply for government jobs as a dental surgeon, join the army, navy, or air force as a dental officer, or even the forensic department.  
  • Nursing: Nursing is a noble job, a service to humanity. You have to clear entrance exams to gain admission for the four-year nursing course. Look for colleges recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. Your nursing degree can give you a plethora of job options in India and abroad where you can work in areas such as critical care, emergency, health administration, obstetrics and gynecology, paramedic, outpatient care, and even epidemic research. 
  • Pharma: D.Pharm. and B.Pharm. courses are offered by various colleges in the country. This course focuses on subjects such as human biology and physiology, chemistry, and pharmaceutics. Your bachelor’s degree in pharma will help you gain jobs in the pharmaceutical industry / clinical trials, Drug safety, academics, research, and entrepreneurship. 

Courses under commerce stream

  • B.Com.: A popular choice among students from the commerce stream, the three-year Bachelor of Commerce degree dives further into economics, cost accounting, taxation, company law, business math, statistics, etc. Your B.Com. degree helps you to enter the sectors and services that are influenced by commerce. This includes but is not limited to financial services, accounting, auditing, tax services, business management, commercial banking, insurance services, manufacturing and distribution, telecommunications services, international banking, and more.
  • BBA: The main difference between the 3-year BBA degree and the Bachelor of Commerce degree is that the latter is ideal for students who are interested in finance and accounting while BBA focuses more on subjects covering business management. It is an ideal choice for students who wish to start a career in management or have a dream to become entrepreneurs.

Courses under arts and humanities stream

  • BA: Bachelor of Arts is a three-year course opted by students who want to specialise in the field of Arts and Humanities. Some of the popular courses chosen by students include BA in English, Economics, Political Science, History, and Sociology. These bachelor’s degree courses offer students great career options as academicians, writers, teachers, political analysts, social workers, economists, and more. 
  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication: If the news and media excite you, then a degree in journalism can prep you up for work in the fields of radio, newspapers, television, publishing, or advertising. This 3-year course will be an amalgamation of classroom learning as well as field trips, practical work, internships, and other interactive sessions which will prep you for this rigorous yet rewarding field of work.   

Other bachelor’s degree courses

  • LLB: Integrated Bachelor of Law degree is a 5-year program in India and is offered by top universities. The Bar Council of India takes an active interest in the activities of these colleges and universities. The subjects covered include family law, criminal law, constitutional law, the law of evidence, labor and work laws, consumer protection, trade laws, international law, human rights, environmental law, etc. 
  • Graphic Design and Animation: A bachelor’s degree course like Visual Communication covers subjects like graphic designing and animation. The course helps students gain in-depth practical knowledge of the various software, tools, and standards followed by graphic designers. On course completion, you can begin your career as a web designer, VFX artist, game designer, animator and so on.
  • Travel and Tourism: This three-year bachelor’s degree course is perfect for anyone who loves to communicate with people and is a preferred choice of students wishing to enter the travel or hospitality industry. The course covers interesting topics such as tourism planning, marketing tourism, Indian heritage tourism planning, tourism operations, financial management, the economics of tourism, etc. A degree in Travel and Tourism can lead you to both government jobs and private jobs in India. You can even work from home as a travel writer or travel vlogger and earn good remuneration.

Manipal University Jaipur’s online degree courses in India

The current global shift has changed the way education is imparted and how it is absorbed. The uncertainty of the events has led young students to sign up for online degree courses and make up for a lost time. While the joy of walking into a college campus and meeting your peers can not be substituted, students who want to make the best use of their time are pursuing online degrees and professional courses. Enrolling for an Online degree in India offered by Manipal University Jaipur can help you stay on top of your learning journey and also achieve your career goals. 

Top features of Manipal University’s online degree courses

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UGC approved online degree courses in India

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