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Best online bachelor’s degree programmes in 2022

With the development of technology, most things have become digital. Online learning has gained much popularity in recent years, and many individuals now prefer to pursue online degree courses over regular ones. One of the reasons for the popularity of such courses is that they provide self-paced learning. Students can continue their education through online learning and invest their remaining time productively.   

Like in other countries, students in India are also enrolling themselves in online degree courses and taking their careers to the next level. Therefore, an online bachelor’s degree will be an excellent option whether you are an employee or just completed your 10+2 and want to continue your study at your pace. 

What is an online degree course?

As the name suggests, an online degree course is a course exclusively conducted online. To pursue this course, students don’t need to attend the college campus, and such a course accommodates those who cannot pursue the regular courses for various reasons. According to a survey, 61% of HR managers believe that online learning is of equal quality with traditional learning. 71% of organisations hire candidates completing online degree courses. 83% of business leaders believe that pursuing an online course from a well-known institute is far better than taking an on-campus course from an average institute.

Some of the features of online degree courses are: 

  • There are no barriers to students in case of online courses as innumerable students can enrol into the course at the same time.
  • In a competitive country like India, students do not need to go through cutthroat competition to enrol in an online bachelor’s degree.
  • Students can attend classes at their convenience.
  • A flexible schedule helps the students pursue studies and other activities like working in an office, taking other courses, etc.
  • Since there is no expense on furniture and other infrastructure, the online course cost is lower and available at an affordable price.
  • Even students from low-income families can also afford online courses from top institutes.
  • In the online learning process, one to one interaction between teacher and students makes the class more engaging and interactive.
  • A high-quality curriculum helps the students increase their skills and knowledge in an unparalleled way.
  • Due to the flexibility of time and other conveniences, students can complete the full course without any difficulty, which leads to a higher retention rate.

Online degrees vs regular degrees

There are some basic differences between online degrees and regular degree courses. The differences are mentioned in the table below:

Online degree coursesRegular degree courses
Online degree courses are less costlyRegular degree courses are more costly
Innumerable students can attend classes simultaneously, and therefore there is no high competition for seats Only a limited number of students can join the course, making the competition for seats very high
One to one interaction between teacher and students makes the content easily understandableLack of adequate interaction creates difficulty for students to understand the content
Classes become more engaging and interestingLess engaging classes become less interesting
Instructors can clear doubts of students instantlyStudents may have to wait to get their doubts cleared
Flexible timing makes it convenient for students to attend the classesFixed timing creates inconvenience for attending the classes on time
Self-paced learningLearning is possible only in the stipulated time
No need to travelTravelling is required
High-quality curriculum as only top-ranked institutes are allowed to offer online by UGCThe quality of the curriculum depends on the rank of the institute
Less time consumingMore time consuming
Retention rate of students is higher due to being more flexible schedule and engaging deliveryRetention rate of students is low due to lack of flexibility 

Why get a bachelor’s degree vs a diploma?

Both bachelor’s degree and diploma programmes are fairly popular options after 10+2. Bachelor’s degree focuses on imparting knowledge by going to the root of a subject. Normally the duration of a bachelor’s degree may vary from three years to six years. In the case of a bachelor’s degree in general courses, the period may be three years. But, in the case of a bachelor’s degree in professional courses, the course period may vary from four to five years.

Unlike a bachelor’s degree, a diploma focuses on imparting a particular skill. The total time for completing a diploma may vary from three months to three years. Due to the absence of proper knowledge, some students go for diploma programmes instead of degree courses. 

A student benefits more by doing a bachelor’s degree rather than a diploma. These have been explained below:

  • International institutes always recognise bachelor’s degrees, but foreign institutes may not recognise a diploma.
  • Bachelor’s degrees allow students to dive deep into a subject, unlike a diploma that focuses only on teaching what is required.
  • Many avenues may open up for students by doing a bachelor’s degree. But a diploma offers only those opportunities for which a diploma course has been created. 
  • Bachelor’s degrees offer you opportunities to pursue master’s degrees and go for further studies. But by doing a diploma course, you may not be able to go for further studies.
  • The top companies always prefer those employees who have a bachelor’s degree rather than a diploma. Bachelor’s degrees are available in most of the top institutes.

What are the best online bachelor’s degrees in India?

There are many bachelor’s degree courses in India. To know about the best online bachelor’s degrees in India and top institutes that offer these courses along with the average salaries on graduation, look at the table below:

Online degree coursesTop collegesAverage salary (in INR)Subjects covered
Bachelor of Business AdministrationManipal University Jaipur, Jamia Millia Islamia, University of Madras, Vellur Institute of Technology, Amity University8 lakhsEffective Communication skills, Quantitative Methods, Financial Accounting, Principles of Management etc.  
Bachelor of CommerceManipal University Jaipur, Lovely Professional University, Vellur Institute of Technology3 lakhsBanking, Financial Services, Capital Markets, Market Research, Insurance, Supply Chain etc.
Bachelor of Computer ApplicationManipal University Jaipur, University of Mysore, Symbiosis University, Lovely Professional University, Vellur Institute of Technology, Amity University7.2 lakhs Fundamentals of Computers, C Programming, Operating Systems, Multimedia Systems, Web-based application development.
BAJMCAmity University, Chandigarh University, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology5 lakhsMass Communication Model and Theory, Print Journalism, Graphics and Visual Communication, Business Communication.
Bachelor of ArtsSymbiosis University, Amity University, University of Madras, Lovely Professional University, Jamia Millia IslamiaNot MentionedEconomics, English, History, Philosophy, Sanskrit
B.Sc Travel and Tourism ManagementPadmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Hindustan Institute of Technology & ScienceNot MentionedTravel Business, Service Marketing, Hospitality Management

How to choose the best online UG program?

Before choosing an online UG program, you should carefully gather some information from reliable sources. Based on that information, you can make your decisions.

Before choosing an online program, you should go through the following steps:

  • Research the institute 

Before making a choice for an online course, you should research the institute well. Find out the year of establishment, the total number of students enrolling every year etc. Moreover, you should also find out to which University the institute is affiliated, and whether the institute is accredited or not.

  • Course

Once you decide to take the online course, you should find out whether the course offered is fully online or not because some institutes offer partially online courses.

  • Fee

Once you decide on the institute, you should check the fee structure and compare the fee with other institutes. You should always compare with them for the same courses. 

  • Faculty

You should also gather information regarding faculty, including their qualification and experience, which faculty member is given a higher rating by students etc.

  • Time table

You should check whether the time fixed for a class is flexible or not. Also, check whether the videos are available after the live class or not.

  • Check requirements

Before enrolling in the courses, you should find out the requirements for the particular course. Check the eligibility criteria. If the criteria match your eligibility, you should apply for admission to the online UG course.

How to get admission to an online bachelor’s degree programme?

Before taking admission into an online programme, you should find out certain information and follow certain procedures.

  • Visit the website

To get admission to an online bachelor’s degree programme, you have to visit the official website of the institute. By visiting the website, you will be able to gather all the required information mentioned there. After going through all the information, you have to decide whether you should get admission into the institute or not.

  • Apply on the website

After going through all the information; you should apply online to the course you are interested in pursuing.

  • Consult with admission counsellor

If you have any confusion regarding taking admission into your desired course, you can consult with an admission counsellor. An admission counsellor will also help you if you are unable to make any decision regarding taking an online course.

  • Payment of fee

You can make the payment online by using a credit/debit card or any other mode suggested by the institute.

  • Wait for approval

After making the payment, you have to wait for approval from the University. Once approved, you’ll be informed by mail. 

Get a future-ready online bachelor’s degree from Online Manipal

Manipal University Jaipur offers three online bachelor’s degree programmes through Online Manipal at an affordable price. By enrolling in any of these courses, you can get lucrative opportunities. All three courses have been mentioned below:

  • Bachelor of Commerce

This course is designed so that you can acquire managerial skills and get success in the field of commerce by building competencies. This three-year degree programme will help you acquire knowledge of accounting principles, export and import laws, economic policies, and trade and business. In this course, subjects include Accounting, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management etc.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

This course aims to prepare you in the field of business and make you industry-ready. You can access both live and recorded classes. This three-year online BBA course is open to all students irrespective of their high school streams. Those who are interested in building their career in the field of business administration can opt for this course. Subjects covered in this course are Business Management, Marketing strategy, Communication, Systems and Analytics, Finance etc.

  • Bachelor of Computer Application

This online degree course helps you build a lucrative career in computer technology. This three-year course is enriched with Google Cloud Computing Foundations, designed to introduce you to cloud technology. You will also learn from cloud infrastructure to application development. You will be provided practical knowledge with proper assessment and can learn at your own convenience from the comfort of your home. Subjects are IT and Computer Programming in C, Data Structure and Algorithms, Communication Skills and Personality Development etc.


Due to the popularity of online courses, many students have the opportunity to continue their education and other work. Technological developments have made online education more accessible, and students can access knowledge through online education at a very affordable price. Even working professionals can come forward to pursue online degrees to take their careers to the next level. Many institutes now offer online degree courses due to the increasing popularity of such courses. The universities on Online Manipal like Manipal University Jaipur and MAHE can help you find relevant bachelor’s degree courses.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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