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Business analyst salary in Bengaluru

Business analysts are now playing a crucial part in today’s business settings. Business analysts look for ways to increase operational efficiency and boost performance by researching business processes and operating procedures. Business analysts actively contribute to an organization’s profitability and sustainability as a bridge between the business and IT sectors. Business analysts help organizations improve their processes and the quality of their products and services with their knowledge, flexibility, and passion for innovation, all while assuring the prompt delivery of client deliverables.

They identify the goals and problems a firm is facing and create profitable solutions. Thus, a business analyst’s salary in Bengaluru is INR 7.5 lakh on an average. 

Demand for business analysts in Bangalore

Business analysts are already in high demand, and for the foreseeable future, that demand is only anticipated to grow. Bangalore is, without a doubt, India’s IT hub. Bangalore is one of India’s four major metropolises and one of the largest in the world, whose name is being used by multinational corporations worldwide. Bangalore is one of India’s employment hubs and the country’s IT capital.

The demand for business analyst jobs in Bangalore has increased significantly as numerous IT businesses, many of them among the biggest in India and the entire globe, are concentrated in Bangalore. Accenture, IBM, Cisco, HP, and Dell are a few examples. Numerous MNCs have chosen Bangalore as their principal hub due to its excellent infrastructure, high-quality education, and young people’s technological prowess. The ongoing development of the city’s infrastructure and educational system also significantly boosted its local economy on a global scale.

Business analyst salary for freshers in Bangalore

Business analyst salary in India is influenced by several variables, including company size and reputation, job title, geographic region, educational background, and work experience. Salary levels are typically higher for reputable businesses like TCS, Amazon, Accenture, PWC, etc. On the other hand, the more experience you have, the better your market value will be. This also applies to employment experience. 

So, how much money does a fresh business analyst in Bangalore make? An entry-level business analyst salary in Bangalore (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of INR 10,52,952

Senior-level business analyst salary in Bangalore

Data indicate that during the next five years, the potential income for a business analyst will rise by 53%. In Bangalore, the average gross pay for a business analyst is INR 14,75,109, which equates to an INR 709 hourly wage. This is 5% more than the typical Indian wage for business analysts. The senior-level business analyst salary in Bangalore

(8+ years of experience) is roughly INR 18,59,048.

Top companies hiring business analysts in Bangalore

  • Accenture

Top-tier professional services provider Accenture has expertise in digital, cloud, and security. Offering Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology, and Operations services with unrivaled experience and specific knowledge from more than 40 sectors, is supported by the greatest global network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers.

  • Amazon

The four essential pillars – client obsession rather than competitor concentration, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking- are the foundation for all Amazon teams and organizations, from Prime delivery to AWS.

  • Deloitte

Careers at Deloitte provide several options, from personal development to pursuing your passions. Deloitte professionals are collaborating closely with companies that aim to promote inclusive cultures, ignite revolutionary technologies, fund disease cures, implement sustainability solutions, combat identity theft, and increase trust in the capital markets, among many other goals.

  • Citi

Establishing crucial market intermediaries, including depositories, credit bureaus, clearing houses, and payment institutions, has been a key accomplishment for Citi. Citigroup Global Services Ltd. (CGSL) pioneered the ITES business in financial services, and Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd. and Iflex Solutions Ltd. helped build the foundation of the Indian software industry. Oracle purchased Iflex in 2005 and CGSL from Tata Consultancy Services in 2008. In 2012, Citi India expanded its office space by adding two more green-certified buildings. In 2013, the company moved its headquarters to The First International Financial Centre (FIFC), a top-tier green structure.

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