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Beyond reality: Brands in the metaverse  


To interact with consumers and develop immersive experiences, brands have started to investigate possibilities within the metaverse. As the metaverse develops, brands are more aware of their potential as a brand-new area for marketing, customer involvement, and business opportunity. Brands will probably discover even more creative methods to interact with consumers in this virtual environment. Businesses must comprehend the values and customs of the online communities with whom they interact and put user engagement and experience ahead of overt sales messages. In this dynamic new market, brands that can smoothly integrate into the metaverse and provide customers with value will probably be most successful. 

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What is Metaverse? 

The phrase “metaverse” describes a virtual reality setting where users can communicate with other users through avatars. It resembles an immersive, interconnected online world that blends aspects of augmented reality, virtual reality, and the internet. By participating in numerous activities like socializing, gaming, shopping, working, attending events, and much more, the metaverse aims to create a seamless and persistent digital world. 

By connecting brands with the metaverse, businesses have enhanced their potential to reach new audiences and engage with customers. It has achieved strategically to tap into a rapidly expanding and engaged digital audience. Instead of being perceived as invasive or only motivated by profit, brands want to enhance the metaverse experience. By creating sincere connections and interaction within the metaverse brand loyalty is built. 

Brands can develop virtual locations or experiences within their worlds on different metaverse platforms like Decentraland, VRChat, and Roblox. Brands may access existing user bases and increase their visibility to new customers by engaging with these platforms. 

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Some of the brands that are actively using the metaverse 

Nike – The sportswear giant has launched a virtual store on the Roblox platform to sell limited-edition digital trainers. It is just one example of a firm actively embracing the metaverse. 

Gucci – The high-end fashion label Gucci collaborated with Roblox to develop the virtual experience “Gucci Garden,” which lets visitors tour a digital garden and see virtual displays of Gucci goods. 

Coca-Cola – Coca-Cola joined the metaverse through Decentraland by displaying a digital “Coca-Cola metaverse billboard” that allowed people to interact with it and play brand-related mini-games. 

The North Face – The North Face, a maker of outdoor goods, teamed up with VRChat to develop a virtual campaign experience that allows users to explore stunning landscapes and interact with North Face gear in a computer-generated environment. 

Fortnite – Created by Epic Games, Fortnite is a massively multiplayer online game that has organized several in-game events in association with different brands. 

IKEA – The furniture giant IKEA investigated the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to improve the shopping experience, with users able to place items virtually at their homes using AR technology. 

Adidas: In collaboration with Snapchat, Adidas developed an augmented reality (AR) experience that allowed customers to visually try on the company’s footwear using the Snapchat camera. 

Walmart – Walmart with Roblox has planned to launch online stores where shoppers may browse nearly similar copies of the products seen in Walmart’s actual locations. 

Microsoft – By enabling users to digitally connect through avatars and holograms to attend events, meetings, and conferences, Microsoft has made progress in the metaverse realm. 

Facebook – Facebook’s parent business rebranded its name to Meta and shifted its emphasis from social networking to building the metaverse. The Facebook metaverse refers to Facebook or Meta’s contribution to the metaverse. It’s a virtual reality-based social platform.

It’s crucial that the metaverse environment is constantly changing and more brands have accepted the idea. As technology develops and the metaverse gains popularity, one can anticipate an increase in brands experimenting with and utilizing virtual experiences to engage with their audiences. 

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