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Best Online Courses to Start/Advance Your Career in Marketing

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March 22,

With its unique combination of strategic thinking and creative problem-solving, marketing has grown to be a highly sought-after skill. Do you want to enter the glamorous arena of marketing or polish your marketing skills? Obtaining a marketing degree indicates to potential employers or clients that you possess the necessary abilities to excel in the position. The information and skills necessary to succeed in this competitive sector may be acquired by enrolling in an online marketing course, regardless of whether your goal is to advance your current marketing abilities or start a new career in the field. Let’s explore top marketing courses online in this blog below.

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Top platforms for marketing courses online

Check out below the top platforms offering online marketing courses to help you excel in your career.

1. MBA in Marketing – MUJ

Marketing is crucial for companies to promote their goods or services to their target audience. It also helps in boosting sales and staying competitive in this ever-changing business. Marketing specialists can work in various fields like consulting, IT, strategy, and business development. Manipal University Jaipur’s MBA with marketing elective aims to equip students with knowledge and skills in sales, planning, & control.

2. Digital Marketing – Amity University

The field of digital marketing is expanding quickly as more businesses shift to online business methods. Since online certificates enable anytime learning and cover topics like SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, and affiliate marketing sectors, they are more in demand than regular degree programs. Beginners and seasoned experts can enroll in Amity University’s online course in digital marketing to launch their careers.

3. MBA in Integrated Marketing – Jain University

Integrated marketing entails providing relevant and consistent information across all marketing platforms to develop a unified, integrated, and immersive marketing strategy. This course helps you develop your people, analytical, and interpersonal abilities, analyze real-world scenarios, and offer solutions.

4. Brand Management – Jain Deemed University, Bangalore

This brand management course helps professionals secure employment in marketing, branding, and advertising while building and maintaining brands and improving brand reputation to retain consumers. At Jain Deemed University, Bangalore, a brand management course is available for both freshers and experienced professionals.

5. MBA in Marketing – Lovely Professional University

An MBA in Marketing is beneficial for individuals with a competitive and energetic personality. It provides crucial knowledge for promoting new products in retail, fashion, FMCG, and healthcare industries, as well as expanding into new markets and areas.

6. International Marketing – IGNOU 

The international marketing program at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is industry-focused and equips students with business administration and specialized knowledge for future international marketing managers. It focuses on creating, executing, and monitoring marketing plans and developing strategies for entering and expanding foreign markets.

7. Digital Marketing Strategist – Harvard Business School

Digital marketing strategists are responsible for planning, directing, and assisting diverse digital marketing efforts. Usually employed in an agency environment, a digital marketing strategist is in charge of formulating clients’ digital marketing strategies. Thus, if you have a knack for creativity and are tech-savvy, you can pursue a digital marketing strategist course at Harvard Business School.

8. Digital Marketing & Analyst – ISB

Experts in digital marketing and analysis possess a strong grasp of analytical and reporting techniques. They gather useful information from several data sources, keep an eye out for online trends, create campaign ideas, and evaluate their marketing efforts.

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Career opportunities for online marketing course graduates

Following are a few career opportunities for online marketing course graduates along with basic salary- 

1. Social Media Manager

Social networking has become a crucial component of business. A social media manager is fluent in the culture of social media platforms and knows how to create plans tailored to each network, monitor important metrics, and use the finest tools and techniques available.

Salary – INR 3.5LPA

2. SEO Strategist

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts boost the volume and quality of online traffic to corporate websites. To optimize them for search engine marketing, they implement pay-per-click (PPC) programs, monitor and analyze website statistics, spot trends, and oversee SEO budgets.

Salary – INR 4.9 LPA

3. Product Marketing Manager

Every product or service must be promoted to reach a wider audience, and this is where product marketing manager roles are in demand. They manage the product manufacturing schedules, promotions, and so on. To effectively represent the product’s benefits, a product marketing manager will also collaborate closely with marketing departments.

Salary – INR 12 LPA

4. Marketing Analyst

These days, data-driven insights are the foundation of any effective marketing effort. Marketing analytics professionals may help propel business success by utilizing data’s potential to produce outcomes. Analyzing sales patterns and market circumstances helps marketing analysts build strong marketing strategies and consumer preference marketing reports.

Salary – INR 5 LPA

5. Copywriter or Content Writer

Copywriters or content marketers write various materials, such as e-books, blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, video screenplays, and website text. To rank their content highly in search engines, content marketers are often industry experts and knowledgeable about SEO best practices. This position requires creativity, strong research abilities, and attention to detail.

Salary – INR 3 LPA

6. Marketing Operations Manager

Marketing operations specialists are responsible for monitoring, assessing, and evaluating the success of marketing campaigns in relation to the business’s overall objectives. These professionals forecast the quality of the sales and marketing channel and identify inefficiencies that will improve overall business performance.

Salary – INR 13 LPA

7. Digital Strategist

Digital strategists identify obstacles or difficulties related to the business’s marketing plan. Integrating digital assets, building brand recognition, leading digital initiatives, and evaluating the efficiency of digital channels are all part of a digital strategist’s role. They work together with different departments to create traffic and engagement-boosting digital marketing strategies.

Salary – INR 6 LPA

8. Marketing Director

Effective leadership is essential for marketing teams to be effective. As your company grows and your marketing team expands, a marketing director can supervise all marketing strategies and promotional activities. As they will be responsible for building and inspiring a team to design and carry out successful campaigns, applicants for marketing director positions should possess both practical marketing experience and people management abilities.

Salary – INR 29 LPA

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Online marketing with Online Manipal

With high salaries and various career prospects, the demand for marketing experts is on the surge. Thus, the Online Manipal marketing course is designed to equip students with useful skills for success in the marketing industry, such as data analysis, brand management, market research, and strategic planning. To enroll for an MBA with a marketing elective at Manipal University Jaipur, you don’t need any work experience; thus, freshers are welcome to explore great opportunities.

At Online Manipal, you get access to thousands of e-books in huge e-libraries. You can also develop your programming abilities and work on projects in a unique, cutting-edge programming environment. You can also take advantage of on-demand recorded lectures, participate in in-person conversations with instructors, and schedule convenient time slots to take online tests from the comfort of your homes. Moreover, be it offline placement drives or virtual ones, Online Manipal guides students on resume building, offers webinars by experts, and so on.

Fuel your career as a marketer by enrolling in marketing courses!

The online marketing courses mentioned above, provided by prestigious colleges, will assist you in pursuing your ideal profession, whether you are just starting or feel like you need to improve your knowledge and abilities. These marketing courses can be useful for staying updated and ahead in the industry. What’s more? They are short, and you don’t have to quit your job to pursue them. Enroll in one now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Marketing plays an important role in assisting a business in achieving its aims and objectives for development and survival.
  • In this digital world, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed by enrolling in marketing courses offered by various institutions.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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