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Can I grow as a domain leader after completing an MBA in Business Analytics?


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February 25,

Business analytics is the study of data and information to help companies make decisions. It is a field that combines business knowledge, quantitative techniques, computer science, and mathematics altogether. The information collected for business analytics is typically used for decision-making purposes. It can be used to predict trends in sales, market share, costs, and more.

The MBA in Business Analytics career growth is rapid. Many different approaches have been taken by businesses to solve the challenges they face. Similarly, one approach is domain leadership.

Domain leadership is leading a team working on a project or mission. It requires the ability to find and motivate people, as well as supervise them. In business analytics, domain leader is also important for helping businesses grow and scale by creating an effective team that can handle more volume or complexity.

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An overview of MBA in Business Analytics

An MBA in Business Analytics is a master’s degree focusing on using statistics and data analysis for business intelligence. It is often combined with other business-related courses, such as accounting or finance.

A person with Business Analytics domain expertise can teach students how to use statistical software and techniques such as regression analysis and data mining to analyze large amounts of data to make better business decisions. The program applies these techniques to real-world situations, including marketing, sales, and human resources management. 

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Duration and salaries

The MBA in Business Analytics program goes on for two years and gives you the skills and experience you need to succeed in the growing field of data analytics. The course is designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in any subject (including statistics). To qualify for the program, you’ll need a minimum of 50% marks at the undergraduate level or an equivalent grade (such as an A+ or B+).

The average starting salary for business analytics graduates with an MBA in business analytics is between eight lakhs and sixteen lakhs per annum. The top employers providing such salaries include IBM, Accenture, Oracle, Deloitte, Fractal Analytics, Absolutdata, etc.

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Course curriculum

The MBA program in Business Analytics covers all subjects with 3 to 4 study credits each. Additionally, the major project in the final semester carries a whole of 12 credits. To get all the credits, you need to pass the semester examination conducted by the corresponding institute for each subject.

The course curriculum of business analytics includes topics such as the following:

  • Data mining
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Statistical inference
  • Computational finance
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Economic theory
  • Operations research
  • Data analysis
  • Advanced programming languages
  • Information systems security
  • Business intelligence (BI) solutions architecture
  • Data warehousing systems implementation
  • Database management system design/implementation

The semester-wise tabular representation of the subjects is as follows:

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3Semester 4
Managing People and OrganizationsFinancial ManagementBig Data AnalysisFinance Analytics
Financial Reporting and Statement AnalysisMarketing ManagementAnalytics using R and Python programming languagesMarketing Analytics
Managerial EconomicsStrategic ManagementDigital and Web AnalysisHR Analysis
Managerial StatisticsIT for business
Business CommunicationBusiness Leadership
Research Methodology

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Business analytics career path after an MBA

After completing an MBA in Business Analytics, you can pursue many lucrative career paths. The MBA in Business Analytics career growth is young and booming, so many opportunities exist. Here are some of the most common MBA in Business Analytics career paths:

  • Domain Leader

A domain leader is a person who takes charge of a team or organization. In other words, they oversee the people and processes in the company.

As a domain leader, you will be responsible for leading your team in the execution of company strategy. You’ll be expected to work closely with other managers to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget and that all employees are properly trained.

In a business setting, the domain leader is responsible for helping employees develop their skills and knowledge through training programs, motivational talks, and even mentoring sessions. The domain leader also ensures that all employees have access to the tools and resources they need to perform at their best.

In business analytics, domain leaders must have an impressive track record of meeting deadlines, keeping budgets within limits, and creating measurable results for their teams. The average salary of a domain leader is INR 12.8 LPA.

  • Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s marketing strategy. They work with other departments to develop an overall strategy, create digital and social media content, create advertising and influencer outreach campaigns, manage budgets and project timelines, and more. The marketing manager must also oversee all aspects of customer service, including customer satisfaction surveys and feedback forms.

The advancement opportunities for this position include becoming a director or vice president within the organization. The average CTC package given to a marketing manager is INR 6.6 LPA.

  • Financial Analyst

Financial analysis is another MBA in Business Analytics career path. A financial analyst analyzes data and makes recommendations to help management make decisions about the company’s finances. The analyst will look at all aspects of the company, including sales, profit margins, expenses, and capital investment. The job involves analyzing numbers from different departments and recommending how best to use the resources available to improve the line of profits. A financial analyst’s salary is INR 12 LPA.

  • Supply Chain Analyst

The Supply Chain Analyst is responsible for planning, analyzing, and controlling the process by which materials are used in manufacturing. The role ensures that all parts of the supply chain are functioning effectively, including production and distribution processes, logistics, and customer service. The analysts ensure that the supply chain is efficient and effective by monitoring inventory levels, costs, and quality. The average salary of a supply chain analyst is INR 7.55 LPA.

  • Operations Analyst

The Operations Analyst is responsible for monitoring the performance of a company’s financial systems, human resources and payroll, customer relations, and technology. They will also work with managers to help them analyze processes and improve them. The role requires attention to detail because it involves looking at data across multiple departments and ensuring they work as intended. The average salary for Operations Analysts is 8.3 LPA.

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Tabular representation of Business Analytics job roles and salaries

Job rolesSalaries offered
Customer Service ManagerINR 13.3 LPA
Financial AdvisorINR 7.5 LPA
Marketing ManagerINR 21.4 LPA
Data AnalystINR 12 LPA
Business Development ManagerINR 15 LPA
Financial AnalystINR 12 LPA
Operation AnalystINR 8.3 LPA
Senior Quality Assurance AnalystINR 14.2 LPA
Supply Chain ManagerINR 13.1 LPA
Source: Ambition Box


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Key takeaways:

  • An MBA in Business Analytics can make you a domain leader. The degree provides an understanding of business management, leadership, negotiation, strategic thinking, and networking and how to apply them to real-world problems.
  • Domain leaders are responsible for ensuring the team’s success by managing their time, delegating tasks, and ensuring they’re working towards their goals.
  • Domain leaders are also responsible for ensuring that their employees understand their responsibilities and roles within the organization.
  • Finally, domain leaders are responsible for coordinating with other departments within the company so that all employees know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.


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