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MBA in business analytics: All you need to know

Key takeaways:

  • An MBA in business analytics will put you ahead of your competitors with advanced skills, high-paid job roles, knowledge, and valuable experience.
  • You can use modern data science and machine learning techniques at work to address pressing business issues if you have a Master of Science in Business Analytics.
  • The degree is intended for currently employed professionals or recent graduates who want to start or advance their careers in business analytics in sectors like supply chain, logistics, retail, healthcare, or digital industries.
  • The two-year curriculum teaches you how to grasp essential data analysis and use various tools and features to develop and apply critical insights into business management.

What is MBA in business analytics?

The study of the data analytics aspect of managing a business is included in an MBA in Business Analytics program. This course teaches students how to use data analytics tools and statistics. Also, the course program covers topics including management techniques, technical skills, and business principles.

According to surveys, hiring managers prefer individuals with business analytical skills, and an MBA in the field provides a distinct advantage.

This curriculum is meant to teach you the principles of business principles and the technical and soft skills necessary to lead a company successfully. Accounting, finance, marketing, international business relations, human resources, and management are a few topics taught during the program. 

MBA Business Analytics – Highlights

Course durationTwo years
Eligibility Graduates (10+2+3) with statistics as a subject among othersUG degree from a recognized institution or university by the Association of Indian UniversitiesMinimum marks upto 50 percent or an equivalent gradeWork experience 
Admission processFill the details on the form available at https://mahe.onlinemanipal.com/ Submit the online form. An admission counselor of MAHE will contact you 
Course feeINR 2,60,000 (INR 65,000 per semester) 
Application feesINR 1,500
Examination typeOnline
Average starting salaryEight to Sixteen lakhs per annum
Top sectorBanking and securities, Media and entertainment, Pharma and healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Insurance.
Top employers IBM, Accenture, Oracle, Deloitte, Fractal Analytics, Absolutdata
Job rolesBusiness analyst, Data analyst, Operations analyst, Predictive modeler, Marketing analyst, Supply chain analyst. 
Documents neededPersonal details, Academic details, Details of past work experience.

Why choose MBA in business analytics?

For a graduate of  MBA in Business Analytics, job opportunities are endless. But in addition to these possibilities, this degree also has a lot of other benefits for your job, as discussed below.

  • Level up your analytical skills

Online Manipal brings to you MAHE’sMBA in Business Analytics. This program will prepare and train you with the latest and high-demand tools and skills that are useful in an organization. 

Moreover, the demand for business analysts worldwide is increasing. Prestigious national and worldwide companies hire professionals with an MBA in business analytics. This offers you the option of having a career that is appealing to people worldwide and the opportunity to travel while working.

  • Discover a new area with a tonne of undiscovered potential.

The field of business analytics is very new, and with the advent of technology, it continues to change. These reasons explain why there are a lot of unrealised potentials and untapped opportunities in the sector. With an MBA in Business Analytics in India, you can find these chances and take advantage of them. 

  • Helping businesses launch or expand

Businesses use business analytics to better understand the market, identify risks, learn more about their customers’ buying habits and preferences, and utilize this information to improve their goods and services. Therefore, if you have received training in this area, you have the expertise to establish, reinforce, improve, and expand businesses.

  • Ability to create effective strategies and solutions

The modern business market presents difficulties that call for clever responses and approaches. And working in this industry gives you the knowledge and abilities needed to create such creative plans that meet the demands of the market today. Thus, your decision to pursue an MBA in Business Analytics will help you better comprehend the opportunities and difficulties in your line of work. 

  • Keep a tab on the most recent market trends.

Business analytics is a field that is continually developing and seeing breakthroughs every day. Additionally, customer needs are constantly evolving. You will be better able to keep up with the most recent industry developments that enable firms to service their clients more effectively if you have an MBA in Business Analytics.

Who should choose an MBA in Business Analytics?

You could be the perfect fit to start an MBA course in Business Analytics today if you are –

  • Graduates (10+2+3) 
  • On the lookout for opportunities to advance your career
  • Considering switching to the domain of Business Analytics. 
  • An entrepreneur seeking to get your company’s marketing strategies right and align their organization with the competitors 

Admission process for MBA in Business Analytics

  • Fill out your application form for the course of your choice.
  • Upload the required documents (Personal details, Academic details, Details of past work experience)
  • Pay the application fee of INR 1500

The status of your admission process will be disclosed in the timespan of 5-7 working days after your successful application submission. MAHE will reach out to the candidate through email and SMS only if the admission is confirmed.

Eligibility criteria for MBA in Business Analytics

Candidates have to fulfill every criterion listed below for their application form to be considered-

National students

  • Graduates (10+2+3) with statistics as a subject, among others
  • Have to be from a recognised institution or university by the Association of Indian Universities
  • Minimum marks upto 50 per cent or an equivalent grade
  • Work experience

International students 

  • Graduates (10+2+3) in a discipline with statistics as one of the subjects from any recognized university or institutions recognized by the Association of Indian universities, with a score of at least 50 per cent.
  • International students and professionals with NRI or PIO status or who don’t own Indian citizenship come under international students.

To apply to an Indian university, they need to complete graduation from the Association of Indian Universities. These students and professionals will have to pay an international fee for their respective courses. They will be asked to submit their CV, address proof, valid visa, PR cards and a copy of their passport along with the above-mentioned documents for the application process. 

How to apply for MBA business analytics?

  • Submit the online form
  • Pay the application fees of INR 1500, which is a non-refundable amount 
  • An admission counselor  from MAHE will contact you 

Selection process

  • The admission team at MAHE will evaluate your application and documents
  • If and when your application is approved by MAHE, the University will communicate via email with the payment details for the semester. You are free to choose either of the three options (payment of semester fees/annual fees/full program fees)

Fee structure for MBA in Business Analytics

The MBA in Business Analytics course will cost you INR 2,60,000, i.e., INR 65,000 each semester.

You have three alternatives to make the payment –

  • Pay the current semester’s fee at a time
  • Pay annually, which will come upto INR 1,30,000 each time. Pay the entire program fee at once

What will you learn in MBA Business Analytics?

There are six subjects in the  MBA in Business Analytics syllabus. 

  • Big data analysis
  • Analytical using R and Python
  • Digital and web analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • HR analysis

MBA Business Analytics- Syllabus

All business analytics subjects in MBA, including the elective, entail 3 to 4 credits each. The major project in the final semester carries a whole of 12 credits.

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV 
Managing people and organizations Financial management Big data analysis Finance analytics
Financial reporting and statement analysis Marketing management Analytics using R and Python programing languages Marketing analytics 
Managerial economicsStrategic management Digital and web analysisHR analysis 
Managerial statistics IT for business
Business communication Business leadership 
Research methodology 

Business analytics skills you will learn from an MBA

Since analytics is expanding, completing a management course and developing your analytical abilities will help you succeed in your job. Thus, you will gain the following skills through an MBA in business analytics:

  • Industry knowledge

Through MBA in business analytics, you will be able to gain industry knowledge and cope with the latest industry trends effectively. You will be able to comprehend numbers more clearly, develop logistical responses to pertinent hypotheses, and create more precise forecasts with the help of the course. Excel and statistical tools like SPSS, SAS, Sage, and Mathematics also help manage and analyze data.

  • Visualization

Nobody benefits from info that isn’t organized. Analytics specialists must be able to translate and visualize data in a clear, accurate, and understandable manner to extract value from it. High-demand visualization tools like PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik sense help understand a graph or chart clearly. These skills can be learnt through an MBA in business analytics.

  • Good at communicating

Companies believe that a better communicator makes a better decision-maker. Thus, it is essential to deliver findings simply to ensure that all participants get insights and can implement recommendations. People who work in the analysis must have good writing and presentation abilities to use facts to convey a story. 

  • Leadership in the right direction 

Leadership strengthens reliability, and management deals with making sure diversity mixes well even with complex circumstances, while negotiation focuses on achieving personal as well as professional goals. You can learn all this in the huge projects assigned to you in your final semester. 

  • Both a wide-picture and detail-oriented thinker

Professionals in business analytics must be able to manage complex data and comprehend how their recommendations will impact a company’s bottom line. Access to a lot of information is useless if you don’t know how to use it to examine and enhance methods, procedures, and plans.

  • Critical thinking 

Business analytics give rise to new perspectives to look at things differently and flexibly. They thoroughly analyze data and use their skills to determine decisions that could boost the company’s growth. 

  • Inquisitive

People in this sector should be naturally curious and motivated to learn more and understand how things work. It’s critical to remain current with the industry and its changes even as analysts advance to managerial positions.

  • A solution-seeker

Analytics experts use logic, statistical analysis, and predictive analytics to provide advice that will address issues and advance a firm. Being a natural problem solver is helpful in a profession that aims to transform data into solutions instantly.

What are the different types of MBAs in Business Analytics?

An MBA in business analytics can be done in various ways. Three of which are regular, distance, and online modes of education.

  • Regular mode

A typical MBA program lasts two years and is broken into four or six semesters. However, several private institutions additionally offer one-year PGDM programs. The regular MBA is widely opted among students.

  • Distance mode

Candidates who apply for a distance MBA complete the program through correspondence and remote communication. The course is designed for people with little free time and money because it is economical and flexible. Depending on your preferences, the course can be completed in two to five years. 

  • Online mode

Due to its ease and flexibility, an online MBA program is currently the most popular. Video conferencing is used to deliver lectures for the online MBA program, and a learning management system (LMS) is used to share notes, tests, and assessments. 

One can apply in an online MBA in business analytics program while residing in another city because there are no on-campus classes. Online Manipal is an excellent platform for you to pursue an online MBA in business analytics. 

Can I pursue an Online MBA in Business Analytics?

You may enroll with Online Manipal immediately to start your MBA in Business Analytics degree. This program is 100 percent online specially designed for working professionals who desire to sign up for leadership roles in the global market. Technical knowledge, soft skills, and learning based on experience are highly valued here.

Which is the best place to learn MBA in Business Analytics?

MAHE’s MBA in Business Analytics course available on the Online Manipal platform is the best place to obtain your degree, which will carve a smooth way to your dream job. Our world-class faculty, the most effective online pedagogy and advanced digital learning platforms enable us to be your best choice for this program. Also, our immersive learning experience will equip you with reliable placement opportunities. 

An MBA in Business Analytics provides real-world insights and industry knowledge, increased earning potential, a larger worldview, an effective communication skill set and strategic thinking.

MBA in business analytics scope

With an MBA in business analytics, you can expect job roles like business analyst, data analyst, management consultant to name a few. The road for business analytics starts from these job roles and goes towards business consultant etc. Following are the most common job roles suitable for MBA graduates in business analytics –

Career options after MBA in Business Analytics

  • Business analyst 

A business analyst’s daily responsibilities include processing, interpreting, and documenting various aspects of a business using data analysis. A business analyst combines internet technology (IT) skills with business functions to safeguard business efficiency. The average salary of a business analyst in India is INR 7 lakhs PA.

  • Data analyst

Data analysts inspect, cleanse, transform and model data to discover quality information, build conclusions and encourage problem-solving attitudes. The key job of a data analyst is to review data to recognize insights into a company’s consumers. This will enable the business to form marketable solutions. This information may then be revealed to the company’s leadership and stakeholders. The average salary of a data analyst in India is INR 5 lakhs PA.

  • Operations analyst 

Someone who effectively solves problems internally and applies strategies oriented with goals is said to be an operations analyst. This profession includes prudent management of data, client reporting and aspects of trade processes. An operations analyst must work with the client support service manager and the operations team. The average salary of an operations analyst in India is INR 5 lakhs PA.

  • Predictive modeler 

Predictive modelers use mathematical statistics adhering to science to get an idea of the future event’s outcomes. They use one or more statistical event databases to identify the probability of a set that belongs to another. Predicting significantly overlaps with machine learning as its word reaches more in academics, research and developmental contexts. 

  • Supply chain analyst 

A supply chain analyst is concerned with analyzing data and methods of predicting and enhancing a company’s delivery of products and services to consumers. The profit margins of a company can go up with the right supply chain analyst in action.

Source: Ambition Box

Higher education options after MBA in business analytics

While many students go full-time after completing an MBA in Business Analytics, some of you may want to pursue further studies. And rightfully so, knowledge is never known enough. If you are on the lookout for alternatives you can select, the following list might be of use to you.

  • Executive PCGP in software development
  • ACP in cloud computing
  • ACP in big data
  • ACP in blockchain technology
  • MSc in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • IIMK
  • IMT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the course duration of MAHE’s MBA in Business Analytics program?

This program is for two years and is further divided into four semesters.

Q. How to apply for MAHE’s MBA in Business Analytics program?

  • Submit the online form
  • An admission counselor at MAHE will contact you 

Q. What is the fee structure for MAHE’s MBA in Business Analytics program?

The entire program will cost you INR 2,60,000. In other words, it is INR 65,000 each semester. 

Q. How much time would I have to dedicate to complete the learning activities?

It is advised to spend a minimum of 15-20 hours per week watching concept videos, reading learning materials, attempting quizzes, participating in discussion topics and attending live webinars (recorded sessions are also made available).

Q. Will the online degree be equivalent to a conventional degree?

Of course. As per the UGC regulations, online degrees will be treated as equivalent to the corresponding awards of the degrees offered through conventional mode.


On-point skills, good work experience and renewed knowledge will together make you a leader in the global economy. An MBA in Business Analytics will give your professional expertise the finishing touch you need to excel in today’s competitive times. Enroll with Online Manipal today to start a lucrative career in MBA.

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