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Why is an MBA in Business Analytics a great career option?

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July 29,

Business analytics is the practice of using data analysis and statistical methods to make informed business decisions and improve overall performance. It involves the collection, processing, and interpretation of data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can be used to optimize business processes, enhance strategies, and drive growth. Business analysts play a crucial role in the field of business analytics. They bridge the gap between business objectives and data-driven solutions. Their responsibilities typically include: 

  • Gathering and interpreting data from various sources. 
  • Analyzing data to identify trends and patterns. 
  • Creating reports and visualizations to communicate findings. 
  • Developing recommendations and actionable insights. 
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to implement data-driven solutions. 
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of implemented strategies. 

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Why should you choose a career in business analytics? 

The growing emphasis on data in firms and large government entities has opened doors to high- paying career opportunities in this field. Professionals who can interpret large amounts of data are greatly in demand and are paid lucratively for their services. 

  • High demand: Businesses across various industries are generating vast amounts of data, leading to an increased demand for professionals who can analyze and extract valuable insights from this data. 
  • Strategic importance: Business analysts contribute directly to an organization’s strategic decision-making process, making their roles critical to achieving competitive advantages and operational efficiency. 
  • Versatility: Business analysts can work in diverse industries, such as finance, marketing, healthcare, retail, technology, and more, allowing them to explore various domains. 
  • Continuous growth: As technology evolves, the need for professionals who can interpret and leverage data to drive innovation will continue to grow. 

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What is an MBA in Business Analytics? 

An MBA in Business Analytics helps you upskill and stay up to date with the latest concepts in business analytics such as big data analytics, R-programming, Python, etc. The course covers data-driven studies along with business ethics, organizational behavior, business and management principles, and marketing management. During the course, students will acquire the knowledge and skills required to collect and analyze data and present the data as easily identifiable trends and patterns. Statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, explanatory modelling, predictive modelling, etc., are some of the skills you can acquire by enrolling for an MBA in Business Analytics.  

The role of an MBA in Business Analytics in establishing a lucrative career 

A master’s degree in business analytics like an MBA can assist you in comprehending the significance of data in business and how it can be used to improve corporate performance. Candidates who earn this degree will also be better equipped to learn about analytics approaches, which are crucial to any industry’s decision-making procedures. Here’s how an MBA in business analytics can help your career: 

Advanced knowledge: Pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics equips you with a blend of business acumen and analytical skills. It deepens your understanding of data-driven decision-making, preparing you to solve complex business challenges. 

Competitive advantage: An MBA in Business Analytics sets you apart from candidates with a general business degree. Your specialized knowledge makes you more attractive to employers seeking professionals who can leverage data for strategic decision-making. 

Leadership roles: An MBA in Business Analytics can open doors to leadership positions, where you can lead data-driven initiatives and influence an organization’s direction. 

Higher earning potential: With specialized skills and a strategic outlook, MBA graduates in Business Analytics may command higher salaries compared to those with only undergraduate degrees. 

Networking opportunities: MBA programs often provide ample networking opportunities with industry professionals and fellow students. Building a strong network can lead to job opportunities and professional growth. 

Internships and projects: Many MBA programs offer internships and real-world projects that allow you to gain hands-on experience, making you more job-ready upon graduation. 

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Jobs you get with an MBA in Business Analytics 

Here’s a list of top jobs you get with an MBA in business analytics and the salary details: 

Business Analyst: A business analyst uses both business and technology tools to review a company’s operational procedures and design improvements. They analyze current business processes and provide suggestions for improvement based on recent industry trends. This job role is of high demand in today’s fast-evolving business world as most companies need to make data-driven decisions to improve their performance and stay on par with other competitors in the industry. Business analysts can earn a salary of up to INR 15 lakhs per annum

Big Data Analyst: A Big Data Analyst studies the market trends by identifying, collecting, analyzing, and  visualizing data that help in making future business decisions. A Big Data Analyst is responsible for multiple tasks ranging from conducting market research to mining data for information. Big data analysts can earn an annual salary of up to 16.9 lakhs

Market Research Analyst: A market research analyst gains insights into current market trends by collecting and evaluating performance reports, surveys, customer feedback, etc. Based on their analysis and interpretation they recommend to the organizations the best possible strategies that help improve their market standards and performance. A market research analyst can earn an annual salary of up to 7.5 lakhs. 

Data Architect: Data architects are in charge of creating the models, policies, procedures, and technologies that will be utilized to gather, organize, store, and retrieve information for the company. A data architect is a specialist who develops the corporate data strategy, including the requirements for data quality, data movement within the company, and data security. Data architects can earn a salary of up to INR 45 lakhs per annum

Supply Chain Analyst: A supply chain analyst gathers information, analyses it, and then recommends changes to the supply chain system. They strive to encourage top-notch performance from employees and reduce the price of materials utilized in projects. Supply chain analysts can earn an annual salary of up to INR 12.3 lakhs. 

Predictive Modeler: A predictive modeler creates meaning and order from the disarray of enormous datasets. Data can be utilized in a business setting to acquire information on goods, clients, and rivals. The work of the modeler yields objective data with recognized patterns. A predictive modeler can earn an annual salary of up to 16.3 lakhs

In general, the job responsibilities of business analytics aspirants  may include working with data derived through statistical analysis, market research, customer feedback, revenue or sales trends, etc., as well as compiling datasets, analyzing historical and current trends. A few of the senior job roles might require you to create effective operational strategies for improving customer service, marketing, finance, supply chain management, and more. 

Elevate your career with an online MBA in Business Analytics from MAHE 

When you consider pursuing an online MBA, it’s best recommended that you choose an esteemed university which provides quality online education. Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is one such university which has NAAC A++ accreditation and provides UGC-entitled courses via its online platform Online Manipal. MAHE’s online MBA in Business Analytics is aimed at upskilling working professionals with the latest tools and skills in business analytics. The curriculum of this program is designed with the latest market trends in mind by experts.  

Once you enroll for the online MBA program from MAHE, you get free access to Coursera courses, live and recorded classes, online learning material, etc. MAHE’s integrated learning management system (LMS) is advanced and user friendly. Online degree and certification programs from MAHE are no less than the on-campus programs as they are widely recognized by many reputed hiring companies and educational institutions. 

Bottom line 

You may expect a significant return on your investment from an MBA in Business Analytics because of the positive effects it can have on your career, the improved compensation and employment options, the skills and knowledge you’ll gain twill only benefit in your career progression. 


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