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Why is an MBA in Business Analytics a great career option?

Admin | February 08, 2022

Technology is evolving at a quicker rate than businesses can keep up. To stay one step ahead, businesses employ people with the skills required to analyze data and predict changes. This is crucial for identifying loopholes in the business system and for fostering new and emerging technologies at the right time. A business analytics professional works with data interpret the hidden information in the data sets and presents them in the form of actionable insights. They have mastered processes and techniques required to translate the data which can help business owners make timely strategic decisions on business operations, marketing, and even finance. 

What is an MBA in Business Analytics and what are the career opportunities?

A great number of applications for online MBA courses in India are for Business analytics and related subjects. The course covers data-driven studies along with business ethics, organizational behavior, business and management principles, and marketing management.  During the course, students will acquire the knowledge and skills required to collect and analyze data and present the data as easily identifiable trends and patterns. Statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, explanatory modeling, predictive modeling, etc., are some of the skills you can acquire by enrolling for an MBA in Business Analytics. 

The growing emphasis on data in firms and large government entities has opened doors to high paying career opportunities in this field. Professionals who can interpret big data are greatly in demand and are paid lucratively for their services. Some of the potential business analytics careers that are set to grow rapidly in the near future are:

  • Business systems analyst
  • Management analyst
  • Business development manager
  • Business insight and analytics manager

The job responsibilities may include working with data derived through statistical analysis, market research, customer feedback, revenue or sales trends, etc., as well as compiling datasets, analysing historical and current trends. A few of the senior job roles might require you to create effective operational strategies for improving customer service, marketing, finance, supply chain management, and more.

Online MBA in Business Analytics 

Are you considering Business analytics as your career option? Now you can learn the latest trends in the field of business analytics by enrolling in online MBA courses in India. The course is offered by a few top educational institutions in the country that are recognized for successfully enabling students to learn and gain employment in top organizations across the world. 

Manipal University Jaipur offers an online MBA in Analytics and Data Science. The institution is ranked as the number one Online MBA Institution in India as per Careers360 magazine which rates it high for its academic reputation, faculty, student engagement and support, learning and accreditation, as well as accessibility, placements, etc. Manipal University Jaipur’s MBA courses are conducted by faculty who are Ph.D. holders and are well versed in the online mode of teaching. The advanced digital platform and LMS help deliver the exhaustive digital course content, learning videos, and e-tutorials. You can visit to know more about the fee structure, faculty, and curriculum.

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