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Affordable undergraduate degree programmes for working professionals

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September 16,

Every degree holds value in today’s cutthroat era of competition. Consequently, after high school, the best course of action is to pursue a bachelor’s degree. If for some reason, you were unable to do so, there are remedies available for that as well. Today, online programmes have made it possible to secure a bachelor’s degree while simultaneously working. A bachelor’s degree is crucial since it will aid your ability to get employment and make money while also widening your practical knowledge base. 

You can pursue your bachelor’s degree online or through a traditional on-campus setting. Getting a bachelor’s degree will help you learn the subject of your choice in depth. Therefore, while choosing a stream for a bachelor’s degree, it is important to do your research and consider a number of factors, including your area of interest. This is essential as the subject you choose will develop into a professional prospect in the future for you.

How is an undergraduate degree helpful for your career advancement?

Back in the day, getting a bachelor’s degree was a way for students to truly differentiate themselves in the employment market. However, as of 2015, one in three individuals hold a four-year degree, making it a standard necessity for most job applicants. What does this imply about the worth of a bachelor’s degree? Is it really relevant in today’s environment of fledgling businesses and independent contractors? Given the possibility of student loan debt, is the investment worthwhile?

The conclusion is that it ultimately depends on you. The bachelor’s degree’s suitability for your particular life goals—including your professional aspirations and it will be determined by them. 

However, for many, success in the job market depends on having a college degree. Here are a few significant advantages of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and how your own educational objectives and lifestyle preferences should be considered while making this important choice.

  • Increases employment opportunities

A degree is one of the main criteria for obtaining employment, whether as a clerk or an officer. Numerous positions call for a bachelor’s degree. After graduating, you have a variety of options, including using your bachelor’s degree to apply for jobs. Alternatively, you might study for competitive tests. It’s because one must graduate in order to apply to a tournament. You can sign up for courses after graduation. Most government and commercial employment options now require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. Some institutions offer online courses and programmes for distance learning that you can take from home. 

Today’s technology has advanced to the point where time-constrained students can choose to enroll in an online degree for diploma holder programmes provided by several universities. More online and offline career options are available for talented and motivated students who perform well in school conceptually and practically.

  • Improve interpersonal skills

Developing interpersonal skills is vital since it helps you interact with others and is also great for personality development. Many students develop interpersonal skills while in school through interaction with their professors and peers. However, a small number of students struggle with these interpersonal skills because of their shyness and underconfidence in interacting. A bachelor’s programme hugely helps in this area as you will be required to interact with peers, instructors, and experts from the industry.

  • Developing skills before starting a career

Before starting a job, or even while working, acquiring a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field can help you have a complete understanding of the field. Several courses provide you with the genuine guidance you need to prepare for future work. You have the opportunity to participate in an internship or industrial training programme while completing your bachelor’s degree, which simulates the real-world situations you may encounter in your future employment. This makes you more competent and helps them acquire the practical information and abilities needed for the profession.

4. Development of leadership skills

A bachelor’s degree can aid in improving leadership abilities. An individual has a lot of opportunities to engage in activities while pursuing a degree that can help them influence people at work and outside in significant ways. Every aspect of life requires a bachelor’s degree, and it helps you develop a flexible attitude. A bachelor’s degree allows you to advance professionally and gain additional skills for your work.

  • Potential networking contacts

Developing and maintaining a professional network is critical for success in today’s job market. Internships and volunteer work are two instances of degree-related activities that may help you meet professionals who can help in your career. Individuals can also take advantage of the placement assistance services available to students pursuing a degree. Students can expect unparalleled help from their instructors as they prepare to finish their education and begin their careers.

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Eligibility criteria for UG degree admission

One is eligible for UG degree admission if they have fulfilled the following criteria: 

  • For 10+2: Passed 10+2 with the required percentage of marks. 
  • For Diploma holders: 10+2 mark sheet with Diploma certificate and required percentage of marks.

It is important to note that different colleges have different percentage criteria for admission.

What are the in-demand and affordable undergraduate degrees that you can pursue?

After your 10+2 or Diploma from a recognised board, you can consider enrolling in these online undergraduate programmes.

Here is a list of specialised undergraduate or bachelor’s degree programs offered in India:

Bachelor of ArtsCourses Offered:  Advertising, Computer Science, Archaeology, Cinema Sciences, Economics, History,  Languages, Journalism, Literature, Music and Fine Arts,  Mathematics, Philosophy,  Psychology, Political Science, Public Administration
Bachelor of ScienceCourses Offered:  Agriculture, Chemistry,  Biology, Computer Science, Geography,  Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, Information Technology, Physics
Bachelor of CommerceCourses Offered: Business Economics/Law/Finance, Advertising and Sales Management, Cost Accounting, Foreign Trade, Marketing, E-commerce, Taxation and Office Management. Commerce graduates generally pursue higher degrees such as CA, CWA, and CSS and can also pursue management studies.
Bachelor of Engineering/TechCourses Offered: Automobiles, Civil, Biotechnology, Computer Applications, BCA, Electrical and Electronics, Information Technology, Mechanical, Software
BMS/BBA/BBSCourses Offered: Finance, Human Resource Management, Management of Global Business, Management of Services, Marketing,  Tourism Management
Bachelor of LawCourses Offered: Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Labour Law. The curriculum includes seminars, tutorial work, moot courts and practical training programs.
Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS)The course duration ranges from four to five-and-a-half years; the programme includes a 12-month-long internship.

Online courses allow you to continue your education while still working

Online learning has gained acceptance and popularity over the past several years and has become the standard. Almost everyone can avail the benefits offered by online learning programmes today. There are factors that affect a student’s ability to use the tools provided by online courses effectively. The perfect online learner is at ease with the idea of an online setting and adjusts their learning style to fit what is required of them. They are more likely to participate in online discussions and have a better awareness of the discipline required to manage their flexible schedules.

Although adjusting to an online learning approach may be difficult at first, there are many advantages once you do. Whatever your motivation for pursuing online education, obtaining a degree will help you prepare for job progression and show potential employers that you have specific talents. Here are the top few advantages of online education.

Flexibility and self-paced learning

Few people are able to dedicate time away from their jobs to a full-time graduate degree, while others often travel for employment. The adaptability of an online programme gives you the chance to study while still working and advancing your career. It is especially helpful for those who still need to balance working and returning to school. If you pursue an online Master’s degree, you can learn at your own pace. You can attend classes at your convenience, without having to leave the office early, skip family time or bunk school. You can more easily juggle your personal life, employment, and graduate school because of the flexibility.

Enhanced critical-thinking capabilities

The ability to think critically about what you do every day is made easier by online learning. Employers expect you to think critically about your job at work, just as teachers want to encourage you to think in new ways in the classroom. The ability to do this will make you stand out as a student and employee. Any sort of education involves critical thinking, but online learning encourages you to hone these abilities in ways you would not have had the chance to do so in a traditional classroom. Future employers will see that you have the capacity to think critically and overcome any barriers that may stand in your way if you engage in this type of self-paced, self-motivated learning.

Enhancing time management

It might be challenging to balance job, family, and school obligations. Employers know this and will be impressed by your time management abilities in balancing all three. Since there are no defined class times in online degree programmes and students can choose their own schedules, it is the student’s responsibility to approach faculty members, turn in assignments on time, and prepare ahead of time. Companies want you to manage your time successfully. Most individuals are expected to complete more projects in a shorter time, and it is never enough to arrive at your desk on time in the morning and stay until the end of the day. You can practice time management and be productive by taking online classes, which puts you on a regular schedule of setting and fulfilling deadlines. Employers often highly value the time management skills required to complete an online degree programme and view these abilities in future employees as a desirable asset.


The top employability qualities that companies look for in contemporary workers are time management and self-motivation, which you can show by successfully completing your Master’s degree online. By completing an online degree, you can demonstrate your ability to manage various projects, establish priorities, and adjust to shifting work situations. Teachers anticipate that their students will be self-sufficient, motivated, and interested in the topic they are teaching. Employers want you to be self-motivated, pursue your interests, and look for novel chances and approaches to problems in the workplace. You will succeed better if you put more effort into whatever you do, whether working for your business or learning online.

Enhance your knowledge and skills further with an online Master’s degree

A post-graduation degree is one which is pursued after you have achieved your bachelor’s degree. It provides a Master’s degree in commerce, arts, and science. Post-graduate specialisations offered can vary across different colleges and universities. 

Before pursuing a Master’s or PhD, as well as the perennially popular MBA, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Earning a bachelor’s degree now puts you in the driver’s seat should you decide to pursue it later, even if you’re unsure if you’re up for the complete professional path. After earning your degree, you can choose to continue your education to gain new skills or find employment in your profession. For instance, you can choose to work in finance or accounting after a B.Com degree or apply for affordable online MBA degree programs to excel further and achieve top positions.

Secure high-paying jobs in top companies with an online degree

The main advantage of earning a degree is that you can apply for employment and start working right away. The programme emphasises specialisation based on your areas of strength. One benefit of having a degree is that many employers frequently need one, even if your major doesn’t directly relate to the position. A degree journey that is started and completed might demonstrate passion and effort, which can be helpful in the job market.

Additional advantages of getting a degree include

  • Greater salary potential with better prospects
  • More appealing and marketable for positions above entry level
  • Acquiring new abilities such as analytical and critical thinking
  • Networking possibilities for potential future careers
  • Better work perks like pensions, insurance, and even vacation

The price and length of an offline programme are two major drawbacks to consider while choosing a platform. Despite the majority of universities providing some type of financial help, degrees can still be the most expensive option for higher education. They also typically take the longest to finish, necessitating a substantial time commitment.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics has disclosed the average wage for workers with different education levels, which clearly shows the more education you have, the better compensation you can anticipate.

  • Those without high school graduation may expect an average of $520 per week, or $27,040 per year. This discrepancy in earning potential is startling.
  • High school graduates may expect to make an average of $712 per week or $37,024 per year.
  • Earnings of associate degree holders average $836 per week or $43,472 annually.
  • A bachelor’s degree results in a significant income increase. Earnings for those with a bachelor’s degree average $1,173 per week, or $60,996 annually. That is about $25,000 more than what those with a high school diploma earn and more than $17,500 more than those with an associate degree.

Get an online degree from a renowned institution like Manipal University Jaipur

Online education is the way of the future. An offline and an online degree are held equivalent in the present day. Students learn everything that is taught in a traditional classroom setting through an online programme as well. An online degree is legitimate, but only a few colleges are permitted to provide low-cost online Master’s degree programmes. To boost your worth as a candidate, the university you choose to earn a degree from must have the necessary recognitions and accreditations. Your qualifications, current work, and future needs will influence how significant a degree is to you. If the course adds to your qualifications and is appropriate for you, then it is worthwhile. You must be able to use your knowledge to finish tasks.

The application process for an online Master’s degree is comparable to that of a traditional Master’s programme. To ensure that you have all of your paperwork together in time, be sure to pay attention to the deadlines of the schools you have narrowed down to your top choices. Although the criteria for each institution or university may vary, in addition to the application you must submit for each programme,

You can gain expertise in a particular field through the UG and PG courses offered online by Manipal University Jaipur. Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) gives you access to a large selection of affordable online UG and Master’s degree programmes and electives through its online courses. For its Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, you can choose from specialisations in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations Management, Retail Management, BFSI, Information Technology and Financial Technology, and Analytics and Data Science. Additionally, Online Manipal provides free access to Coursera, which helps advance your career. MUJ offers scholarship reductions ranging from 10% to 20% of the tuition costs to students belonging to specific groups, including defence personnel, individuals with a handicap, and others. Another significant advantage is that you can also pay the fees in semester-wise instalments, which is a great relief financially.


There are several benefits of affordable online bachelor degree programmes, including increased career options, additional opportunities for professional learning and development, and the possibility of providing a better living for your family through a more significant annual pay. The cost of not having a college degree is huge in today’s economy as non-graduates confront a dearth of employment opportunities and more economic uncertainty. Although obtaining a bachelor’s degree requires a significant time commitment, the benefits are numerous and attainable. A bachelor’s degree can pave the way for a more promising financial future, better job opportunities, and a higher feeling of personal fulfilment.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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