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Online MCom from SMU: An affordable way to scale up your career


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December 26,

In a world where pursuing higher education is no longer a luxury but a necessity, an online degree course like a Master of Commerce (MCom) from a top-notch university can be a game changer. One of the leading universities, like Sikkim Manipal University, with an affordable fee structure, can open a wide array of career opportunities. It is not merely a degree but a dynamic approach that lets you scale up your career without compromising your current commitments. It offers much flexibility if done online rather than the traditional campus way. 

Strategic management, marketing management, economic analysis, financial analysis, and business ethics are some key skills that an individual masters during an online MCom course from Sikkim Manipal University. The university offers flexi-payment options, allowing students to pay fees in hassle-free installments so that they can focus on studying rather than arranging for the course fee. 

Let us dig deeper to understand who should pursue an MCom and which MCom course is the best? Besides, we will also help you figure out the best university to pursue an online MCom degree course for the best job prospects in an economically viable way, so stay tuned and read the entire post. 

What is an MCom degree program?

Master of Commerce (MCom) is a popular 2-year postgraduate degree program and the first choice for anyone who finishes a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree course to continue higher study. The course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of business and management to individuals keen to run an organization. After pursuing an MCom from a reputed university, an individual opens a gateway of career opportunities and professions ranging from chartered accountancy to company secretary, banking to insurance, and accountancy. 

The table below specifies the popular types of MCom degree specializations offered in the best universities:

Type of MComSpecialization
MarketingThis course is designed to offer skills in market research, quality management, and advertising
FinanceAims to offer specialization in financial areas like financial management, banking, and financial control
Taxation and InsuranceThe basic course includes tax policies, insurance, and management to help students get familiar with tax literature and ethical obligations
Computer Applications and ITThe primary skills taught in this type of MCom are all related to computer applications and software knowledge to help one advance in the technological fields. 
Human Resource ManagementThe main focus is to equip the students with business communication skills and the ability to make decisions in the interest of the public and the organization

Why should you choose SMU’s online MCom?

When looking for the right university to pursue an online MCom course in India, you will get several universities and institutions claiming to offer the best MCom course, but do they all fit your budget? Not really, so if you want to pursue a Master of Commerce program without feeling the financial burden, you must consider Sikkim Manipal University. In other words, don’t just consider which MCom specialization is the best; also consider which university is the best to pursue this course. 

Have a look at the 10 main reasons why several students choose to pursue an online MCom program at Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform:

  • NAAC-accredited University: Who doesn’t want to enroll in a National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) accredited university? Sikkim Manipal University is a NAAC-accredited university that offers UGC-entitled degrees that are valid worldwide to students who pursue courses like online MCom.
  • Expert Faculty: Sikkim Manipal University boasts of a skilled faculty that has experience teaching in both a real-world and virtual environment. They provide valuable insights from their own experience in the industries related to MCom. 
  • Robust SMU alumni network: Come and be a part of the robust Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) alumni network by pursuing an online MCom from the university. Grab the chance to connect with experienced professionals from different backgrounds and gain prestigious Manipal alumni status that will help you get the best career opportunities in the competitive job market. 
  • 100% online delivery: Connect with teachers and students in the virtual world and learn the core concepts of business management through the latest digital technologies by enrolling in an online MCom from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) through the Online Manipal platform. This online course makes you future-ready by allowing you to showcase your online presentation and research skills through web and mobile-based software platforms.
  • Flexible program: The convenience of online learning through this flexible online MCom program allows students to tailor their study hours without compromising personal or professional commitments. It also helps them to transcend geographical boundaries while connecting with other learners.
  • Affordable fee: Sikkim Manipal University has emerged as the first choice for many MCom enthusiasts because it aims to help students focus on their studies rather than stressing financing their course. The entire course fee is affordable, and students can easily opt for no-cost EMIs to pay the fee. 
  • Attractive Scholarships: Not just an affordable fee for the general category students, Sikkim Manipal University also offers attractive scholarships for government employees, defense personnel, differently-abled people, and meritorious students. 
  • Higher earning potential: With an online MCom degree, you can bag exciting career opportunities and pave a path for a higher earning potential. Through the knowledge gained during a Master of Commerce program in auditing, banking, and taxation, you can stay abreast with the latest advancements in the commerce field. 
  • Comprehensive curriculum: The online MCom program offered by Sikkim Manipal University incorporates a comprehensive curriculum, which is relevant to various industries. A Master of Commerce graduate from the university gets skilled in in-demand specializations required in different fields like banking, insurance, accounting, marketing, and finance. 
  • Placement assistance: Last but not least, an added feather in the cap for those who pursue online MCom from Sikkim Manipal University is that they get valuable placement assistance from the university after completing the course. The supportive faculty of the university will make the students confident enough to apply for jobs with their invaluable assistance.

Online MCom from SMU: Syllabus

The core curriculum of an online MCom at Sikkim Manipal University is divided into 4 semesters. In each of these 4 semesters, students are taught 4 different subjects that help them sharpen their skills and upgrade their knowledge in economics, management, accounting, auditing, finance, business ethics, organization behavior, research, corporate governance, and tax.

The table below enlists the semester-wise syllabus and course description for an online MCom course from Sikkim Manipal University:

Semester NameCourse Description
Semester 1Advanced Corporate Accounting -Management Concepts and Organization BehaviorManagerial EconomicsFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Semester 2Marketing ManagementQuantitative TechniquesCost Analysis & ControlAdvanced Corporate Accounting -II
Semester 3Management AccountingCorporate Financial ManagementAccounting StandardsBusiness Ethics and Corporate Governance
Semester 4Enterprise Information SystemResearch MethodologyAudit & AssuranceCorporate Tax Laws & Planning

Eligibility for SMU’s online MCom

To embark upon a journey for a fruitful career in the field of commerce, you must get admission for an online MCom course from the prestigious Sikkim Manipal University. Remember that the eligibility criteria for MCom may differ for different institutions and universities. However, suppose you are keen to pursue it from Sikkim Manipal University. In that case, you must have passed a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or equivalent undergraduate degree course from a recognized university or institution.

Online MCom from SMU: Fee and duration

So, if you are eager to enroll in an online MCom course at Sikkim Manipal University, then it is quite obvious you must be curious to know its fee structure and course duration. Rest assured that Sikkim Manipal University is not going to poke a hole in your pocket with a heavy course fee for an online MCom course because it encourages students to pursue this course, and for this, it offers it at a very affordable fee. Not to forget, as we mentioned earlier, the university offers attractive scholarships too, so make sure to check your eligibility for the same at Sikkim Manipal University (SMU).

The table below aims to acquaint you with the course fee, semester-wise fee, EMI amount, and course duration of online MCom from Sikkim Manipal University:

Online MCom Course Fees and DurationParticulars
Full Course Fee (Four Semesters)Rs. 90,000 (inclusive of all taxes)
Semester-wise FeeRs. 22,500 (inclusive of all taxes)
EMI AmountRs. 3,750 per month
Course Duration24 months


As we draw the curtains on the chapter of online MCom, we recommend you pursue it from Sikkim Manipal University. You get the opportunity to learn from the top-tier faculty and learn to use advanced digital learning platforms. Upon completion of the course, you don’t just get a UGC-entitled online MCom degree but also placement assistance. In short, attaining an online MCom from a prestigious university like Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) means unlocking a myriad of career opportunities where you can become a financial analyst, marketing manager, business consultant, accounting manager, or economist. So, get wings for a bright career in an affordable way with an online MCom degree from SMU through the Online Manipal platform.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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