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Why is an MBA a good choice for students from any graduation background?

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October 14,

In today’s performance-driven work environment, the majority of job-seekers around you share your traits and qualifications. Therefore, you must question yourself at this stage, “What special skills do I possess that will set me apart from the herd?” An MBA degree is the correct response to this. You can move quickly from a mid-level position to a managerial role where you’ll be able to make strategic choices with the aid of an MBA from a reputable institute. However, folks have a general query, “Why do you want to do an MBA?” or “Is an MBA worth it in India?” when they consider getting an MBA. Read this post to get an answer to this question, along with the benefits of MBA in India and career options related to different MBA specializations.

An overview of the different types of MBA

Competition is escalating quickly across all industries, with new technologies evolving rapidly, and everyone’s competing to be the best. Individuals are becoming progressively more conscious of what’s beneficial for them and what to do in the long term about their education. While it’s a common notion that chances of employment increase post-graduation, a master’s degree is necessary to succeed in this cutthroat environment. Most freshers are unsure whether to pursue a master’s degree or start their job following graduation. Online and distance learning programs have become more popular as a solution to this issue. Thanks to online and distance learning, you can now earn a master’s degree and have a job simultaneously. Here you’ll learn about the finer distinctions between distance MBA, online MBA, and traditional MBA.

The MBA program is a master’s level program that lasts two years and is accessible in various specializations, whether traditional, online, or distance learning. As online and remote learning has been recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as having similar value, both courses are equivalent in the eyes of the law.

Regular/Full-Time MBA

Any bachelor’s degree holder, regardless of stream or specialization is qualified to enroll in an MBA program. Choosing to enroll in a conventional MBA program has several advantages, some of which include

  • The full-time MBA is the optimal choice for you to pursue as a post-graduate program if you are a recent graduate and have just completed your bachelor’s degree. Since they don’t yet have professional obligations, recent graduates are more likely to choose the standard curriculum.
  • Candidates are anticipated to participate in internships because they will give them field-specific exposure to enable them to comprehend the skills in real life. 
  • A full-time MBA program also allows you the time to take a break and concentrate on your career and personal objectives to grow via networking and interactive learning.
  • The conventional MBA course has more robust job placement prospects than the distance learning program, which can help you advance professionally and start your career off better.

Distance MBA

The distance MBA program is one of the most popular courses for those with work obligations who can’t take classes in person or online. You should be aware of the following factors and perks of the distance MBA

  • The cost of the distance MBA program is far less than that of regular programs in India, making it more accessible. 
  • Students have plenty of time to look for employment due to the lack of a class schedule. So, while enrolled in the distance MBA program, students have the opportunity to earn a respectable income. 
  • Numerous government entities in the education sector have given the distance MBA program equivalent recognition. The UGC-DEB has accepted the distance MBA program, which is just as legitimate as traditional programs.

Online MBA

Online MBA has recently become very popular as it offers the advantages of both traditional and distance MBA programs. It might even be a hybrid between traditional and online MBA programs.  Discover why people choose to enroll in this program by looking at the perks of an MBA online.

  • It is the most versatile option for education. You can choose to watch live lectures online. You have access to the recorded sessions if you can’t make it to the live seminars. 
  • You get the chance to digitally communicate with top-tier industry professionals via webinars and online live meetings.
  • Such engaging courses are simple to attend from your own house. Virtual meetings are advantageous since you can communicate with people worldwide. There is an added advantage of taking your tests online according to your timetable.
  • All of the aforementioned advantages can be availed for a minimal cost. The tuition fee is quite affordable, and you also save money on other expenses like moving to a new place, living expenses, and daily transportation costs to and from the college.

Eligibility for an MBA degree

MBA programs provide realistic career preparation by emphasizing practical skills over theoretical knowledge. A business background is not required to obtain an MBA, though it could enhance your application. You can enroll in an MBA program to develop the abilities necessary to alter or progress your job as long as you have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. For non-business aspirants, institutions may nonetheless specify MBA prerequisites. Standardized test scores, skill evaluations, or post-baccalaureate or preparatory training are typical requirements. Additionally, some programs call for at least a year of work experience in a business-related field. 

  • Before enrolling in an MBA program, students must hold a bachelor’s degree. A graduation overall grade average of at least 50% is required for general MBA eligibility.
  • Education institutions frequently demand that students satisfy specific standards in addition to their academic requirements, and these benchmarks can change based on the MBA program a candidate chooses.

Who can pursue an online MBA

There is a widespread belief that obtaining an MBA will dramatically advance a person’s career. However, that isn’t always the scenario. Not every applicant obtains their ideal position and begins earning a respectable wage immediately after receiving their MBA. Therefore, everyone needs to have clearly defined goals to have a successful job after receiving an MBA.

  • Students with any undergraduate degree like BBA, B.Tech, B.Com, BSc, BCA, etc.

You can learn about fundamental management and business practices with an MBA and access theoretical and practical tools that you may use in the business world. MBA accepts bachelor’s degree holders from practically every discipline of science, business, and the arts, such as BBA, B.Tech, B.Com, BSc, BCA, etc., because it is an interdisciplinary field. A top-tier business school MBA can change your career by providing you with new and exciting opportunities.

  • Working individuals with an undergraduate degree

An advanced degree might help applicants stand out from their colleagues in a highly competitive employment environment. An MBA can be beneficial for working individuals with an undergraduate degree to advance in their careers. Employers frequently look to hire or promote someone with an MBA as they possess marketing and financial expertise that is valuable for organizations’ growth.

  • Students or working professionals looking to get a postgraduate degree

Senior management and top positions involve a unique skill set that is occasionally difficult to acquire by simply doing the duties of a certain job profile. In addition to the job function, one needs to have a good understanding of all business-related topics, such as strategy, leadership, and communication, as well as operations, marketing, and management. This is where getting an MBA can help; in fact, getting an MBA is the breakthrough that can enable you to develop these talents and pave the way for leadership positions.

  • Those who aspire to climb up the corporate ladder

Career enhancers might use the MBA to advance within their organization or sector. An MBA helps assure managers who are hesitant to promote you due to your age or little work experience. It demonstrates your drive and willingness to go the extra mile to advance both personally and professionally. Employers frequently demand an MBA from applicants for them to rise to specific senior management roles in some areas, such as finance, marketing, IT, or international business.

  • Those who wish to upskill themselves to stay relevant in the current job market

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a fantastic choice if you want to upskill yourself. Working individuals should consider an MBA program since it allows them to keep working while advancing their careers. An MBA also shows off your knowledge and skills, which will help you succeed in the professional world and stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace. By pursuing such a degree, you can draw the attention of numerous businesses in the field and increase your employability.

  • Those who are looking for a career transition 

Mid-level professionals frequently realize that their talents are better suited to another work profile or that their career ambitions do not align with their current job profile. An MBA is a fantastic way to change your career and get the position that, in your opinion, best fits your abilities and interests.

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Career prospects after an MBA

The career choices open to MBA aspirants after receiving their degrees must be well-known. Let’s evaluate which MBA specialization and job profile are best for you based on your talents and knowledge, answering “What should I do after MBA?” Following are some of the more well-liked MBA specializations and job prospects.

Career prospects after MBA in Finance

Finance is an extremely popular MBA concentration. Aspirants to this MBA program can specialize in various areas, including international finance, taxation, tax planning, investment management, insurance management, and financial statement reporting and analysis. A fresher in MBA Finance in India will earn an average of ₹2.5 LPA. Following completion of an MBA program in Finance, applicants can pursue some of the following prominent career profiles:

  • Financial Manager/Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Accounting Manager
  • Risk and Insurance Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Finance Manager
  • Cash Manager

Career prospects after MBA in Marketing

The study of business and marketing is the main focus of an MBA in Marketing. It teaches learners the ins and outs of marketing by providing them with a thorough understanding of marketing and all of its regulations, principles, and other important aspects. This MBA program offers a wide range of career opportunities. You can expect to earn an average of ₹7-8 lakh per year after an MBA in Marketing. It covers the essential topics in the syllabus, including brand marketing, techniques, leadership, sales, responsibilities, business acumen, brand building and management, market analysis, consumer behavior, and more. The prominent job profiles related to the specialization are listed below:

  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  •  Sales Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Media Planner
  •  Internet Marketing Manager

Career prospects after MBA in Operations Management

Operations Management is a highly sought-after specialization in the MBA sector. Any firm or business depends on operation management for product quality and pricing. Students majoring in Operations Management will learn or put into practice the skills of maximizing resources, goods, policies, design flows, constructing the supply chain, and logistics. These sub-fields, including retail, hospitality, logistics, transportation, construction, financial institutions, information technology, management consulting, and others, are where students can develop their careers in operation management. Job profiles in MBA Operations Management include

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Manager

Career prospects after MBA in Human Resource Management

Candidates who have earned an MBA in HRM (Human Resource Management) can work for various companies as HR professionals. This personnel serves as a liaison between management and employees and is in charge of hiring new staff members and overseeing employee performance. A student who has completed coursework in HR management may find employment as an HR executive or manager in a range of sectors, including manufacturing, BPO, information technology, services, corporate, government, banking, finance, education, and others. The HR specialist is deeply involved in all aspects of a company’s or organization’s hiring, orientation, training, planning of enjoyable events, and other office-related tasks. Job profiles in MBA Human Resource Management are:

  •  Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resource Consultant
  •  Human Resource Generalist
  • Human Resource Specialist IT
  •  Employee Education Consultant
  • Director of HR Training and Development
  • Staffing Director

Career prospects after MBA in Information Technology

Candidates that are passionate about working in the IT sector, computer apps, software, or other related systems disciplines can manage the IT division in any commercial or public firm. Globally, there are numerous and flexible employment choices in IT, with a payscale that can reach upto ₹10 lakh per year, in India. Expanding internet-based companies, e-commerce portals, and online digital organizations work at the fundamental level to control or manage the data system. The IT vision is carried out by leading the IT division of the product, brand, commodities, and services to increase your ability to perform at a mediocre level in that section. The top job profiles in MBA Information Technology are:

  • Product Manager
  • Business Development Executive/ Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • System Manager
  •  Business Analyst
  • Analytics Manager
  •  IT Manager/Consultant
  • Systems Analysts
  •  Information Systems Managers

Career prospects after MBA in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the study of statistics, big data using analytics, predictive analytics, and other optimization strategies and tools to share insights with essential stakeholders. Business analysts can assist a company in making crucial choices about cost efficiency, customer happiness, and profit maximization. Let’s examine the numerous employment choices available to those who complete an MBA in Business Analytics program.

  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Analyst 
  • Predictive Modeler
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Team Lead

You can also read MBA in creative industries for a better idea of how an MBA in Creative Economy will help you.

Improve your career prospects with an Online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur

The online MBA program offered by Manipal University Jaipur, will provide you with the skills necessary to lead successfully in today’s fast-paced world. With a variety of new-age electives to pick from, you can learn useful skills in the job market. You gain expertise in the most in-demand skills today by gaining free access to Coursera. Improve your knowledge and skills at your pace from a reputable faculty, and even take online proctored tests from the comfort of your home. With a NAAC A+ accreditation, MUJ (Manipal University Jaipur) is well-known for offering the best instruction. The modern LMS (learning management system) is used by MUJ to provide an online MBA program’s entire curriculum. The online MBA offered by MUJ has eight electives, including:

These specializations are created in view of the changing trends in the business world to develop professionals who are prepared for the future. The entire online MBA program costs INR 1,50,000, which can be paid in INR 37,500 semester payments or through no-cost EMIs. The university also offers significant scholarships to encourage qualified students to enroll in the program. 

Eligibility for online MBA at MUJ:

The following qualifications must be met to enroll in Manipal University Jaipur’s two-year online MBA program:

  • Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree of 10+2+3 years from a recognized university or institution or an equivalent degree authorized by the Association of Indian Universities.
  • Candidates must have at least a 50% overall GPA (45% for reserved categories) in their undergraduate degree.
  • Aspirants with a valid score from MAT, CAT, XAT and CMAT are also eligible to apply for an online MBA program

You can apply for the course on the Online Manipal website

To assist you with completing the admissions process, an admissions consultant will get in touch with you.

Frequently asked questions

How reliable is an online MBA program?

The online MBA program is legitimate when a college or university receives professional accreditation in complement to institutional accreditation. Many universities offering MBAs online such as Manipal University Jaipur, have received authorization from recognized organizations.

What can I do after an MBA?

There are many opportunities available to MBA holders. 

Graduates get a degree demonstrating talent, desire, and business management skills. Your MBA degree is utilized to its utmost potential in the best professions in fields like finance, marketing, retail, operation management, HR management, IT, and FinTech, to name a few.

Which are the in-demand MBA specializations?

Popular MBA Specializations are as follows:

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in IT and Fintech
  • MBA in Operations Management
  •  MBA in Human Resource Management

How much does an online MBA cost?

An online MBA typically costs between INR 60,000 and INR 4,00,000. The academic fee could differ depending on the institution, and you may pay it all at once or in installments.

Is work experience required for an online MBA?

Prior work experience is not required for an online MBA. Some institutes offer an MBA without work experience also. But several Tier 1 institutions that offer online MBA programs seek applicants with professional experience. To find out what kind of work experience you’ll need, check with the academic institutions you’re interested in. Some early-career MBA programs even accept applicants with as little as one or two years of job experience.


A precise vision and understanding of how an online MBA with significant room for growth will help you propel your career forward, clearing your doubts regarding “Is an online MBA worth it?” Your field of expertise will help you envision and prepare for your career trajectory.

Employers typically prefer candidates who have completed their postgraduate studies. You will undoubtedly have a successful future if you obtain an online MBA from a renowned and accredited institute such as Manipal University Jaipur. Now that you are more familiar with the range of career alternatives available following an MBA, you can start moving in the direction of your desired position with better knowledge and preparation.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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