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Why is business intelligence a hot career choice after MCA?

Information Technology
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February 16,

A business intelligence analyst examines data to provide market intelligence and financial reports. These studies identify market patterns and trends that could influence a company’s operations and objectives.

A business intelligence analyst is knowledgeable in coding languages, BI tools, technologies, and systems. Business intelligence analysts employ cutting-edge software and technologies to mine big data to discover business-critical objectives and requirements, establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), implement data warehouse strategies, and find BI (Business Intelligence).

The main objective of a business intelligence analyst is to provide decision-makers with precise, timely, and actionable insights that improve worker productivity, market positioning, competitiveness, and customer experience. A business intelligence analyst can earn up to 14.3 lakhs/year

What does a Business Intelligence Analyst do?

A business intelligence analyst’s typical day entails data collection, analysis, and presentation to the appropriate audience. You can have a positive effect on a company’s overall performance by breaking down these elements into more specific tasks. Any particular data collection effort may follow a process similar to this one:

  • Gather information for business intelligence from sources such as market research studies, public records, field reports, or purchased discoveries. In addition to acquiring information about clients and the market, this may entail upgrading your knowledge of pertinent technological advances or emerging markets in your business.
  • BI analysts develop new data analysis approaches and keep an eye on the outcomes of analytics and metrics.
  • By reviewing customer files and using data profiling to identify anomalies, BI analysts ensure the accuracy of data collection and use.
  • Keep the information in your company’s computer database, which can need revisions frequently. In order to use the database and provide technical support or software maintenance for any special programs, you might also need to establish operational procedures.
  • Analyze the information to find any trends that might have an effect on the business’s strategies.
  • Use the study’s findings to back up suggestions for taking action to advance or perhaps expand the business.
  • Create analytical summaries of your findings and distribute them to the proper company stakeholders using established communication channels.

Steps for launching a career in business intelligence:

To become a business intelligence analyst, follow these steps:

Obtain a degree

Getting a degree is the first step in this process. Having a degree is best for becoming a business intelligence analyst. Computer science, data science, business administration, statistics, economics, and related fields are typical majors for business intelligence analysts. Whatever your major, taking courses in statistics, technology, and data analysis will help you in your job as a business intelligence analyst.

A master’s degree is often preferred by employers over a bachelor’s degree on a resume. You should pursue an MCA degree to advance your desired, transferable business intelligence skills and knowledge in the field and to land a higher position in the business analytics workforce in India.

Get certified

The Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate credential is the best professional certification to obtain for BI analyst certification. Your ability to deliver data-based solutions as well as design and implement SQL will be demonstrated by this certification. Implementing a data warehouse and data models, managing SQL databases, designing business solutions, and other topics are covered in the exam curriculum.

Another certification that hopefuls can sign up for to obtain a practitioner- or mastery-level certification is the TDWI Certified Business Intelligence Professional. To apply for this exam, you must have at least two years of relevant job experience.

It also helps to be certified in specific programming languages, like SAS.

If more relevant experience is required, obtain it.

If you’re interested in working as a business intelligence analyst, review the job specifications to see if there are any experience requirements for the position.

Employers mainly prefer candidates for business intelligence analyst positions if they have relevant work experience in the IT sector, management, or business. Through internship programs and entry-level jobs in your field, such as those of a data analyst or business analyst, you may be able to acquire the experience required for the position of a business intelligence analyst.

Interview preparation for business intelligence

In the end, you must do well in the interview regardless of your combination of experience and outside study. SQL, analytics, SQL case studies, product/business sense, and statistics are extensively emphasized in business intelligence interviews. Once you’ve identified the business intelligence analyst roles you’re interested in applying for, use the details you gleaned from the job descriptions regarding the abilities and credentials the hiring manager prefers candidates to possess to create a resume specific to the position. 

When your resume is complete, go back to the original job posting and apply for the position you are interested in. You can submit an updated resume for consideration for a promotion if your present employer has an opening for a business intelligence analyst.

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Gain in-depth knowledge of business intelligence with an online MCA through Online Manipal.

Manipal University Jaipur’s online program is open to anyone who has a bachelor’s degree or higher from a UGC-recognized institution. In addition to other topics, candidates can learn Python, business intelligence, data warehousing, and machine learning. In addition to offering online educational resources and full-fledged program delivery online, Manipal University Jaipur, has been offering flexible learning possibilities that make use of technology-supported procedures and resources. The online MCA program, divided into four semesters, gives thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of various aspects of computer applications.


BI makes it possible to combine data from numerous sources, analyze the information, and distribute it to the right stakeholders. As a result, organizations can see the big picture and make informed decisions.

Every business decision carries certain inherent risks, but when employing a good BI system, those risks are less obvious or worrisome. Because they are equipped to handle any challenges that may arise, business intelligence in the industry may progress with confidence in a world that is becoming more data-driven. Therefore, it is a fortune-maker rather than a fortune-teller.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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