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Virtual hiring is the new normal

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September 11,

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives drastically and has also changed the way we do things. One such change that the pandemic has brought about is the shift to virtual hiring. The process of hiring is changing drastically. Virtual hiring is on the rise, and most interviews now take place through video calls. According to reports, 60% of recruiters use videoconferencing for candidate interviews.

So, what is virtual hiring? Virtual hiring is a type of recruitment process that is conducted entirely online through virtual placement drives. Many companies are using this process to hire new employees, which has recently gained traction. 

For example, e-commerce giant Amazon introduced its Virtual Recruiter, an Alexa-enabled project available only on Android, to assist candidates in accessing all pertinent details about the company to prepare for the screening process and use training materials. Virtual hiring technology played a crucial role in the recruiting process at Tredence, a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence engineering company, which has tripled its staff to more than 1,200 employees since the COVID pandemic.

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What is the process of virtual hiring?

The process of virtual hiring is fairly simple. It starts with a job posting, where the company outlines the job requirements and details for the position. Interested candidates submit their resumes and applications online. The company then reviews the applications and shortlists the best candidates. 

After shortlisting, the company contacts the candidates and sets up a virtual interview. During the interview, the interviewer gets to know the candidate and their skills and abilities better. Once the interview is over, the company reviews the feedback and makes a final decision.

How to host a virtual hiring event?

To create a successful virtual hiring event, you should ensure that the platform you are using is secure and user-friendly, provide job seekers with detailed information about the job, and get feedback from both interviewers and job seekers.

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Advantages of virtual hiring

The advantages of virtual hiring are huge for both employers and candidates. For employers, the cost-effectiveness and time-saving of virtual hiring are unparalleled. Employers no longer need to spend time and money on in-person interviews or travel to the candidate’s location. Furthermore, recruitment paperwork is reduced drastically. From the candidate’s point of view, virtual hiring provides the opportunity to apply for more jobs without the hassle of traveling. Candidates can also use the virtual interview platform to demonstrate their skills more effectively. All in all, the numerous advantages of virtual hiring are undeniable and can help employers and candidates alike to benefit from the process.

Key differences between virtual hiring and traditional hiring

Below are the key differences between virtual and traditional hiring that you must know.

Virtual hiringTraditional Hiring
Conducted online: Virtual hiring is conducted completely online, which means that recruiters, job seekers, and hiring managers can all participate from any location with an internet connection.Conducted in-Person: This means that the process of hiring involves physical meetings and interactions with potential candidates. It often involves travel and other costs associated with meeting in person.
Cost-effective: Virtual hiring is much more cost-effective than traditional hiring methods, as it eliminates the need for travel expenses, physical office space, and even printing costs.Costly: Traditional hiring can be very expensive. It includes travel expenses, time spent recruiting and interviewing candidates, and the cost of hiring the wrong candidate.
Requires internet connection: To participate in virtual hiring, all parties must have access to a reliable internet connection.No internet connection required: Traditional hiring does not require an internet connection. All of the interactions and communications are done in person.
Quicker process: Virtual hiring is much more efficient than traditional hiring methods, as it allows the hiring process to be completed much faster.Time-consuming: Traditional hiring is less efficient than online hiring. Finding and hiring the right candidate takes longer as it involves more steps and interactions.
Wider reach: In virtual hiring, more candidates can be interviewed as it allows recruiters, job seekers, and hiring managers to participate in the hiring process from any location with an internet connection.Geographical constraints: In traditional hiring, it is difficult to interview persons who are away from the recruiting company’s region and the number of candidates who can be interviewed is limited.

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Online Manipal prepares students for Virtual Interviews

With the shift to virtual hiring, job seekers must be prepared for virtual job interviews. Online Manipal, the e-learning platform of Manipal University Jaipur which provides a wide range of online UG and PG degrees also assists students in preparing for virtual job interviews through resume building and Interview preparation tips. It provides students with the tools and resources needed to make a successful job interview and land their dream job.

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Virtual hiring has become an increasingly popular recruitment method as it is cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient. It also eliminates the need for job seekers to travel for interviews and allows them to apply for more positions. With appropriate preparation and guidance, job seekers can ace their virtual interviews and secure their desired job. Additionally, you should also ensure that the virtual hiring process is organized and structured to maximize efficiency.


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