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Interview follow-up and post-interview etiquette

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February 3,

You just had a job interview, and you think you did a great job. Nevertheless, you need to be certain that you achieved the position or that you are going to have another interview. Post-interview etiquette is something you should adhere to, as how you act at this point in the hiring process could make or break your prospects of receiving a job offer. Your prospects of receiving the job may suffer if you fail to comply. Even if you succeed in getting the job, you could unintentionally offend your potential employer or start sloppily if you do not follow proper etiquette after your interview. 

Ways to follow up after an interview and maintain post-interview etiquette

The following ways can be considered to follow up after an interview and maintain post-interview etiquette:

Send a Thank You note (Message of Gratitude)

Everyone – including the individual who simply took time out of their schedule to interview you – will appreciate it if you thank them for their time. Finding how to contact every individual who interviewed you is impressive etiquette, and you should do so the day after the interview by sending them a handwritten note or email. Be sure to use their name, express gratitude for their time, and bring up something they mentioned during the interview. Although it is acceptable to reiterate your interest in the job, you should still feel thankful to the employer even if you decide not to accept the offer. Thank you notes convey that you are reputable, professional, and considerate as part of your brand personality during your job hunt, setting you apart from other candidates.

Avoid including the following in your thank-you note:

  • Don’t explain why you should be hired. Just simply reiterate your qualifications and your passion for the job opportunity.
  • If there were any issues with the interview, don’t make any excuses. It doesn’t seem good to add, “Sorry I fumbled over my statements very much; I was simply weary.”
  • Don’t be haughty or presume you already have the job. Allow your resume and interview performance to do the talking.
  • Avoid writing an essay; keep the note succinct and to the point.
  • After writing your thank-you note, be careful to proofread it.

Be mindful of how you follow up after your interview

Ideally, during your interview, you were given some insight into the recruiting timeline. Inquiring about the decision-making procedure and reiterating your interest is acceptable if you haven’t heard anything back. Be courteous and respectful, but don’t follow up too frequently or demand answers (this won’t assist your cause).

Consider a follow-up strategy

Employers frequently take a long time before choosing to recruit someone. It indicates that the time it takes for you to learn whether you got the job will probably be longer than you would prefer. While it is important to follow up after an interview, do so only once and after a specific amount of time has passed. Keep in mind that recruiting managers are frequently busy individuals who are also attempting to fill a position. Send a quick email to check in and reiterate your interest if you haven’t heard anything after more than a week, but avoid calling. Calling is typically more intrusive.

What to include in your follow-up email 

  • Promote your candidature

Affirm your curiosity about the position and the organization in your follow-up letter.

  • Emphasize your compatibility with the role

Highlight to the interviewer why you are compatible with the organization. Emphasize your pertinent skills that are suited to the demands of the position. Illustrate to the employer that you are a great fit.

  • Mention what you neglected during the interview

Mention anything that you’d have liked to have stated during the interview but didn’t. If there is anything crucial that you wanted to talk about but didn’t have the chance to, now is your opportunity.

  • Correct interview errors

Your follow-up message is an excellent spot to reword and explain what you meant to say if you stumbled over your words during the interview or gave a crappy response to a question.

  • Add your contact information

Include your phone number and email address in every correspondence with the interviewer to make it simple for them to contact you again.

What to do if you don’t receive any response from the interviewer?

Employers usually don’t contact candidates if they do not clear the interview. Employers rarely follow up with job candidates who aren’t given the position. There is no harm in sending another follow-up email if it has been more than a few weeks and you haven’t heard anything from the employers. But given that, you can probably assume that you didn’t get the role and that you should start getting ready for your next interview with a different employer.

Final words 

Professionalism is what matters the most in the end, so be careful about how you follow up after an interview and maintain the basic post-interview etiquette. Never discuss your interview on social networks, as you may run the risk of looking conceited about your positive disclosure. So keep in mind the post-interview etiquettes discussed in the article to leave a positive impact on the employers and stay on their good side.
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