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Vijay Kushwaha’s vibrant story of online learning with MUJ: Where passion met perseverance. 


You are now entering the vibrant world of our online learner Vijay Kushwaha, a 24-year-old visionary artist from the picturesque town of Shillong. Vijay embodies the spirit of constant growth and exploration, proving that age is no barrier to chasing dreams. Read this blog to find out the inspiring story of this young artist, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast. 

“Turning my childhood passion to a thriving career” 

Vijay Kushwaha, also known as Kush or KushArt, is pursuing his online BCA degree from Manipal University Jaipur. But that’s not all. He is a multitalented artist with passion for art and colors. “I officially embraced the path of an illustrator five years ago, but my love for art traces back to childhood. Art, for me, is a sanctuary and a constant source of inspiration. It has fueled my motivation to delve deeper into the creative field. I’ve been working hard to turn my childhood passion into a thriving career. My artworks reflect my love for colors and imagination, with intricate details and a unique style. I bring life to my art, making it vibrant and expressive,” he says.  

Vijay uses a Samsung tab to make most of his illustrations as it is portable and easy to use. Along with that, he uses a graphic design tab or pen for his artwork. Infinite Painter, Photoshop, and Krita are his go-to software. 

Speaking about his most favorite artwork he’s created so far, he says, “While I love all my creations, “Mr Enchanter” holds a special place. I spent a whole night creating this artwork and it’s also one of my most valuable artworks that sold,” he says.  

“Staying relevant while staying true to your art is the most challenging aspect of being an artist” 

In today’s demanding world, artists must navigate the delicate balance between preserving their unique style and embracing contemporary demands, all while contending to intense competition. Even Vijay feels that staying relevant is the biggest challenge. “Staying relevant was a huge challenge when I first started. However, as I grew as an artist, I realized the need to create what you love, and truly believe in it. And that’s my mantra to stay relevant and create the best artwork. My professional goal is to create artworks that deeply resonate with viewers emotions.” he says.

Vijay’s notable achievements 

“My artwork will be featured at the NFT.NYC event in New York from 3 April 2024 – 5 April 2024. Prior to this, back in 2020, I participated in the “100 Days of Sketching” worldwide challenge, creating artwork daily for 100 days. I secured a position in the top 100, marking a notable achievement.” 

Vijay Kushwaha with his creatives

“My Instagram followers mean the world to me” 

Speaking about how he managed to gain a large follower base on Instagram, Vijay says, “Daily postings on Instagram played a significant role in building my follower base. Engaging with the audience consistently fosters a strong connection. Negative comments are inevitable. I see harsh criticism as an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and welcome it as part of the artistic journey.”

The Founder of SacredAura 

Besides his artistic talents, Vijay Kushwaha is also the founder of SacredAura, a design company that creates stunning clothing designs. SacredAura is a T-shirt company that’s more than just fabric and ink. Their designs are a reflection of divine energy, where art and empowerment collide. They mostly print T-shirt and Stickers featuring uplifting quotes, inspiring illustrations, and powerful depictions of Indian Culture.  

Considering his passion for understanding computers, especially in the context of the digital boom supporting his professional growth, Vijay chose to pursue his BCA from Manipal University Jaipur. He felt the profound need to be able to learn while he continued to explore his artistic streaks. Speaking about the same, he says, “Flexibility and self-paced learning led me to choose an online degree program, which leaves me with enough time to focus on my artistic pursuits,” he adds. Recommended by friends and having explored the benefits of MUJ’s online programs, Vijay is on the path for complete professional and passionate success as he always dreamt.


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