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Top job roles to explore after M.Com


When it comes to pursuing a career in Commerce, an M.Com degree is often seen as the natural next step after completing a B.Com degree. However, there are many good reasons to pursue an M.Com. One of the most important reasons to consider the fact that it can open the door to lucrative career opportunities in the field of commerce. While many students who pursue an M.Com degree go on to become accountants or financial analysts, others find success in fields such as marketing, management, and even teaching. 

For many students, the M.Com degree provides a chance to deepen their understanding of the business world and to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Pursuing an M.Com degree can be a challenging and rewarding experience, one that will help you reach your full potential as a professional. Let’s check some of the jobs after M.Com.

Job sectors for M.Com graduates

You can have an exciting and rewarding career after an M.Com degree. Some of the industries you can launch your career in are:

  • Banking

Banking is one of the most popular job sectors for M.Com graduates. This is because banks value the analytical and financial skills that M.Com graduates bring to the table. 

  • Insurance

M.Com graduates can find job opportunities in a variety of sectors, but one of the most popular choices is insurance. Insurance companies are always looking for talented and skilled individuals to help them manage risk and protect their customers’ assets. 

  • Financial Services

Students with a degree in Commerce have a distinct advantage: their skills are in high demand in a variety of industries. One of the most popular industries for commerce graduates is financial services. 

  • Accounting

There is also growing demand for M.Com graduates with accounting expertise in the field of forensic accounting. Forensic accountants help businesses, and law enforcement agencies investigate fraud and money laundering. 

  • Educational institutes

M.Com graduates can find opportunities in educational institutions as well. Every institute consists of an accounts department and they can explore job roles there. 

  • Customs department

A customs officer is responsible for checking and inspecting imported goods and making sure that they comply with the country’s customs regulations. To become a customs officer, one must have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce or a related field.

  • Stock market

After completing M.Com, many graduates find themselves drawn to the stock market. There are a number of reasons for this, including the potential for high earnings and the challenge of the work. 

  • E-commerce

As more and more businesses move their operations online, there is an increasing demand for skilled e-commerce professionals. M.Com graduates are well-positioned to take advantage of this growing trend. With their background in Commerce and finance, they have the perfect mix of skill sets to be successful in this field. 

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High-paying job roles after M.Com

Here are some of the top jobs after M.Com:

  • Investment banker

Investment bankers are one of the most high-paying job roles for M.com graduates. 

  • Cost accountant

Accounting is one of the most popular career choices for M.Com graduates. A cost accountant is responsible for preparing financial reports and statements that help managers make informed decisions about how to allocate resources. 

  • Tax consultant

As a tax consultant, you would advise individuals and businesses on how to minimize their tax liability. This would involve preparing tax returns, researching tax laws, and representing clients during audits. 

  • Certified public accountant

Certified public accountants are in high demand, and jobs in this field are some of the most well-paid in the business world. CPAs work with businesses and individuals to ensure that financial statements are accurate and compliant with regulations. 

  • Chartered financial analyst

A career as a chartered financial analyst can be very rewarding, both financially and professionally. As a CFA, you will be responsible for providing financial analysis and advice to clients, typically in the form of investment recommendations. 

  • Financial analyst

After completing your M.Com, you can find work as a financial analyst. Financial analysts are responsible for providing advice and guidance to clients about investments, financial planning and other related matters. 

  • Auditor

Auditors are responsible for ensuring that the financial statements of an organization are true and fair. They also ensure compliance with the regulations and laws governing the organization.

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As a result, graduates of the program are able to secure high-paying jobs with leading companies in India and around the world. Check out the program on Online Manipal.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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